Yes, Marvel Are Bringing Back Werewolf By Night, Confirmed

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool read the tea leaves (or poster schedules) and worked out that Marvel Comics may well be rescheduling the revival of Werewolf By Night planned for April, and scuppered by the global pandemic.

Yes, Marvel Are Bringing Back Werewolf By Night, Confirmed.
Yes, Marvel Are Bringing Back Werewolf By Night, Confirmed.

The series was meant to be written by Black-Eyed Peas' Taboo and Ben Jackendoff with art by Scot Eaton, and was intended to introduce an all-new Werewolf By Night, as a young man who must deal with a family curse while trying to protect his community from a deadly threat. The events of the comic were meant to have been driven by the Outlawed event, for which everything has gone a bit quiet, as well.

It looks like Werewolf By Night is one of the comic books that will see publication. The following panel has been listed for San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel's Next Big Thing, on the Friday. Emphasis ourrs.

Marvel editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski breaks down all the latest and greatest coming from the House of Ideas with some of Marvel's most epic creators! Tom Brevoort, Al Ewing, and Dan Slott will dive into the cosmic calamity coming to Earth's Mightiest Heroes in the pages of Empyre! An army is gathering in the latest X-Men crossover event, X of Swords, and Jordan White, Tini Howard, and Gerry Duggan have all the juicy details! Nick Lowe, Nick Spencer, and Mark Bagley will discuss the landmark Amazing Spider-Man #850 ushering in the return of the Green Goblin! Plus Nick Lowe rejoins the panel to discuss the return of the classic Marvel character, Werewolf by Night, with creators Taboo and Ben Jackendoff! Be there, True Believers!

If they've recorded a panel (and the videos are all likely to be prerecorded rather than live) then the odds are that, yes, Werewolf By Night #1 should be out in October

And, also as we speculated, maybe the other Outlawed books – New Warriors, Power Pack, Ms Marvel and more might also join it. One conservative comic book retailer has already ordered 500 copies of New Warriors.

There's also the Marvel Tales Facsimile #10 poster as well, also rescheduled for the first week in October. This might indicate Marvel will be rescheduling the Black Widow facsimile reprints for October as well as missing titles such as Widowmakers and The Widow's Sting originally planned to be published alongside the Black Widow movie.

Let's see shall we?

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