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And today, that means X-Men Red #18, Dark X-Men #5 and X-Men Unlimited Infinity #117 With Orchis battling from all sides. In last week's Iron Man, we got an inkling of a mutant invasion of Earth against Orchis coming And got an inkling of where it was coming, from above X-Men Red #18 plays out the[...]
Marvel Comics Wednesday
Marvel publishes a meagre two X-Men titles this week, Wolverine #38 and X-Men Red #16, with the impact of the Hellfire Gala playing out on two different planets, but all engineered by Orchis And it's time to bring out the biggest guns of all. Wolverine #38 I thought it was only mutants that were transported off-world that[...]
Marvel Comics
As well as a Hellfire Gala second printing, Marvel Comics has four Krakoan X-Men titles out this week, Astonishing Iceman #2, Children Of The Vault #2, X-Force #44, and X-Men Red #15, all playing out the Fall Of X consequences or Orchis stepping up as a world-recognised and accepted anti-mutant terrorist organisation As one does. In[...]
Marvel Comics X-Men
Marianna Stern, servant of Morgan Le Fay and of the Coven Akkaba, helped wrest Britain away from Krakoan influences, serving old magic, and in X-Men Red, finding a way to communicate with Apocalypse's former wife Genesis in the demon dimension of Amenth and providing a way for her to return to Earth. X-Men Red #12 And in[...]
The First X-Men Appearance of Jon Ironfire, Chronologically (Spoilers)
Talking about Sins Of Sinister at Thought Bubble last year , Storm & The Brotherhood and X-Men Red writer Al Ewing stated, of a new character now known as Jon Ironfire… "Some people have speculated that this is Odin It's not He's a new character, the staff is based on Storm's headdress, we will introduce[...]
The Sins Of Sinister Hiding In Plain Sight
Which Sinisters have yet to play their hands?" One gets revealed in X-Men Red #10 today… and it's one that fan theory had lined up. Weapons dealer and ambassador to Arakko from the Galactic Rim, Orbis Stellaris Previously tagged over a) being 189 years old, which would place his birth in the Victorian era with Mister[...]
Al Ewing Is Doing Sunspot And Mission Impossible Again
And Robert DaCosta using a Mission Impossible-style rubber mask. Mission: Impossible began as a 1966 espionage TV series and ran for seven years, was revived in 1988 for two years and then inspired the series of movies starring Tom Cruise from 1996, and which kept the original theme tune in the heads of viewers, that otherwise[...]
Abigail Brand Explains Her Entire Plan In X-Men Red #10
She has no friends. So she creates allies she can trust to be who they are, and in her control. In previous issues of Krakoan-era SWORD and X-Men Red, we have seen the cosmic interference agency behind the Kree and the Inhumans, the Progenitors, attack Mars – or Arakko – unexpectedly, including taking samples of Cable's  techno-organic[...]
Before You Read X-Men Red #8, Read X-Men #10 From Two Years Ago
Tomorrow sees the release of X-Men Red #8 by Al Ewing and Madibek Musabekov, the Mars/Arakko-set X-Men spinoff comic book, dealing with the aftermath of the Judgment Day event that wiped out much of the population of Arakko, as the Eternal Uranos committed an act of genocide in just one hour. Well, I have it on[...]
Marvel Comics
Pope Exodus The First.  I wonder what Nightcrawler will say about that? Over in Legion Of X, he is having his own religious crisis (again). Legion Of X #4 by Si Spurrier and Jan Bazaldua With the Arakkii having their own take on religion and faith that goes against the standard approaches on Earth, that Exodus may[...]
X-Men Red To Reveal What Happened To Magneto In Judgment Day
Bleeding Cool understands that the upcoming X-Men Red will indeed feature a very alive Magneto – as it will be set during Judgment Day #1 And so you will get the on-panel death of Magneto at the hands of Uranos that you were denied in Judgment Day Basically, it's like a Watchmen spinoff showing just[...]
Conversations About Death And Resurrection In X-Men Red #4 (Spoilers)
As well as throwing in suggestions as to where this may all lead, with people resurrecting in other people's bodies, changing their age and disabilities,  or coming back multiple times at once. Today's X-Men Red #4 shows us that the mutants of Arakko do not get revived as the mutants of Krakoa do and, indeed, it[...]
X-Men Red #34 Tops Bleeding Cool Bestseller List 19th June 2022
Marvel Comics utterly dominated the charts this week, without even a Batman book making it into the top ten. Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List of the week X-Men Red #3 Wolverine #22 Fantastic Four #44 Captain America Sentinel of Liberty #1 Fortnite X Marvel Zero War #1 Moon Knight Black White and Blood #2 What If Miles Morales #4 Iron Man #20 Blood Syndicate[...]
Early Previews for X-Men Red #3 & Marauders #3
X-Men Red #3 is out in over two weeks, And there are internal politics at play as Cable is resurrected, killed on Arakko as part of Abigail Brand's games, as well as her betrayal to Orchis. X-Men Red #3 by Al Ewing and Stefano Caselli But "as instructed" suggests that the moment has been prepared for Also[...]
The Empire Of Abigail Brand in X-Men Red #2 (Spoilers)
Are there just things as coincidences? Especially when Abigail Brand is concerned? There I was, writing about today's Eternals #12 written by Kieron Gillen setting up Judgment Day, when I noted Inhumans: Judgment Day written by his mate Al Ewing from five years ago. And wondered if there could be any connection as the Eternals and[...]
Al Ewing & Stefano Caselli Launch X-Men Red For Destiny Of X
But, yes, as predicted, Al Ewing is writing X-Men Red, the Red at least initially refers to the planet Mars, now renamed Arakko, and Stefano Caselli will be drawing the new X-Men book, as part of the Destiny Of X phase… okay, where are the CTRL-C, CTRL-V keys? Last year, mutantkind took a bold leap into[...]
Second Krakoan Age Of X-Men Announced - Destiny Of X Titles
When Marvel Comics first ran the infographic for the upcoming Destiny Of X event kicking off in March 2022, Bleeding Cool guessed that X-Men Red may be a series set on the planet Mars, now known as Arakko, home of the Arakki mutants, and governed by Storm, Queen Of Arakko and Regent of Sol And[...]
Tell Us What You Loved About the X-Men Comics This Year [X-ual Healing 12-12-18]
And with Omega Red gone off to be a Horsemen for Nate Grey, who gets control of the baby tiger? Hopefully this gets answered in a mini-series or something. X-Men Red #11 (W) Tom Taylor (A) Roge Antonia (CA) Jenny Frison The X-Men have battled valiantly against their powerful psychic foe, Cassandra Nova, since the moment she framed Jean[...]
It's Official: X-Men Red Stealth-Canceled with December's X-Men Red #11
Were you holding out hope that, despite the end of all the other X-Men team books to make room for a weekly Uncanny X-Men, your beloved X-Men Red would continue? Sorry about your damn luck: X-Men Red is dead as a doornail, just as Bleeding Cool told you it would be (pip pip), and unlike[...]
Cyclops Was Right and Cullen Bunn is a Hero Who Knows It [X-ual Healing 9-26-18]
Thank you for your service. X-Men Red #8 (W) Tom Taylor (A) Carmen Nunez Carnero (CA) Jenny Frison In the wake of an unprecedented assault on Atlantis, the X-Men must react and recover…while at the mercy of a world that grows more hostile to mutants every day, and a foe who is determined to keep it that way! Rated[...]
Cable News Host Has Had Enough Of Your Bull@#$% in X-Men Red #8 Preview
In a preview of X-Men Red #8, a fictional cable news host has reached that same limit, it seems, when her co-anchor Mason continues to stir anti-mutant hatred despite the evidence presented by Jean Grey that Cassandra Nova has been manipulating people and governments around the world to hate mutants The preview was delivered EX-X-XCLUSIVELY[...]
X-Men: Red #7 cover by Jenny Frisson
One of the bullets hits Trinary. X-Men Red #7 cover by Jenny Frisson X-Men Red #7 continues its hot streak of quality Tom Taylor and Carmen Carnero turn in another excellent installment of what I will continue to hold is the best X-Men team book currently on the shelves. Action, tension, and conflict take the stage from page[...]
5 Previews for X-Men Comics Hitting Stores on July 18th
Can Sonia save her husband — or is he already gone? 32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99 #gallery-3 { margin: auto; } #gallery-3 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 100%; } #gallery-3 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-3 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ X-MEN GOLD #32 MARC GUGGENHEIM (W) Pere Perez (A) Cover by Phil Noto DARK RACHEL SAGA! • You may have known her as Rachel Grey…as Phoenix…as[...]