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Dave Sim to Publish Spawn #10 With New Covers

When Dave Sim abandoned his comic book project The Strange Death Of Alex Raymond, there were lots of questions to be asked and answered And that is, apparently, what Dave Sim has done over a series of videos posted on YouTube by Matt Dow, that I will try to get round to watching/listening to[...]

Now Dave Sim Parodies Batman Damned In Cerebus In Hell One Shots

Now Dave Sim Parodies Batman Damned In Cerebus In Hell One Shot

Okay, okay, okay, time for Dave Sim To see what he is soliciting in September He may have abandoned everyone, including creators and backers over The Strange Case Of The Death of Alex Raymond, but he is ploughing ahead with his Cerebus In Hell cut-and-paste strip comics, every issue a new number one, in the[...]

Dave Sim Pulls Plug on The Strange Death Of Alex Raymond

Over a decade ago, Dave Sim followed up his Cerebus comic book with an anthology series called Glamourpuss, which featured one strip which was possibly the most interesting project Sim has worked in in some time The Strange Death Of Alex Raymond Alex Raymond was the creator of Flash Gordon and the comic book investigates[...]

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Dave Sim Turns Cerebus Into a Married Spider-Man in August 2020

All those comic book fans who say they want a married Spider-Man again, well Dave Sim and friends are looking to give you just that with the latest Cerebus In Hell one-shit (this one you have to pay for) coming in August 2020 The Amicable Spider-Vark Annual One-Shot Though given Dave Sim's opinions about both[...]

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Dave Sim Goes Full Alan Moore Parody For Latest Cerebus In Hell

Dave Sim and friends launches a new edition of their Cerebus In Hell free digital coronavirus-themed comic one-shots, this time going for a League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen parody, as League Of Extraordinary Corona The one-shots have seen Cerebus rooming in Hell with the Coronavirus as Hell adapts to social distancing.[caption id="attachment_1202729" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Dave Sim[...]

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Dave Sim Parodies Neal Adams For Super-Cerebus Vs COVID-19

Cerebus creator Dave Sim is spending the coronavirus pandemic with his friends creating new cut-and-paste Cerebus In Hell comic books and releasing them free, digitally This is all in the aim of promoting and increasing sales for his upcoming Cerebus In Hell print comic books, that Diamond is currently not distributing, but will cost money[...]

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Dave Sim Remakes Batman: Contagion, For Free Cerebus In Hell Comic

Last week, comic creator Dave Sim published a new Cerebus in Hell comic book for free online We got a topical pandemic take on Crisis On Infinite Earths It was partially created to promote his recently published Cerebus In Hell comic book The Varking Dead, and his solicited Superman/Supergirl take, Attractive Cousins To which we[...]


Ethan Van Sciver Mean Streak Directed at Creators and Retailers Alike

For those comics creators working for publishers, with fewer options, there's a famous image by Dave Sim that comes to mind.Published in WAP, the comic book professional activist magazine way back in 1988, Dave Sim would later talk about the message in Comics Forum, in 1993, saying "If you picture a multinational corporation as a pyramid,[...]


Dave Sim Publishes Free Coronavirus Cerebus In Hell Digital Comic

Dave Sim, Benjamin Hobbs et al are creating a free, Coronavirus special digital-first edition of Cerebus In Hell, dubbed Crisis In Infinite Quarantine #1.(To be read in your BEST internal Rod Serling Monologue') Submitted for your amusement, one Benjamin Hobbs, artist for Cerebus In Hell?, locked in his home by a global pandemic of Biblical[...]

Dave Sim Does Supergirl In "Attractive Cousins" Cerebus One-Shot

Dave Sim Does Supergirl In "Attractive Cousins" Cerebus One-Shot

Dave Sim is continuing his Cerebus In Hell one-shots, coronavirus or no coronavirus, with Attractive Cousins #1 in June Playing up on a) Supergirl and b) the recent rise in incestporn Oh Dave Sim...Of course, Cerebus can tuck their bits away into their.. other bits Here's that first appearance of Supergirl for comparison...ATTRACTIVE COUSINS ONE[...]

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Dave Sim Cerebus and Glamourpuss Original Art to Be Auctioned

Dave Sim's original artwork does not come up for sale very often But he is selling some of his Glamourpuss artwork for a new comics artwork sale at Heritage Auctions Glamourpuss saw him take a less cartoony and more photorealistic style, as he began working on The Strange Death Of Alex Raymond, which mirrored Raymond's[...]

Dave Sim Sings 'Silver Cerebus'

Dave Sim Sings 'Silver Cerebus'

Dave Sim is continuing his Cerebus In Hell one-shots into 2020 with Silver Cerebus And while Dave Sim may not be able to draw much Cerebus yet (though he has been managing a little) and still relies on cut and pasted Cerebus stories, he can at least hold a microphone Whether or not he can[...]

DC Heroes in Crisis Has Some Competition in September From Dave Sim's Cerebus

Forget about DC Heroes in Crisis! Another Crisis is happening in September, part of Dave Sim's "every issue is a new number one" Cerberus series Revealed in the July Previews Catalog for books shipping September, Sim, Benjamin Hobbs, Sandeep Atwal, and Gustave Dore bring you Crisis of Infinite Cerebi, a one-part maxi-series Check out the cover by[...]

Dave Sim Does Superman For Aardvark Comics #1

Every issue a new number one! Dave Sim continues to republish his Cerebus online strips, with new stuff, with each issue parodying a classic comic book and getting a new issue one in the process A practice first perfected by Evan Dorkin, I believe, for Milk & Cheese back in the day.So Aardvark Comics takes on[...]

"What SPECIFIC Crime Can This SPECIFIC Man Be Charged With In This SPECIFIC Context?" – Dave Sim Kickstarts Cerebus Melmoth

But the Kickstarter for Dave Sim's Cerebus Archive reproduction of original Cerebus art pages, this time from the book Melmoth, continues.But not the Oscar Wilde story, these pages focus on the Jim Valentino normalman parody, normalroach, coming up against the Cirinists who are, well, actually this is probably the only time in life the word "feminazis" actually applies[...]

When Dave Sim Drew Alan Moore As The Ghost Of Marley

Dave Sim is running a Kickstarter for his latest Cerebus Archive selection, Number Four, reprinting original artwork pages of the 300 issue-long fantasy/satire/polemic Cerebus available to him, in publication order, along with a number of bonus prints Such as this image, created as a commission for Tim W of the Moment of Cerebus blog, showing Alan Moore[...]

Neil Gaiman, Dave Sim, Erika Moen And A Lightbulb

Neil Gaiman is a comics creator and novelist of note, and one of the first comics writers to gin the "female friendly" tag, with Sandman, back in the eighties.Dave Sim is a comics creator also of note, with the 300 issue strong Cerebus under his belt, which at once point during the days of Astoria[...]

Dave Sim's Strange Death Of Alex Raymond Scheduled For June 2016

[youtube]https://youtu.be/ckG5OajL8eg[/youtube]During Dave Sim's recent video update on his current physical state after surgery, he also mentioned about seven minutes in that he and IDW President Ted Adams have decided that the first two volumes of the mush awaited and intially serialised in Glamourpuss, The Strange Death of Alex Raymond will see publication in June of 2016 and June of 2017. Each[...]