Cell To Singularity: Beyond Will Officially Launch November 6th

Indie developer and publisher Computer Lunch revealed that Cell To Singularity: Beyond will be released with an expansion on November 6th. The game itself has basically been in Early Access on Steam for nearly three years at this point, and while it's been getting updates and small expansions here and there, we've rarely heard plans of when the game would fully come out. That changed this week as the main game will come out on Steam, as well as on mobile devices, along with the "Beyond" expansion that will make this the official full game. Well, at least for now, we'll see how many other expansions they got in them after this. We have the rundown of everything involved with his below along with the latest trailer!

Cell To Singularity: Beyond comes to PC and mobile this Saturday, courtesy of Computer Lunch.
Cell To Singularity: Beyond comes to PC and mobile this Saturday, courtesy of Computer Lunch.

In the expansion, players are tasked with exploring a working simulation of the known solar system to preserve life on Earth. By tapping or clicking, you can collect Stardust- a currency used to unlock all planets in the solar system. Each planet's orbit around the Sun will generate more Stardust, sparking growth as you learn more about our universe and the complexities of venturing far away from home. An exciting new feature in this expansion is Astronomy Missions. Research celestial bodies or discover ways to obtain illusive Dark Matter; these missions will help you on your boundless, stellar travels. Players can come across rare Constellation Fragments that can be combined to form famous constellations. Once a constellation is completed, it provides a distinctive boost or upgrade to your galactic simulation! While familiar planets make a welcome appearance, recent space discoveries, including the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud, are also revealed.

  • View the solar system in full 3D in a highly detailed display that includes accurate star placement, celestial body orbits, and never-before-seen features of the solar system.
  • Play through a finely tuned idle game that explores our known universe in rich detail. Make constant progress as you complete tailored missions to collect stardust and unlock new parts of the solar system.
  • As you unlock the planets of the solar system, each orbit they complete around the Sun will generate Stardust, a new, powerful currency. Stardust grows exponentially, mimicking the expansive scale of the universe.
  • Collect stars and piece together the constellations of the night sky to unlock boosts for all of your celestial bodies.
  • Embark on astronomical expeditions to find Dark Matter and unlock discounts for your planets.
  • Create a map of the solar system, filling in unknowns with each node you unlock.
  • Watch as the solar system is populated with new bodies, both familiar and alien.

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