EPOS Unveils Esports Masterclasses Bundle For January 2021

EPOS is offering a special deal for those looking to get into esports with the exclusive Esports Masterclasses Bundle. The company has unveiled a new series coming in January for videogame enthusiasts who want to know what it's like playing professional gaming and how exactly they live and possibly could get into it. Four unique masterclasses led by representatives from Cloud9, OPL/LCS, BLAST, North, and SK Gaming will be teaching lessons focused on what happens behind-the-scenes. Not to mention a few tricks of the trade behind popular titles such as CS:GO and League Of Legends. So what do you have to do to take part in all of this? All four Masterclasses are complimentary with the purchase of one of EPOS' premium gaming headsets. Yep, that's the catch, you need to purchase a headset from the company.

The Esports Masterclasses will take play over a few days in January, courtesy of EPOS.
The Esports Masterclasses will take play over a few days in January, courtesy of EPOS.

Depending on how you look at it, that's either a great deal or a bit of a steal, but it beats signing up for a subscription service and waiting for the class to arrive. We have more details from the company on the classes below.

"The introduction of the EPOS Esports Masterclasses is another strong step forward in creating a welcoming environment for gamers who are interested in maximizing their gaming experience," said Maja Sand-Grimnitz, Head of Global Marketing, Gaming at EPOS. "Paired with our gaming headsets built on 115 years of audio innovation, we are confident this new set of tools will set fans of The Power of Audio up for success."

  • CS:GO (9 p.m. CET on Saturday, Jan. 9 and 7 a.m. AEDT on Sunday, Jan. 10) – Overviews the fundamentals on setup, aiming, movement and other general tips from seasoned professional players and veterans.
  • League of Legends (11 p.m. PST on Saturday, Jan. 9 and 6 p.m. AEDT on Sunday, Jan 10) – Teaches tricks and strategies to instantly improve team-based MOBA gameplay.
  • The secret to success (9 p.m. CET on Saturday, Jan. 16 and 7 a.m. AEDT on Sunday, Jan. 17) – Unveils the regiment applied by the pros to succeed through balancing training, staffing and staying healthy.
  • Deep dive into the world of esports (9 a.m. CET on Tuesday, Jan. 19) – Get the latest insights and knowledge on the esports scene.

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