How Will Marvel Try To Make Star Wars #2 The Best Selling Comic Of February?

STK662461So, Star Wars #1, with its many covers and many locations, will sell over a million copies. This we know. But will Star Wars #2 be the biggest dropoff in sales of any comic book ever? It also has multiple covers, (including one from Berke Breathed) but not quite the intensity…

Well, this is how Marvel want to keep things going.

If retailers order as many of Star Wars #2 as they did #1 (fat chance normally), they will get a sizeable chunk off the total. Order 90% of #1 and get a smaller discount. Order 80% and get half the first discount.

Will any retailer go for it, with less incentive than they did the first? After all, Star Wars #2 has a real challengers for the top spot in February…

Darth Vader #1.


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