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Batman Gets Married To Catwoman Today- The Daily LITG 28th June 2022
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. LITG: Batwedding Bells in The Daily LITG Tom King Finally Gives Batman And Catwoman What He Promised (Spoilers) Nathan Fillion on "Castle" Stress & Burrito-Bonding with Alan Tudyk The Boys: Kripke on Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jared Padalecki & Season 4 The Three-Body Problem: New Chinese Trailer, Key Art Poster Released Doctor[...]
Tom King Finally Gives Batman And Catwoman What He Promised (Spoilers)
Spoilers for Batman/Catwoman #12 going ahead But then you probably guessed that. Tom King has said that his run on Batman, from 2016 to 2019, was the story of Batman and Catwoman A year into his run, with Batman #24, he specifically got David Finch to draw this proposal scene, even firing his own editor, to[...]
Cover image for Batman/Catwoman #12
Will Batman and Catwoman really tie the knot in Batman/Catwoman #12? Fool us once, Tom King… Check out the preview below. BATMAN/CATWOMAN #12 DC Comics 0422DC094 0422DC095 – Batman/Catwoman #12 Jim Lee, Scott Williams Cover – $4.99 0422DC096 – Batman/Catwoman #12 Travis Charest Cover – $4.99 (W) Tom King (A/CA) Clay Mann Wedding bells are finally ringing for Batman and Catwoman! As[...]
Cover image for Catwoman #44
Catwoman must take her fight with Red Claw to the Roller Derby rink in this preview of Catwoman #44 Check out the preview below. CATWOMAN #44 DC Comics 0422DC101 0422DC102 – Catwoman #44 Jenny Frison Cover – $4.99 (W) Tini Howard (A) Bengal (CA) Jeff Dekal Harley Quinn and Catwoman get their gals' out-of-town trip at the roller derby crashed when[...]
A Future For Catwoman And Valmont? (Spoilers)
I have a cross-continuity note; therefore I am. What Future For Catwoman And Valmont At DC Comics? (Spoilers) So when Tini Howard and Nico Leon introduced Valmont in Catwoman #39 as a mystery man and a possible new foil or partner for Selina Kyle, Catwoman, away from Batman, there is some debate as to how deep in[...]
Bane, Penguin, Two-Face, Mr Freeze, Catwoman Also Get A Killing Joke
Catwoman by G Willow Wilson and Jamie McKelvie Batman  One Bad Day: Clayface by Collin Kelly & Jackson Lanzing, Xermanico & Romulo Fajardo Jr And Batman One Bad Day: Ra's Al Ghul by Ivan Reis and Tom Taylor.   January 2023: Batman One Bad Day: Bane by Josh Williamson and Howard Porter "The man who broke the Bat![...]
All Rights Reserved. At the start of the thread, someone asked if it was true that Tandy's Sophie Moore was going to become Catwoman From there, an individual (name redacted because we're not giving out free press) asked if Sophie ever played Catwoman in the comics Tandy checked in with a "No" before the individual took[...]
Batman and Catwoman Gets Playful with New Sideshow Statue
Coming in at 20" tall, Batman and Catwoman are together again with this incredible diorama This iconic couple has quite the history in DC Comics, and Sideshow captures all the tensioning one sculpt Both characters are featuring their modernized costume designs, with Batman in his black and grey suit Catwoman is shown in her later[...]
DC Comics
Wally West should have known better, of course, you'd never get that sort of thing from Batman… Catwoman: Lonely City #3 Okay, looks like future Batman in Catwoman: Lonely City has been taking lessons from Wally over this sort of thing… still not letting Dick Grayson live it down, many years into the future as well. FLASH #781[...]
Cover image for Catwoman #42
If Catwoman wants to survive the wrath of Gotham's crime families in this preview of Catwoman #42, she'll need to win a popularity contest Can she convince just one more crimelord to take her side? Check out the preview below. CATWOMAN #42 DC Comics 0222DC088 0222DC089 – Catwoman #42 Jenny Frison Cover – $4.99 (W) Tini Howard (A) Nico Leon[...]
Cover image for Catwoman: Lonely City #3
The flashback in this preview of Catwoman: Lonely City #3 reminds us that even when things seem to be going great, it can all come crashing down What are the chances this flashback has relevance to the present-day story? Oh, crap! Someone's gonna die! Check out the preview below. CATWOMAN: LONELY CITY #3 DC Comics 0122DC077 0122DC078 – Catwoman:[...]
Cover image for Batman/Catwoman #11
Catwoman is hiding another man from Batman in this preview of Batman/Catwoman #11, in stores on Tuesday Aren't all men trash? We mean that literally, because the man she's hiding is The Riddler, and she's hiding him in a dumpster Check out the preview below. BATMAN/CATWOMAN #11 DC Comics 0222DC084 0222DC085 – Batman/Catwoman #11 Jim Lee, Scott Williams Cover[...]
Detective Comics #122 (DC, 1947) featuring Catwoman and her Kitty Car.
Doing the diligence for this post, I was utterly shocked to find that the classic DC Comics character Catwoman only had about 15 appearances in the Golden Age.  By way of comparison, the Joker had over 60 appearances in the same time frame.  Green Lantern antagonist Harlequin had eight appearances in the span of a[...]
Batman: The Animated Series Rewind Review: The Cat and The Claw Part 2
Welcome back Bat-fans as we take a walk down Batman memory lane and rewatch Batman: The Animated Series for its 30th anniversary!  Today we're going to dive back into the story that began with our very first episode and conclude that first Catwoman adventure with The Cat and the Claw Part II. Image: Screencap The Cat and the Claw[...]
Cover image for Catwoman #41
As Catwoman plots her revenge against Don Tomasso in this preview of Catwoman #41, his son Dario is the victim of Daddy Issues Yes, it isn't just heroes that can have Daddy Issues Villains can have them Supporting characters too Fictional comic book universes are messed up places What can we say? Check out the[...]