Amazon Games Reveals New Details About New World In A Blog

Amazin Games posted a new blog this week giving us a little more info on how things are going to work in their upcoming game New World. A portion of it talks about dealing with a particular creature known as the Spriggan, which you can see in the photo below. If you manage to take down this creature, the rewards in return will be handsome. But all of that will take place in a specific area known as the Arena, which as you might guess from other games that have one, is going to be a small area where you and others battle specific creatures. The rest of the blog is a short Q&A session with the developers where they answer some questions, but not exactly the burning ones people want to know. We have a little bit of it below as we wait for New World to be released on PC on August 25th.

A look at the Spriggan from New World, courtesy of Amazon Games.
A look at the Spriggan from New World, courtesy of Amazon Games.

On your adventures and trials in Aeternum, you'll stumble upon mysterious and timeworn structures. Clearly constructs of the Ancients, the true purpose of these Arenas has been lost to time. Through unknown magic and ritual, the Ancients were able to bend the laws of Aeternum and bind some of its most powerful denizens within these structures. Even the daunting challenge of finding the proper Key to access these Arenas pales when compared to then martial trials that await any group of adventurers who dare to enter. Once inside the Arena, you'll encounter one of the most powerful creatures on Aeternum, the Spriggan. Born of the land, it is a primal expression of the power of Azoth. Don't be fooled into thinking its gnarled limbs are stiff or its movement limited. This champion of the Angry Earth is as swift as it is deadly. Overcoming this foe will reward you greatly but it is no small task in New World.

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