Wow Cool Comic Store to Close in Cupertino in April 2019

Marc Arsenault, former art director at Fantagraphics, owner of the publisher Alternative Comics and comic store of Wow Cool in Cupertino, California, announced that he would be closing the store in six months, though it will keep its online operation, and publisher, going.

He writes,

Anyone who has visited in the last year or so probably sensed that we have outgrown the space of the shop. Wow Cool has been going on in various forms for 30 years now and that will continue. Wow Cool Music, The Mail order, Alternative Comics publishing and Sparkplug Distribution will keep plugging along.

We recently received notice that our rent was to be increased, starting in January 2019, to more closely match market value. We are in a craptastic location, so that was not a huge factor. However, we were unable to get an upgrade on our internet connection at a reasonable rate, and the parking situation has been pretty hectic lately. So maybe it is time to move on. Please wish us luck. Visit and shop when you can. Six months is a long way away, but we appreciate all the love you can give us in that time.

Wow Cool Comic Store to Close in Cupertino in April 2019

Bleeding Cool tries to mark the passing of comic stores as well as new arrivals on the scene. We're more likely to hear about the former rather than the latter due to concerned fans, but do please feel free to let us know the changes in your own local marketplace.

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