Did Hideo Kojima Tease A New Game In A Holiday Message?

Leave it to the internet to assume Hideo Kojima is planning something every moment of every day, especially over the holidays. Ever since the man left Konami to form Kojima Productions and eventually create Death Stranding, every time he posts something new on social media, there are thousands of people picking it apart trying to determine if he's teasing a brand new game or if he's making a return to a franchise. The latest post that has everyone speculating about what's on the way comes from his own personal Twitter account, where he posted the image you see below with the simple words "HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!" attached to the picture. However, the big thing that has everyone talking is that this artwork was drawn by longtime Metal Gear character designer Yoji Shinkawa, and it shows off three distinct characters who are not a part of any game being produced by Kojima Productions, or previous titles he's worked on.

A holiday card from Kojima and company, courtesy of Kojima Productions.
A holiday card from Kojima and company, courtesy of Kojima Productions.

Now… is it possible that Kojima Productions is working on a brand new game? Absolutely! They're pretty much finished with anything having to do with Death Stranding aside from the occasional patch update, so it's pretty reasonable to assume the group are already working on some new game that we won't see for a few years. Is it also possible that they decided to play around with that new game and threw out a simple teaser for people to speculate on? Sure. It wouldn't be the first time that's ever happened, and it won't be the last. But is it also entirely possible that this is a harmless card made by the company that Hideo Kojima decided to tweet out for fun? …Yes, that is entirely 100% possible. Until the company gives out some kind of statement about a new title in the works, this isn't a confirmation, its just speculation.

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