The Krakoan X-Men Books Jonathan Hickman Never Got To Launch

Jonathan Hickman was talking to the Xplain The X-Men podcast on the occasional of their 150th podcast, and the publication of his final X-Men comic book with Inferno #4. Including a lot of good stuff about building a writers room, that is definitely worth listening to. But also a run through the stories he never got to tell and books he planned to launch. We already looked at the Storm-pregnant-by-Black Panther storyline that was, for want of a better word, aborted. As well as the Moira X comic that Al Ewing was meant to write that turned into Inferno. But what else did Jonathan Hickman end up missing out on?

Generation X – I feel like the whole Generation X cast was fantastic, I mean just fantastic and for some reason we never got to it… it's the eternal youth problem of Marvel time and they happen in a really small window. Whenever you compress the top and bottom together. Same thing for the the next generations of kids that have come along, that's somebody else's favorite mutants. Whenever Cyclops doesn't get older, you're just squishing everything down. I initially wanted to do a Generation X book. That's kind of interesting what the initial line of books was going to be and and what I hoped it was going to be and what we were pushing for and then what it morphed into. My idea was we should have one book for each of the generations of academy kids. We should have a New Mutants book, we should have a Generation X book…

Hellfire Club Kids – and then on the flip side of that we should have a Hellfire Club, you know um you know Emma's kids. The thing about working on the X-Men with all of that continuity is there's so much to mine and there's so many directions that you could go in, and that at some point it just becomes about economical choices and people actually have to write want to write things.

Imperial Guard – "I was going to do an imperial guard book with Bobby and Sam and it was going to be them on the other side of all of that technology stuff in the Shi'Ar and the Imperial Guard and Star Jammers would have been part of it i'm sure. But it would have been a big space book seeding all of that for when we eventually obviously we're going to crash it all together. But it was going to seed all of that in a way um in a pretty intense way um it was so I'm bummed about that. I clearly set them up to do all of that when I did those four issues of New Mutants, that was clearly where we were going to go with all of that. I have a couple of things that I really was looking forward to doing that I'm just not going to get to do but they're in great hands."

All The X-Men Books Jonathan Hickman Never Got To Launch
The Krakoan X-Men Books Jonathan Hickman Never Got To Launch

Mister Sinister – I thought he was a total pants character for the longest time and really terrible until Kieron [Gillen] unlocked it and I used it in Secret Wars. He was a big big part of that and I never stopped building that for Kieron to come back in, even when Kieron didn't know that he was coming back in, and so I tricked him. I pulled my own little Sinister thing there and Kieron is where he belongs and, man, the stuff that he has lined up Council-wise and Sinister-wise is pretty pretty great.

That will be the Quiet Council comic Immortal X-Men – originally the title for Inferno – that Kieron will be writing in Jonathan Hickman's absence now… There are other plans too, it seems, but they may also still be happening in months to come.

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