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New World Launches New Halloween Event Called Nightveil Hallow
Amazon Games has launched a new Halloween-themed event for New World as players will delve into Nightveil Hallow From now until November 1st, you'll be able to play a special set of circumstances in the game that will have you battling against pumpkin-headed villains and a major boss fight designed to freak you out. We have[...]
New World Dev Team Discuss July Update
Amazon Games released a brand new video this past week as the New World development team discusses some of the updates coming in July The video features Game Director Scot Lane leading the group as they discuss the work that went into the upcoming Summer Medleyfaire event, as well as several new mechanics being added to[...]
New World Launches XP Extravaganza Event This Week
Amazon Games has launched a brand new event taking place in New World this week as you can get in on the XP Extravaganza This is basically a chance for you to hone your weapons skills in a much faster way as you'll be able to get double the XP on several tools of the[...]
Amazon Games Announces Devs Vs. Creators Event In New World
Amazon Games has a new event coming to New World this week as they will be putting the development team against content creators On May 12th, 19th, and 26th, three content creators will be invited each week including BagginsTV, Towelliee, Katcontii, as they will face off against three developers of the game including Mike Willette[...]
New World Announces New PTR Update Coming This May
Amazon Games released details today about a new update coming to New World in which they'll be adding PTR to the game In a brand new blog, which you can check out here, the team went over a lot of the new additions coming to the game next month, and PTR was right near the[...]
New World To Hold Easter Event Over Free Weekend
Amazon Games announced that they will be holding a special Easter-themed event in New World, and it will be over a free weekend The event is called the Rabbit's Revenge, which officially launched today as you can literally hop into Aeturnum to help cull a plague of corrupted rabbits No joke, that's how we're celebrating[...]
New World Provides Roadmap For Upcoming Updates For 2022
Amazon Games has released a new video this week going over the new content on the way for New World throughout the rest of 2022 A new team update was dropped today showing off the new hour-long video as well as a new dive into the gameplay, both of which we have below, as the[...]
New World
Amazon Games released a new video today featuring the developers of New World going over many of the changes in the February Update The video, which you can check out down at the bottom, features game director Scot Lane and several members of the team talking about the additions this time around including player friction,[...]
New World Dev Team Talks Upcoming Updates In Latest Vid
Amazon Games released a new video this week from the New World developer team to discuss the next major update for the game The video goes over 37 minutes as you sit in with a chat between Director Scot Lane and several members of the team as they chat about the upcoming addition of Expedition[...]
New World Launches PTR Server Ahead Of Winter Convergence Festival
Amazon Games dropped new info this week on a brand new PTR server, which launched for New World today with new content The big goal of the PTR is to provide a space for the team to test out new content and players to try it out before it becomes a fixture of the main[...]
Amazon Game Studios Releases Developer Diary For "New World"
Amazon Games has added a new feature to New World this week as they will be launching a new PTR server to feature upcoming changes The addition is a welcomed one as there are a number of changes that happen in the game when updates come around that players get no warning of This way,[...]
New World Developer Diary Details Crafting, Progression Systems
Amazon Games has released a new patch into New World this week, and with it, they released a ton of notes about the changes The company released a massive blog post detailing everything that went into the latest patch for the game, and how they intend to upgrade it over time so changes that are[...]
New World Developer Diary Details Crafting, Progression Systems
Amazon Games has finally released the closed beta for New World, as selected players can now try the game out for a limited time Like a lot of betas periods, they're not getting the full game, but they're getting enough to experience what the world has to offer and how the game will end up[...]
New World Developer Diary Details Crafting, Progression Systems
As part of the Summer Game Fest, the team partnered with Amazon Game Studios for a special deep dive video for their next game, New World The video features a Q&A between Scot Lame and Geoff Keighley, as they go over the game in more detail and give fans a better perspective of what's to[...]
New World Developer Diary Details Crafting, Progression Systems
Amazon Game Studios has just proven the internet rumor mill right today as New World has been pushed back to 2021 The company released a full statement today, which you can read below, penned by the studio's director Rich Lawrence The game was six weeks away from being released, but rumors had been circulating on[...]
New World Developer Diary Details Crafting, Progression Systems
Amazon Game Studios has released a developer diary for their upcoming Age of Exploration MMO, New World This developer diary has detailed explanations for the game's crafting and progression systems. Key art for New World, Amazon Game Studio's upcoming massively-multiplayer online game set in an alternate vision of the Age of Exploration. New World has five different progression[...]
New World MMORPG PC Game's Closed Beta Begins July 23rd, 2020
Amazon Game Studios, during the 2020 PC Gaming Show, announced the closed beta for New World, an MMORPG set during the ending of the Age of Exploration Players who pre-order New World will secure immediate access to the closed beta when it launches on July 23rd of this year. A screenshot from New World, showing a guard[...]
New World Releases New Info On Character Progression
Amazon Game Studios released some new information for New World this week as we found out more about character progression The info came out in a brand new blog by the developers in which they go over some of the basics as to how you will manage your character's stats and help them grow into[...]
New World Sprigga Hero
Amazin Games posted a new blog this week giving us a little more info on how things are going to work in their upcoming game New World A portion of it talks about dealing with a particular creature known as the Spriggan, which you can see in the photo below If you manage to take[...]
Important Update on New World Release
Amazon Game Studios has pushed another one of their games back as news came out today that New World is now being released in August The developers released the statement below on the game's website, along with the video at the bottom, explaining the push The game will now be released on August 25th, 2020[...]
Amazon Game Studios Releases Developer Diary For "New World"
This week, the developers over at Amazon Game Studios decided to released a brand new developer diary for their upcoming open-world MMO, New World The five-minute presentation shows off all of the upgrades they've made to the game since we last saw it It also gives you a perspective of what you can try to[...]
'New World' Debuts at Video Game Awards, Check Out the Trailer
New World certainly looks interesting Developed by Amazon Game Studios, this new open world MMO looks pretty interesting and epic Knights, beasts, zombie deer, amulets, and all sorts of different concepts look to be at play here It all takes place in Aeternum, and you can preorder the game right now in both a standard and[...]
See David Jesus Vignolli's New World in This First Look Preview
Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios has released a first look at David Jesus Vignolli's upcoming original graphic novel, New World, to be published in August via BOOM!'s Archaia imprint From the press release: Myth intertwines with history in this fantastical adventure that takes off as the New World collides with the old The arrival of Europeans on[...]
Primeval: New World May Need To Be Censored Before It Airs In The UK
A Canadian spinoff of the ITV and Watch show Primeval, airing on Space, may have hit a small bump. The new series, Primeval New World has a new British cast member, Danny Rahim as weapons expert Mac Rendell, and the script has been written accordingly, with some British epithets to boot. Such as "shite" and "buggered off". Which[...]