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Dragon Ball: The Breakers Reveals Season 3 Content

Season 3 of Dragon Ball: The Breakers has launched, as Ginyu Force make their way into the game, along with a host of new additions.

Bandai Namco has revealed more content coming to Dragon Ball: The Breakers for Season 3, which came out this week for PC and consoles. Some of the new content you can experience includes the new "Snowy Mountain" map, as well as new Survivor skins, new powerful Transpheres to utilize, and the infamous Ginyu Force to deal with! Their addition to the game marks the first time you'll encounter a "Team-Up" Type Raider, as the elite mercenaries each have their own specific abilities for each of their four distinct forms. We got more info and the trailer for the content below.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers Reveals Season 3 Content
Credit: Bandai Namco

"Each member of the Ginyu Force is represented as part of the Raider's evolution, with each form equipped with their abilities from the anime. Skilled Dragon Ball: The Breakers  players can further increase the Raider's power by keeping each form alive before they evolve, enabling them to unleash the Ginyu Force's full potential with subsequent transformations."

  • First Form: Guldo – Guldo's special ability can temporarily halt the movement of Survivors with the "Paralysis" and "Time Freeze" skills to corner them and deal massive damage. If Guldo is alive when evolving, he will patrol around the map and continue to freeze Survivors.
  • Second form: Recoome – Recoome can search for Survivors with a Scouter and has access to several powerful close-range attacks. If Recoome is alive when evolving, he will increase the Raider's close-range damage against Survivors.
  • Third form: Jeice and Burter – Jeice can be directly controlled by players, while Burter appears during the use of special moves. Both fighters can unleash extremely powerful combination attacks capable of attacking wide groups of Survivors at long range. If Jeice and Burter are alive when evolving, they will increase the range of the Raider's Super Attacks.
  • Fourth Form: Captain Ginyu – Captain Ginyu's "Body Change" skill can swap bodies with a Survivor, which lets him transform into that Survivor at the maximum transformation level while leaving the original Survivor weakened and their transformation level reduced to Level 1. Captain Ginyu will boost his stats and passive abilities based on which Ginyu Force members successfully evolved.

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