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Amazon Games Partners With Glowmade For New Original IP
Amazon Games announced this week that they have partnered with Glowmade to make a brand new video game based on an original IP The partnership makes for an interesting one as Amazon has had a rough couple of years getting games produced from the company, including giving the axe to a few projects rather than[...]
Alexandre Parizeau Joins Amazon Games' Montreal Studio
Amazon Games announced this week that Alexandre Parizeau has been hired to be the new studio head over at their Montreal studio If you're not familiar with Parizeau, for the past decade he worked for Ubisoft, the past six years of that being the Managing Director at the Toronto studio where he oversaw projects such[...]
New World Developer Diary Details Crafting, Progression Systems
Amazon Games has finally released the closed beta for New World, as selected players can now try the game out for a limited time Like a lot of betas periods, they're not getting the full game, but they're getting enough to experience what the world has to offer and how the game will end up[...]
Amazon Games Has Opened A New Montréal-Based Studio
Amazon Games announced that they have opened up a new studio, this time setting up shop in Montréal with some industry vets The company made the reveal this morning in a press release, in which they revealed they will be making AAA titles and are currently hiring for a number of positions What's more, the[...]
New World Developer Diary Details Crafting, Progression Systems
The second is a weapon proficiency system, which allows players to gain more skills with their armaments of choice. A screenshot from New World, an MMO by Amazon Games set at the end of the Age of Exploration In the screenshot, a character attacks a large bear. The third progression system is a trade-skill progression[...]
New World Sprigga Hero
We have a little bit of it below as we wait for New World to be released on PC on August 25th. A look at the Spriggan from New World, courtesy of Amazon Games. On your adventures and trials in Aeternum, you'll stumble upon mysterious and timeworn structures Clearly constructs of the Ancients, the true purpose of[...]
Amazon Game Studios Announces John Smedley To Head San Diego Office
Honestly just with his name attached, we were going to start keeping an eye out for a massive online game to come out of the San Diego office of Amazon Games in the future And then we read Amazon's statement on the pick, which absolutely confirms that hunch I do love it when they do that[...]