Crytek's Hunt: Showdown Gets New Trailer as it Hits Early Access

Crytek's Hunt: Showdown has hit early access bringing the multiplayer horror shooter to a live audience.

hunt: showdown

I've played a bit of Hunt: Showdown and it is a pretty neat little idea. The game pits several groups of players in competition as they hunt each other, but more importantly a monster. Once the monster is slain, the team tries to escape with its bounty without getting killed by all the other players trying to stop them. It's a neat idea, bringing PvE horror to a quasi-Battle Royale title.

The game is available to everyone on PC now too. It's just hit Early Access, bringing the monster hunting to you. It's good to see the title finally hit too as its been in development for several years and seen several re-works. It's been a long ol' journey but it's out there in the hands of the players to really get stuck in. If you've never seen the game before, this trailer should be a nice look at how a standard match goes and the chaos that can ensue. Take a look:

Even though it's been in development for a while, it's obviously only going to improve as it goes down its Early Access journey. The game is already seemingly doing well and I expect as it continues it will only grow its audience more. Here's hoping there is something here, because conceptually, I think it's rad. Down and dirty PvP monster hunting seems like a winner. Hopefully, it finds its identity in a crowded market.

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