Wonder Woman's "Issue 700" Cover By Tony S Daniel


Earlier this year, Bleeding Cool asked if DC Comics would be recognising that a number of their relaunched Rebirth issues would, if you added all their volumes together, going to hit some milestone numbers. A little like what Marvel Legacy have been doing — and what DC Comics have done with Action Comics and Detective Comics.

The answer is no, but DC Comics will be running variant covers to celebrate the occasions.

Here's the cover for Wonder Woman #34, celebrating her 700th regular comic book, by Tony S Daniel.

It will join similar for Superman #34 (800) and Batman #35 (#800) for November and The Flash #39 (#700) for January.Wonder Woman's "Issue 700" Cover By Tony S Daniel

Here's the already shown Superman "800"…

Wonder Woman's "Issue 700" Cover By Tony S Daniel

Antonio Salvador Daniel, known professionally as Tony Daniel or Tony S. Daniel, is an American comic book writer and artist, known for his work on various books for DC Comics, including Teen Titans, Flash: The Fastest Man Alive and Batman.

Daniel worked on various titles with Image Comics including his own creation The Tenth, butgained status at DC Comics with his run on Teen Titans with writer Geoff Johns. He also finished out the short lived Flash: The Fastest Man Alive series with Marc Guggenheim, which ended with Bart Allen's death.

From there, Daniel began his work for the main Batman title with writer Grant Morrison. He and Morrison collaborated on the major Batman R.I.P. storyline, then wrote and illustrated Battle for the Cowl, dealing with the story's aftermath.

After Judd Winick and Mark Bagley's four-issue run on Batman, Tony Daniel took over for a six-issue arc handling both writing and art duties. Daniel worked with Grant Morrison again on issue #701-702 and returned as writer and artist starting in November 2010. Shortly after, Daniel was announced as the writer and artist of the relaunched Detective Comics. In addition, he was announced as the writer of DC's Savage Hawkman series. Following this, he was subsequently announced as the primary artist accompanying Andy Diggle on Action Comics, following Grant Morrison's departure. However, after Diggle left the title with only one issue completed, Daniel took on the scripting and art duties after which he announced he would depart the series to work on Superman/Wonder Woman. He would later penciling and scripting the relaunch of the Deathstroke title. He also worked on the Justice League title for DC Rebirth.

He has recently completed the Batman: The Devastator spinoff from the Metal series and his new series, Damage, will launch as part of the DC New Age Of Heroes line

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