Amazon Games Releases Notes For Latest New World Patch

Amazon Games has released a new patch into New World this week, and with it, they released a ton of notes about the changes. The company released a massive blog post detailing everything that went into the latest patch for the game, and how they intend to upgrade it over time so changes that are made are not as drastic and compounded. We have a snippet of what they discussed today for you to read with some of the major changes.

New World Developer Diary Details Crafting, Progression Systems
Courtesy of Amazon Games

Character Transfers

It is important to us that everyone have the opportunity to choose which server they are playing on. By the time you are reading this, character transfers will have been re-enabled and most players should be able to move their characters. If you have questions about transfers, please visit our FAQ post here. We are committed to making sure our community is satisfied with where they are playing long term. We will continue to monitor your feedback after this wave of Character Transfers is complete and offer additional Transfers if needed. We are also working on region-to-region Character Transfers, but it is difficult to solve and will take time.

Full Server Status

In an effort to ensure that folks actively playing characters on a server are not competing in queue with new players, we have implemented a Full Server Status to prevent new characters from being created. We monitor the active users on each world and ensure that the Full Server Status continues to be accurate. We understand this may mean that new players are not able to play with their established friends and that some worlds are not receiving the volume of new players that others servers may, and this can have a variety of impacts. We continue to monitor this situation and will make real-time adjustments accordingly, as well as provide a 24 hour notice before a server is marked as full.

New World Economy and Deflation

We have seen a lot of feedback on the game's economy and wanted to share a recent update we posted in the forums. First, we want to start with our goals. We want a player driven economy with minimal NPC interaction where gold is valuable to all players, even end-game players. Touching on the current state of the economy: From a data standpoint, the economy is performing within acceptable levels. All servers are creating more money than is being removed, and by a good margin. However, the economy is tighter at the end-game currently. When we look at surplus income generated by level, it's very high in the 1-35 level range, decent in the 40-59 range, and gets narrow at 60. This means that as more players get to level 60, this will start to put more pressure on the economy.

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