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X-Men Red Roster To Be Revealed Via Multiple Clickbait Articles Today

X-Men fans excited to learn who will be on the Jean Grey led team of X-Men in the new upcoming series X-Men Red need wait no longer! Well, actually, they need wait a little bit longer. Because the book's roster will be revealed today, according to X-Men editor Mark Paniccia. Well, actually, only "most of the roster." They'll be keeping some secrets back to drag out the reveal for a later date, it seems. Paniccia revealed that the roster will be revealed later on Twitter.

It looks like Marvel is hoping to dominate the news cycle on Monday by slowly trickling out the names of the characters who will appear in the book, in hopes that comic book websites will write multiple clickbait articles about it throughout the day. And you know what? We probably will do just that. We know that if we don't, a rival site will, and they'll get the clicks that we do not get. That must not be tolerated. Hell, we've even written this clickbait article to announce that multiple future clickbait articles are coming! Beat that, CBR!

To give you an idea how this announcement process is going to go, X-Men Red was first announced last Thursday with a special video message revealing the creative team (Tom Taylor, Mahmud Asrar, and Travis Charest) and title of the series. A subsequent press release went out the next containing the same information, but with a full picture of the cover and a few more details. And now, individual cast members will be slowly revealed all day.

Isn't there any way we could find out about this series more quickly and efficiently?! Well, there's one way. We could be Stan Lee.

Unfortunately, most of us our not Stan Lee, so we're just going to have to wait, and click, and wait, and click, and wait, and click…

X-Men Red Roster To Be Revealed Via Multiple Clickbait Articles Today

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