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Marvel Previews
Thanks to a glitch that seems to be going on with ComiXology, Bleeding Cool has managed to put together a mutant-errific preview of X-Force #28, New Mutants #25, Wolverine #21 and starting with X-Men Red #2, that will be hitting stores on the 18th of May But you lucky folks get to enjoy the first[...]
New Mutants Fan Favorite Legion Debuts At Heritage Auctions
New Mutants books have calmed down quite a bit as of late Well, not #87 or #98 for obvious reasons, but other debuts in the series have come back down to earth a bit Still, they are highly desired That includes the debut of Legion in issues 25 and 26 of the series Featuring cover[...]
Art Adams Longshot, X-Men & New Mutants Early Original Art At Auction
Including a preliminary sketch for the first cover of Longshot #1, the comic which brought him to prominence at Marvel Comics, as well as his work on New Mutants which shortly followed This is where it all began, almost forty years ago… Early Longshot & New Mutants Original Art From Art Adams At Auction Arthur Adams Longshot #1 Cover[...]
Cover image for New Mutants #24
Warpath and Thunderbird are reunited in this preview of New Mutants #24 as this book somehow avoids a new number one issue despite a new status quo How did they do it? It's simple They have a 25th anniversary coming up! Check out the preview below. New Mutants #24 by Vita Ayala & Danilo Beyruth, cover by[...]
Waiting For Wolverine - Rob Liefeld New Mutants Cover Art At Auction
The cover to New Mutants #93 featured Wolverine and Cable going at it, surrounded by focus lines But it wasn't always the case It turns out that Rob Liefeld didn't know if he could use Wolverine in the issue or on the cover, or not, until a lot later in the game. So, until Marvel Comics[...]
All The X-Men Books Jonathan Hickman Never Got To Launch
We should have a New Mutants book, we should have a Generation X book… Hellfire Club Kids – and then on the flip side of that we should have a Hellfire Club, you know um you know Emma's kids The thing about working on the X-Men with all of that continuity is there's so much to[...]
Second Krakoan Age Of X-Men Announced - Destiny Of X Titles
They promised us the big announcement for the X-Men titles today and, as the New York offices were shutting up for the night, someone over there went and pressed the button for Destiny Of X, with this image from Leinil Yu and Sunny Gho. The titles are Immortal X-Men, Marauders, X-Force, Knights Of X, X-Men, Legion[...]
The Grateful Dead X-Men
While the mutant circuitsi n New Mutants #26 have got their own problems in their battle against the Shadow King and those he has turned… And they even managed to remember a forgotten scene from X-Men Blue a fair few years ago… X-Men Blue As we see the return of Rahne Sinclair's secondary mutation, transforming from one large[...]
Cover image for New Mutants #23
In this preview of New Mutants #23, the newest New Mutants must rescue the oldest New Mutants from the Shadow King… but is fighting him on the astral plane really the best choice? Check out a preview below. NEW MUTANTS #23 SEP210938 (W) Vita Ayala (A) Rod Reis (CA) Martin Simmonds FALL OF THE SHADOW CHILDREN! No more New Mutants[...]
Full Marvel Comics January 2022 Solicits & Solicitations
Can she live long enough to escape? More Marvel Comics Lateness From New Mutants #25 To Hulk #1 New Mutants #24 delayed from the 29th of December to the 9th of February (W) Vita Ayala (A) Danilo Beyruth NEW STATUS QUO FOR THE NEW MUTANTS! The New Mutants regroup in the aftermath of the Shadow King's attack! What[...]
In today's New Mutants #22, The Shadow King tries to define what Krakoa is, and what it might mean to mutantdom You know because a psychic mutant tyrant is the guy you always turn to for diplomatic and international relationship advice. New Mutants #22 But he believes its time is rather limited. New Mutants #22 It does have a[...]
Cover image for NEW MUTANTS #22
Maybe letting the X-Men's worst lifelong villains live on Krakoa wasn't the best idea after all? In New Mutants #22, the titular New Mutants are going to have to take care of this problem the old fashioned way.  But if The Shadow King wasn't bad enough, there's also the matter of a rampaging horde of[...]
New Mutants #98, Marvel 1991.
Four copies of New Mutants #98 are up for auction today as part of ComicConnect's comics auction listings going under the hammer in a few hours The first appearance of Deadpool and Domino, as drawn by Rob Liefeld, and despite a million-strong print run, fetch vast sums when up for auction in high-grade condition. NEW MUTANTS[...]
Cover image for HELLIONS #15
Also in stores on Wednesday, New Mutants #15 sees an unwanted house guest in the Summers' home on the moon Is this rogue Brood here to murder the X-men? Or did Scott, Logan, and Jean just decide to get extra kinky this weekend and add a fourth? Check out the preview below and decide for[...]
Ch-Ch-Changes: Marauders, New Mutants, Black Widow, Amazing Spider-Man
A few Marvel Comics changes to upcoming titles, Marauders, New Mutants, Black Widow, and Amazing Spider-Man. New Mutants #21 will be drawn by Rod Reis, and not the previously solicited Alex Lins Rod Reis will also be drawing issue #22. Marauders #24 will be drawn by Phil Noto, and not the previously solicited Ze Carlos. Amazing Spider-Man #72[...]