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Death Stranding: Director’s Cut Trailer Makes The Game Look Weirder
Kojima Productions announced today that they will be releasing Death Stranding: Director's Cut for Mac and other iOS devices According to the info the company released today, this will be the exact same version PC players received, giving you the definitive edition of Hideo Kojima's first game from his own studio, only formatted to be[...]
Kojima Productions’ Ken-Ichiro Imaizui Has Departed The Company
Kojima Productions is considering taking legal action after founder Hideo Kojima's image was linked to Shinzo Abe's assassination this week. Credit: Kojima Productions Logo You might be wondering how exactly we got to this point, as on the surface, it is confusing as to how the creator of Metal Gear and Death Stranding could possibly be accused[...]
Death Stranding: Director's Cut Will be Released This Spring
505 Games will be working with Kojima Productions again to release Death Stranding: Director's Cut for PC sometime this Spring The news was dropped today during CES 2022, as the company will be bringing this version of the game to Steam and the Epic Games Store The game is being touted as the ultimate way[...]
Hideo Kojima Confirms Two New Projects In The Works
A lot of speculation took place leading into the new year when Kojima posted a small piece on Twitter, wishing everyone a happy holiday with artwork that had no ties to any video game or project (that we know of) that he or Kojima Productions were involved in So naturally, everyone started thinking that we'd[...]
Did Hideo Kojima Tease A New Game In A Holiday Message?
Ever since the man left Konami to form Kojima Productions and eventually create Death Stranding, every time he posts something new on social media, there are thousands of people picking it apart trying to determine if he's teasing a brand new game or if he's making a return to a franchise The latest post that[...]
Death Stranding: Director’s Cut Trailer Makes The Game Look Weirder
Kojima Productions, the company formed by video game auteur Hideo Kojima after he left Konami, is launching a new Hollywood division focused on music, TV, and film, a move that surprises no one This is really a no-brainer considering that Kojima always developed his games as if they were massive AAA Hollywood blockbusters, their plots and[...]
Kojima Productions’ Ken-Ichiro Imaizui Has Departed The Company
Kojima Productions announced today they have expanded their studio with a brand new business division effective immediately This new division will be based in California, and according to the brief amount of info released about it, they will be exploring new opportunities beyond just doing game development as they will be venturing into film, television,[...]
Death Stranding: Director’s Cut Trailer Makes The Game Look Weirder
You can enjoy the trailer down below and see everything we're talking about as we see a bit of what will coming in this specific cut. The game will be released on September 24th, 2021 for the PS5. Will you be able to rebuild in the middle of the next extinction? Courtesy of Kojima Productions. From legendary game[...]
Video Games Chronicle has posted a new report on what could have been at Stadia with their platform-exclusive games, with one of the biggest disappoints being that we didn't get a Kojima Productions horror game It seems like Hideo Kojima keeps getting denied the chance to make a horror title, first with Konami and now[...]
Death Stranding Sam Porter Makes a Delivery With Good Smile
That is not all, as the entire figure creation was overseen entirely by KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS He will come with a variety of accessories like a small cargo case, an assault rifle, sensor tape, and cargo stickers However, this is the deluxe version of the character, and that means he will also come with extra small[...]
Death Stranding Will Have A Crossover With Cyberpunk 2077
But this is a different kind of crossover as we'll be seeing stuff from the CD Projekt Red game jump into the world of Kojima Productions Specifically for the PC version of the game The crossover will include several new missions featuring characters and lore from Cyberpunk 2077, along with several themed aesthetic items Sam Bridges[...]
"Death Stranding" Gets Amazon UK-Exclusive Cover Art
But fans immediately spun this into a hint that not only was a new game in the works from the studio, but because of the baby, it must mean that Kojima is working on either Death Stranding 2 or a game within that title's universe. After all the time it took to make the first one,[...]
Tencent has hired former Kojima Productions member Ken-Ichiro Imaizumi.
Tencent is making big moves these days, what with the handling of System Shock 3 going forward, and most recently the hiring of former Kojima Productions founding member Ken-Ichiro Imaizumi The Chinese gaming conglomerate has brought aboard the former corporate director from the company as well as additional names in a bid to expand its[...]
"Death Stranding" Receives A New Briefing Video At Tokyo Game Show
This morning, Kojima Productions revealed the official release date for Death Stranding on PC, and it's a lot sooner than we thought The game will be released by 505 Games on June 2nd, 2020 for Steam and the Epic Games Store, and with it comes some special content featuring Valve's Half-Life You can see the[...]
Kojima Productions’ Ken-Ichiro Imaizui Has Departed The Company
Continuing the trend of companies bailing from conventions due to the coronavirus, Kojima Productions has pulled out of GDC 2020 The company posted a notice on its website informing attendees of the tough decision they had to make this year The statement was pretty brief, but it confirms Hideo Kojima will not be in attendance. Credit:[...]
Hideo Kojima Shared a New "Death Stranding"
Credit: Kojima Productions Hideo Kojima posted a cryptic new teaser related to Death Stranding on his personal Twitter early Thursday morning (February 20). Coming 2020 pic.twitter.com/MYrushsrqC — HIDEO_KOJIMA (@HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN) February 20, 2020 The teaser, clearly modeled after the promotional trailer for the film 1917, appeared to highlight a release for the game, which he noted was simply "Coming 2020."   [...]
"Death Stranding" novel
Kojima Productions have added a brand new patch to Death Stranding this week that brings in a few changes that you might want to take interest in The devs posted on Twitter that the 1.10 patch will add in various performance improvements, which should clear up problems like falling through random rocks But the bigger[...]
Hideo Kojima Reveals He's Working On The Next Project
And then we'd get word of what the next plan is. Credit: Kojima Productions Before any kind of bonus content could take place, Kojima decided to let everyone know that he was already working on the next concept Alone in his office at Kojima Productions without the rest of the staff around As you can see from[...]
Kojima Productions’ Ken-Ichiro Imaizui Has Departed The Company
An interesting bit of news this week as it has been reported that Kojima Productions' Corporate Director, Ken-Ichiro Imaizui, has apparently left the company The news came down from Video Games Chronicle, who are claiming they have inside knowledge that Imaizui has left but the reasoning why remains unclear Furthermore, their attempts to reach out[...]
Bring Me The Horizon's "Ludens" Video Features "Death Stranding" Footage
Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment Death Stranding is finally here, and so is its soundtrack. Metalcore band Bring Me The Horizon contributed a song specifically for the game entitled "Ludens." Obviously that's an important figure for Kojima, as Ludens is the Kojima Productions mascot The character is seen several times throughout the game as well. The music video is[...]
Death Stranding launch trailer
Should they buy the game now or wait until next year, when it's coming to PC? Kojima Productions made the official announcement that it's headed to PC in 2020. Now what do we do? We start theorizing even harder than we were before And we wait until we can finally get our hands on this magnificent-looking[...]
"Death Stranding" is Officially Coming to PC in 2020
This is great news for modders and anyone looking to make an already fantastic-looking game even more resplendent. The official Kojima Productions Twitter account broke the news this morning in a quick tweet The game is breeching on PC in early summer of 2020 There isn't an exact release date just yet. Thanks to all of you[...]
Conan O'Brien Is A Character In "Death Stranding". No, Seriously.
And yes, he's basically being Conan O'Brien if Conan were a digital comic trying to get a laugh out of you. Credit: Kojima Productions The word broke last night as both Conan and Hideo Kojima revealed his role in the game, both with this Twitter post and the highlighted video from Conan's show below After being teased[...]
"Death Stranding" Actor Pleads With Press Not To Spoil The Game
Well, one of the actors from the game has made a plea to everyone to not let that happen. Credit: Kojima Productions Tommie Earl Jenkins, who plays Die-Hardman in Death Stranding took to his Twitter account to put out this plea to gaming journalists and others who manage to get a copy Politely asking that everyone keep[...]