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Thankless Task - Creators Without Credits In Recent Comic Book Movies
There have only been four to date, Bloodshot, New Mutants, Wonder Woman 84, and Black Widow, a paucity compared to the half-dozen that Marvel Studios alone are putting out in the next year-and-a-half, as well as all the TV shows But given new attention being given to missing credits as a result of a THR[...]
The Hangover After The Hellfire Gala
Today sees Marauders #22, New Mutants #20, and Guardians Of The Galaxy #16 mop up various messes. Marauders #22 Today's Marauders #22 catalogues the deaths and new births of the Hellfire Gala A terraformed planet Mars as the new home of Arakko The divorce of the United Kingdom and Krakoa A new intergalactic currency And the death[...]
Cover image for NEW MUTANTS #20
In this preview of New Mutants #20, a plan is hatched that seems certain to backfire in spectacular fashion With Scout dead, No-Girl hatches a desperate plan to bring her back to life without testing the crucible All they need to do is steal Gabby's mental backup from The Five and use the tricks taught[...]
Hellfire Gala Timeline Adds X-Factor As It Comes To An End
As the gates open, and the great and the good of Earth are distracted… Lots of things are already going down elsewhere in the solar system. The Krakoan gates open at 7pm, and the guests arrive fashionably late at the Green Carpet in Mykines, in today's New Mutants #19. While X-Corp gets ready and Professor X worries about[...]
Time To Set Records For New Mutants #87 & #98, First Cable & Deadpool
Possibly. New Mutants #87 is the first appearance of Cable, created by Rob Liefeld and Louise Simonson, and New Mutants #98 is the first appearance of Deadpool, Domino, created by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza Liefeld was the hot artistic talent of the day, kids especially loved him, and the appearance of the characters in the[...]
The Hellfire Gala Timeline - Adds X-Corp, New Mutants, Planet-Size X-Men
We looked at the impact of the comic book here, but how does it tie in with everything else happening in the other X-Men titles? We added today's X-Corp #2, New Mutants #19, and Planet-Size X-Men #1 to the mix But first, a scene from X-Men #7 many moons ago. We'll get back to that as[...]
Rob Liefeld New Mutants, Hawk & Dove, Deadpool Original Art Auctioned
Such as a handful of pages of original Rob Liefeld artwork, including some of his earliest New Mutants artwork from #88 and #94, as well as more recent pieces from Onslaught, Deadpool, Champions, and Hawk & Dove Get ready to see some more records broken The auctions for New Mutants #88 artwork and Deadpool #1[...]
Cover image for NEW MUTANTS #19 GALA
But as the X-Men find out in this preview of New Mutants #19, any more than that and you're in trouble The Marvel Universe has something like seventeen Wolverines floating around, so if anything, it's most surprising that Honey Badger is the only one they've misplaced for now Check out the preview below, and look:[...]
Cover image for NEW MUTANTS #18
In this preview of New Mutants #18, in stores from Marvel Comics next week, it appears to be a risk she finds worth taking If nothing else, maybe we're finally getting something close to an ending to New Mutants: Dead Souls! But the solicit for this issue teases bigger problems for the titular New Mutants How[...]
Marvel Comics Full Solicits & Solicitations For August 2021
Because Marvel's August solicitations are missing Excalibur, New Mutants and SWORD from the line-up While Children Of The Atom is looking a little peaky. No Excalibur, New Mutants or SWORD in August From Marvel Comics CHILDREN OF THE ATOM #6 VITA AYALA (W) • Paco Medina (A) • Cover by R.B SILVA Variant Cover by BERNARD CHANG NO ONE LIKES[...]
Deadpool Original Rob Liefeld Artwork Sells for $200K
The original Rob Liefeld artwork for page 17 of New Mutants #98, the first appearance of Deadpool and Domino, published by Marvel in 1991, was purchased this week in a private transaction for $205,000 by an anonymous buyer, rumoured to be a known entertainment figure and notable art collector This is a record-setting price for[...]
John Walker USAgent Will Continue In United States Of Captain America
But is a big party enough to draw all mutants to Krakoa? New Mutants #17 They'll take genocidal murderers like The Shadow King in New Mutants #17, Apocalypse, Magneto and actual Nazis like Fenris,  the Strucker twins, the entry bar isn't that high – though right now seems to exclude Franklin Richards and the Children Of The[...]
Marvel Omnibus - Howard The Duck, New Mutants, Excalibur, Mutant Massacre
Then there is a second Omnibus volume for New Mutants With the suggestion that the third volume might take in the rest of the original run, including Rob Liefeld's reinvention – and maybe X-Force too And then a second volume for Excalibur, including Alan Davis' second run on the title, writing and drawing the series[...]
The City Comes To X-Men - and Other Krakoan Matters Today
Unless you die on Otherworld, of course, then you come back as a different version of yourself… And New Mutants #16 reflecting the other truth that this means Otherworld is just where Krakoan teenage mutants will go now that the dangers of death itself have been done away with.   And it's even made the local Otherworld press. We[...]
Original X-Men Art Auction, Chris Bachalo, Joe Madueira, Simone Bianchi
In Excellent condition. X-Men Art Auction – Brett Blevins Brett Blevins and Al Williamson New Mutants #79 Story Page 15 Original Art (Marvel, 1989) Danielle Moonstar's role as a Valkyrie takes a turn for the worst as she becomes a puppet of Death under the control of Hela on this page from the New Mutants' adventures in "Asgard"[...]