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Lost Ark Revealed New Details To The September 2022 Update
Amazon Games has released new details about the September 2022 update coming to Lost Ark, which will launch into the game on September 28th This update will have a few additions and change things up a little as it will include the fifth Gunner Advanced Class in Lost Ark Academy This will ultimately help guide[...]
Lost Ark Reveals Under The Arkesian Sun Update Release Date
Amazon Games revealed more details for the August update to Lost Ark called Under The Arkesian Sun, including the release date The update comes with some new options as it will finally introduce the Pet Ranch to the game This is a brand new Stronghold location where players can play and interact with their pets, which[...]
Amazon Games Reveals More Info On Lost Ark July 2022 Update
Amazon Games dropped a ton of details today about their upcoming massive update for Lost Ark this month, Spells In Spades We have a list of items from the developers for you below to read through, and this doesn't even cover half of everything that's on the way You can check out these notes and[...]
New World Dev Team Discuss July Update
Amazon Games released a brand new video this past week as the New World development team discusses some of the updates coming in July The video features Game Director Scot Lane leading the group as they discuss the work that went into the upcoming Summer Medleyfaire event, as well as several new mechanics being added to[...]
Lost Ark Reveals Content Roadmap For June & July 2022
Amazon Games dropped a bunch of new info about the next update coming to Lost Ark before it launches into the game on Thursday Coming in on the very last day to qualify as the "June Update", this one is officially being called the "Wrath of the Covetous Legion" update, which will introduce Thronespire, a[...]
New World Launches XP Extravaganza Event This Week
Amazon Games has launched a brand new event taking place in New World this week as you can get in on the XP Extravaganza This is basically a chance for you to hone your weapons skills in a much faster way as you'll be able to get double the XP on several tools of the[...]
Amazon Games Forms new Publishing Agreement With Disruptive Games
Amazon Games announced this week they've formed a new partnership with Disruptive Games as they will take over publishing duties This publishing agreement is pushing the company more in the direction of being a company that publishes titles as opposed to making them directly, which seems like a move that makes more sense for them,[...]
Lost Ark Reveals Content Roadmap For June & July 2022
Amazon Games revealed some of the new updates coming to Lost Ark as we got the roadmap for both June and July this year Some of the big additions on the way include new gameplay challenges through Legion and Guardian Raids, which will give you a lot of amazing challenges The roadmap also goes over some[...]
Amazon Games Announces Devs Vs. Creators Event In New World
Amazon Games has a new event coming to New World this week as they will be putting the development team against content creators On May 12th, 19th, and 26th, three content creators will be invited each week including BagginsTV, Towelliee, Katcontii, as they will face off against three developers of the game including Mike Willette[...]
Amazon Games Reveals More Info For Lost Ark's May Update
Amazon Games has a new update on the way for Lost Ark this month, which will bring in a ton of content to keep you busy and some fun additions The big theme of the month seems to revolve around destruction as they will bring about a new punishing Legion Raid, a new Guardian Raid,[...]
New World Announces New PTR Update Coming This May
Amazon Games released details today about a new update coming to New World in which they'll be adding PTR to the game In a brand new blog, which you can check out here, the team went over a lot of the new additions coming to the game next month, and PTR was right near the[...]
Lost Ark Reveals Content Roadmap For The Next Two Months
Amazon Games released a new trailer for Lost Ark today, going over some of the new content on the way for the 2022 Update Previously we discussed the new class coming to the game as players will soon have the Glaivier, and we have more info below about the new region coming to the game[...]
New World To Hold Easter Event Over Free Weekend
Amazon Games announced that they will be holding a special Easter-themed event in New World, and it will be over a free weekend The event is called the Rabbit's Revenge, which officially launched today as you can literally hop into Aeturnum to help cull a plague of corrupted rabbits No joke, that's how we're celebrating[...]
Lost Ark Reveals Content Roadmap For The Next Two Months
Amazon Games has released more info this week on their upcoming plans for Lost Ark as they revealed a new roadmap for April and May Over the next two months we're going to be getting two new advanced class fighters that you'll be able to fight with, new regions added to the game for you[...]
New World Provides Roadmap For Upcoming Updates For 2022
Amazon Games has released a new video this week going over the new content on the way for New World throughout the rest of 2022 A new team update was dropped today showing off the new hour-long video as well as a new dive into the gameplay, both of which we have below, as the[...]