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Catwoman #36 is in stores on Tuesday, as the solicit promises a reunion of the Gotham City Sirens Whatever happened to that movie they were supposed to be developing, anyway? In any case, Fear State continues in Catwoman #36 Check out a preview below. CATWOMAN #36 DC Comics 0821DC016 0821DC017 – CATWOMAN #36 CVR B JENNY FRISON CARD STOCK[...]
Cover image for BATMAN CATWOMAN #8 (OF 12) CVR A CLAY MANN (MR)
But DC has less stringent rules, which is how we end up with Commissioner Nightwing extolling the virtues of pipe-smoking in this preview of Batman Catwoman #8, in stores on Tuesday from DC Comics Check out the preview below. BATMAN CATWOMAN #8 (OF 12) DC Comics 0821DC094 0821DC095 – BATMAN CATWOMAN #8 (OF 12) CVR B JIM LEE &[...]
Batman Catwoman Special #1 Delayed Another Four Months
DC Comics has rearranged the schedule for the Batman/Catwoman Special #1 by Tom King and the late Static co-creator John Paul Leon It will now be published in an expanded form on the 25th of January, 2022 John Paul Leon died from cancer while drawing this comic book, in May this year, at the age[...]
Tini Howard, Nico Leon & Jordia Bellaire on Catwoman #39 From January
And in January, she will be writing the ongoing Catwoman #39 title, replacing Ram V and being joined by Nico Leon as artist and Jordie Bellaire as colourist, and covers by Jeff Dekal that, as Tini puts it "drip fashion and sex" And edited by Jess Chen and Jessica Berbey She adds; So much of our development[...]
Batman Catwoman Special #1 Delayed Another Four Months
DC Comics has informed comic book readers that "initial orders for Batman/Catwoman Special #1" by Tom King and John Paul Leon "originally solicited in DC Connect #12 for release in July, have been cancelled The issue will be re-solicited at a later date, with more details coming soon." Comic book creatorJohn Paul Leon died of cancer[...]
CinemaCon: Warner Bros. Shows Off New Footage for The Matrix 4 & More
Pretty soon, we'll be getting to see another version of the unforgettable DC Comics character Catwoman, and now Zoë Kravitz is discussing how she got involved in portraying one of our favorites. The upcoming film The Batman is going to be a (slight) retelling of the origin story we're all too familiar with, so I won't[...]
Written & directed by Emmy-winner Dennis McNicholas (Saturday Night Live) with original music by Doug Bossi, the series stars Jeffrey Wright as Batman, Rosario Dawson as Catwoman, John Leguizamo as the Riddler, a line-up of Saturday Night Live alums & other familiar names that listeners will recognize Don't believe us? How do Chris Parnell, Melissa[...]
Catwoman #35 and Flash #774 are out from DC Comics on Tuesday I didn't really have anything in particular to make fun of either one for, so I figured I'd just combine them in a double preview to make it up to readers missing my wit Check out a preview, first of Catwoman #35, continuing[...]
Catwoman Plans Her Next Heist with Sideshow’s New DC Comics Statue
Catwoman is back in Gotham, and she is looking for her next score with Sideshow Collectibles newest DC Comics statue Coming in at 21" tall, Selina Kyle is back as she holds the spoils of her latest heist Collectors will be able to display Catwoman with two different trophies depending on which version of the[...]
Harley Quinn Revisits
Adult animated show Harley Quinn: The Animated Series showrunner Justin Halpern made big news the other month, revealing that DC Comics/Warners cut a rather specific scene, referencing Batman going down on Catwoman "A perfect example of that is in this third season of 'Harley'… we had a moment where Batman was going down on Catwoman[...]
Batman/Catwoman Reprises Adam Hughes Catwoman #51 Mugshot Cover
This is the Catwoman cover to Catwoman #51 by Adam Hughes from 2006 which can sell for $160 raw And it's all down to that cover, featuring a mugshot of Catwoman with the Gotham PD slate acting like a push-up bra Drenched from the rain, her mascara is also running It has become rather iconic. Catwoman[...]
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Ivy is in Alleytown with Catwoman, rescued from being used as a drug source, but also as Queen Ivy in her own Eden with Harley Quinn, the Gardener, Mr Wyze and Miracle Molly But what will happen when the two meet again? With Queen Ivy growing a thick jungle underneath Gotham that's putting the entire[...]
Has Batman come to Selina's rescue in this preview of Catwoman #34 because of concern… or jealousy? Batman reveals that a meeting with Detective Hadley informed him of Selina's plight, but Hadley has a thing for Catwoman Can we expect to find him dangling upside down from the roof of a very tall building in[...]
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By now, we're sure you've heard about the whole controversy surrounding whether or not Batman likes to get orally intimate (you try coming up with phrases that won' get Google red-flagged) with Catwoman It started when HBO Max's Harley Quinn co-creators and EPs Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker revealed that DC Comics put the kibosh on[...]
Liam Sharp Takes Over Batman/Catwoman For Three Issues
Batman/Catwoman was a twelve-issue series that existed because writer Tom King was fired off Batman, and it enabled him to finish the storyline he had planned Tom King then specifically delayed the Batman/Catwoman series so that his Heroes In Crisis artist Clay Mann could draw all twelve issues and the series was further delayed[...]