Would Dave Sim Draw A Cover For My Little Pony?

The other evening, I attended a rather fun soirée in New York with a number of comics luminaries, with around ten from the Top Hundred Most Powerful People In The Comics Industry. Among them were Ted Adams and Chris Ryall of IDW, and a representative of Hasbro.

We got to discussing the Cerebus reprint deal of the Cover collections and High Society, and how it came about, and more on that later. We explained to the Hasbro fellow, a comic reader unfamiliar with Cerebus about its importance to the medium, of Sim's unparalleled skills as a cartoonist, comic creator, storyteller and even letterer. And then, we found ourselves talking about the success of My Little Pony at IDW and I was able to get a confirmation on the ninety thousand sales number for the first issue

We also discussed the amazing concept of Dave Sim doing the Mars Attacks variant cover. And then got to thinking. Would Dave Sim do a My Little Pony cover?

It seems so distant from Dave's usual work, but throughout Cerebus he tackled and reflected all manner of popular culture, sometimes in satire, sometimes as a means of pure storytelling. There were possible issues of course, Dave Sim's oft-unwillingness to sign a contract, not wanting to be party to Hasbro's sign-off procedures, or coming up with something not appropriate, but they were waved away by the people at the table who know him best, and know Hasbro best too.

And we were left with the very real possibility that this could happen. While I enjoyed his Mars Attacks cover, I wouldn't go out of my way or pay over the odds to get a copy.

But I would for My Little Pony.

Wouldn't you?

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