X-Men Hellfire Gala to Feature Real-World Celebrity Guests

Because U demanded it: Finally, Eminem will be in an X-Men comic! That's right, Marvel has announced that real-life celebrity guests will attend the upcoming Hellfire Gala crossover event that will squeeze the wallets of X-Men fans this June. Eminem joins several other celebrities, some unannounced, that Marvel has arranged to allow themselves to be drawn into the 12-issue crossover.

X-Men Hellfire Gala to Feature Real-World Celebrity Guests
Be careful, Marvel… this is gimmick infringement.

From the press release

This June, one unforgettable night will determine the future of the Marvel Universe. The world of mutants will never be the same – and the world we live in is not going to miss it! For Krakoa's biggest night, real-world celebrities from sports, entertainment, media and beyond will make their biggest Marvel Comics appearances and debuts alongside the X-Men, Avengers, and more in the pages of Marvel's inaugural mutant event of the year: THE HELLFIRE GALA.

Celebrity appearances in comics are nothing new. Hell, every other day, Bleeding Cool Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston seems to find a new one featuring Boris Johnson to write a stupid clickbait article about. And X-Men comics have featured their fair share of them over the years. But what's unusual is advertising it beforehand, though I suppose it's an obvious evolution of the carnie star███er mentality of the comics book industry, so if anything, I guess I'm just surprised no one thought of it any sooner.

Here's what some stuffed shirt at Marvel, Mike Pascuillo, had to say about it:

The Hellfire Gala will be the culmination of months of anticipation, and as one of the biggest nights in X-Men history, it only made sense that the nation of Krakoa would invite some of the world's biggest stars to witness it for themselves. We thank all of our special guests for joining us for this exclusive in-world event, along with the incredible artists who brought them to life on the page.

Alright, so who did Marvel get to license their likeness for the Hellfire Gala?

Guests at the Gala will include talk show hosts, sports superstars, world-renowned musicians, writers, actors, and other icons, including Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Peabody Award winners, FIFA World Cup Champions, Olympic gold medalists, and more. Figures like Eminem, Conan O'Brien, Alex Morgan, Megan Rapinoe, Ira Glass, and Pete Alonso, are on the guest list – and the list keeps growing. Who will be toasting to Krakoa's success? Who will be mingling with the Avengers? And who is speaking with the new leader of the X-Men?

Now, before you get too excited, remember, they're only being drawn into a comic book, so don't go standing outside Marvel's offices in Manhattan screaming and fainting while hoping to catch a glimpse of these celebrities and whatever additional celebrities Marvel announces in further press releases. The best way to show your support, naturally, is to shell out fifty bucks to buy all the crossover issues next month, true believers.

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