Will Catwoman Betray Batman in December?

After leaving him at the alter in Batman #50, Catwoman finally reunited with Batman in the pages of Batman, nursing her Batbae back to health after his battle with his evil alternate-universe father. But is Catwoman keeping a major secret from Batman, a betrayal of trust that will undermine their relationship in the upcoming Batman/Catwoman series?

That's what the solicitation for December's Catwoman #18 seems to imply, as Selina may take over as crimelord of Villa Hermosa and apparently keep it hidden from Batman if she does. Relationships are built on trust, Catwoman! Besides, what moral high ground does a guy who beats the crap out of mentally ill criminals dressed in a bat suit really have to stand on anyway?

Check out the solicit below and the full DC solicitations here.

written by JOELLE JONES
art and cover by JOELLE JONES
variant cover by KRIS ANKA
Catwoman has made her choice: she will use the map Lex Luthor gave her to prevent Raina Creel from finding the Lazarus Pit and rebuilding herself. But has Selina fully weighed the cost? To go this route, she will effectively be taking over all crime in Villa Hermosa, a secret she will have to keep hidden from the Batman. That is, if she survives Raina's deadly counter attack. The Creels have already been experimenting with life after death, and the assassins they send to stop ? Selina will come armed with more than nine lives!
ON SALE 12.11.19
$3.99 US | 32 PAGES
This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details.

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