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Interior preview page from Catwoman #65
Welcome back, dear readers, to another miserable week in comic book previews! Today we're taking a look at Catwoman #65, set to hit stores on Tuesday, May 21st Our favorite feline fatale finds herself in quite the literal catfight for survival Here's the official synopsis: The final act of Nine Lives begins here! Catwoman is dead[...]
Gotham City Sirens
Susana Polo, founder of The Mary Sue, got the exclusive PR from DC Comics for Polygon, for the return of Gotham City Sirens in August from DC Comics, a weekly miniseries for that month from Leah Williams, Matteo Lolli, Daniel Hillyard, and Brandt & Stein with Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman And for that[...]
Interior preview page from Catwoman #64
Oh, joy, here goes Catwoman, swapping her usual backdrop of Gotham's gloomy alleys for the boundless vacuum of space in Catwoman #64, hitting the shelves this Tuesday, April 16th Just when you thought comic book plots couldn't stretch any further than the elastic waistband of your favorite sweatpants, DC decides to shoot Selina Kyle into[...]
Interior preview page from Catwoman #63
Yes, Catwoman #63 drops this week, promising the usual blend of slinky shenanigans and whisker-twitching intrigue But this time, our anti-heroine takes a break from rooftop prowls for an underwater escapade Because when alley cats have scratched all the furniture, it's obviously time to get their paws wet, right? NINE LIVES PART FIVE! Selina's international tour[...]
Interior preview page from Catwoman #62
Listen up, Cat-fans and begrudging Suicide Squad enthusiasts! It looks like our favorite feline fatale is trading in her burglar's tools for… what's this, a membership card to the Suicide Squad? That's right, in Catwoman #62, hitting stores on Tuesday, February 20th, Selina's nine lives might just be cashed in for a stint with the[...]
Interior preview page from Catwoman #61
Alright, kiddos—hold onto your Geiger counters because DC is dropping Catwoman #61 on the unsuspecting masses this coming Tuesday, January 16th And if you thought your job sucked the life out of you, wait until you hear what Selina's up to: Selina Kyle goes on her most daring and deadly heist yet—leaping headfirst into the heart[...]
Interior preview page from Catwoman #60
Well, grab your playbills and a hefty dose of skepticism, folks, because Catwoman #60 is set to saunter into comic book stores on Tuesday, December 19th, and it's promising a purrformance you won't forget—a dance to the death in a cursed theater I can hardly wait to see if Catwoman has the meow-worthy moves to[...]
Playing Hangman With Batman In Detective Comics #1079 (Spoilers)
There is Catwoman, who returns to Gotham… …but she is just as much a part of the spell as he is. And so as the Dark Knight is led to the gallows… Catwoman made a move. See? But it was all in vain The spell was strong. And Batman walked to his fate.   And a mask is placed over his mask. That's where[...]
Interior preview page from Catwoman #59
This Tuesday, November 21st, DC drops us into the midst of a spectral shift in Catwoman #59. Nine Lives part one The Catwoman we know has vanished Selina Kyle is gone She's no longer Gotham's fugitive–she's its ghost After the events of The Gotham War, Selina leaves the city a forever-changed woman with a plan: nine[...]
This Is The Bleeding Cool Batman Zur-En-Arrh Theory
But has recently seemed to be behind everything from Failsafe, to the reaction to Catwoman's Gotham War, to the seeming decision to divorce himself from the very Batman family he started. Batman: Zur-En-Arrh And our theory comes down to the Lazarus Meteor, that both created Vandal Savage and the Lazarus Pits And which spurred the Gotham War[...]
DC Comics
We have Detective Comics #1076 by Ram V, Jason Shawn Alexander, Dave Stewart, Dan Watters, Liam Sharp, and Steve Wands, and we have Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War: Scorched Earth from Chip Zdarsky, Tini Howard, Mike Hawthorne, Nikola Cizmesija, Mark Morales, Wade Von Grawbadger, Arif Prianto, and Clayton Cowles. Detective Comics looks at the relationship of Batman and Catwoman outside[...]
Interior preview page from Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War - Scorched Earth #1
It's time for Batman (you know, the rich guy with a bat fetish) and Catwoman to take the stage in, drumroll, please… Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War – Scorched Earth #1 You can get your eager little hands on this literary masterpiece on Tuesday, October 31st. The synopsis? Feast your eyes on this beauty: THE GOTHAM WAR ENDS[...]
How Gotham Will Be Changed After Gotham War (Spoilers)
The Gotham War crossover storyline has kicked off a major difference in policy between Batman and Catwoman regarding how to cope with the constant Gotham crime wave Catwoman has trained the henchmen of the Big Bads to become high-end thieves and cat burglars like her, with violent crime on the streets of Gotham down 75%[...]
Interior preview page from Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War - Red Hood #2
Our latest caped adventure, Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War – Red Hood #2, graces comic stores this October 24th And, if the synopsis is any indication, we're in for yet another exemplary show of Bat-planning gone horribly right Or… was that gloriously wrong? Anyway: JASON TODD PREPARES FOR BAT-FAILURE! Batman has yet again proven that even though[...]
NYCC Gossip: Batman's Secret Identity To Be Revealed? (Spoilers)
And it's all Catwoman's fault Is this the reason she has to leave Gotham? In this week's Red Hood #2 part of the Gotham War, has a maskless Jason Todd captured by the Joker Or, at least a Joker, there are three of them now At least. While in Detective Comics #1075, the police are starting to[...]
Batman/Catwoman Gotham War Spoilers – The Grift Revealed
Yesterday, Bleeding Cool ran some Batgossip from New York Comic Con that seems to be playing out in this week's Catwoman #58 out tomorrow Currently in the grip of the Gotham War crossover storyline This has seen a major difference in policy between the two regarding how to cope with the constant Gotham crime wave[...]
DC Comics September 2023 Solicits Begin With A Batman War
Some New York Comic Con bar gossip reached Bleeding Cool over the current Gotham War crossover storyline between Batman and Catwoman currently being published by DC Comics, from showrunners Chip Zdarsky and Tini Howard Which has seen a major difference in policy between the two regarding how to cope with the constant Gotham crime wave[...]
Interior preview page from Catwoman #58
We've got a sneak peek of the incoming Catwoman #58 for you Let's take a look under the hood at the clusterball of chaos that's about to unfold in the streets of Gotham. THE PENULTIMATE CHAPTER OF THE GOTHAM WAR! Every general puts their plans into play as Selina Kyle's cat's cradle threatens to pull the[...]
Birds Of Prey #2 DC Comics
Catwoman kicked off the Gotham War, training former henchmen of Batman's rogue gallery to be high-end independent cat burglars, depriving Gotham's villains of their troops, and taking robbers and muggers off the streets, reducing violent crime in Gotham by 75%, but betraying Batman's principles But has she been used, but her second-in-command, Marquise, revealed to[...]
Batman #138
While his daughter Scandal Savage is masquerading as part of Catwoman's group as Marquise, who have retrained the henchmen of Batman's villains as cat burglars to replace muggings and deaths with high-end cat burglar crime A compromise that Batman will not accept. Retelling the Vandal Savage origin and, as Bleeding Cool tried to point out a[...]
DC Comics Cancel Tom King Batman Paperback Editions
Now DC Comics has informed comic book stores that all orders are to be cancelled for the Batman/Catwoman softcover collected edition and the Batman: Killing Time collected edition. These are the DC Comics listings for the hardcover editions, and you can see the planned paperback versions are suddenly no longer there and no longer on the[...]
Batman Day
The Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War: Prelude Batman Day Special Edition was meant for Batman Day, to be given out free from comic book stores on Saturdaym, the 16th of September But it actually came out ten days previously and no one noticed What people did notice was that it was solicited as having "a 10-page[...]
Advance Comics Spoilers
In Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War: Battle Lines, Catwoman tells Batman how she had changed Gotham in the two months he was away How she had recruited the henchmen of Gotham and turned them into high-end cat burglars, unavailable to Gotham's criminal Big Bads Guys Batman didn't react well; the others chose sides But what about[...]
Interior preview page from Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War - Red Hood #1
Ah, another Tuesday, another critical reminder of the existence of Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War – Red Hood #1 Soaring into stores on September 26th, showing us once again that nothing brings the Bat-family together like a good old fashioned war-induced fracture fest. The Gotham War has fractured the Bat-Family in dramatic ways–none more intensely than with[...]
DC Comics
Today sees Catwoman, fresh from her Knight Terrors, join the Gotham War that has seen her train Gotham's henchmen into becoming high-end cat burglars, depriving the Gotham Big Bads of their usual cannon fodder, and has requested Batman look the other way for the greater good, and the reduction of murders and violent crime, down[...]
Interior preview page from Catwoman #57
This week, we'll inflict upon you, I mean present to you, a sneak peek at Catwoman #57 This disaster, masquerading as a storytelling endeavor, prances into your local comic shop (and digital outlets) on Tuesday, September 19th According to this gem of a synopsis we've got here, the Gotham War is entering part three Oh,[...]
Batman Day
They are also handing out copies of the Batman Day Batman/Catwoman: Prelude To Gotham War, which is also available free on Amazon Kindle, in the USA or the UK. The Gotham War is set to fracture the Bat-Family this fall, as Batman and Catwoman find themselves on opposite sides of a conflict more than a year[...]
Gotham Gossip: What Is Batman Thinking In Gotham War?
But the Batman/Catwoman: The Gotham War Prelude, which is meant to be in comic book stores for Batman Day, Saturday the 16th of September, actually came to US comic book stores about ten days ago And many have been giving them away or selling them on eBay Here's one store that sold all twenty-five that[...]