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EPOS Reveals Limited Edition H6PRO & GSX 300 Premium Bundle
EPOS has revealed a new limited edition premium bundle as they have paired their H6PRO Gaming Headset with the GSX 300 External Soundcard This bundle was basically created to pair two of their best products currently available at a single price, enhancing your audio experience beyond whatever your PC's onboard capabilities may be They're currently[...]
EPOS Launches New H3PRO Hybrid Gaming Headset
EPOS revealed a new design and look to their H3PRO Hybrid gaming headset this week as they have it out in two new colors The two new looks that they have going are in Ghost White and Racing Green, the latter seen down below The headset itself is a slight improvement on the model as they[...]
EPOS Unveils New B20 Streaming Microphone For Gamers
EPOS unveiled a brand new livestreaming mic last week with broadcast quality in the B20 Streaming Microphone for gamers The design of this thing was basically made so that players would get the same quality you would hear over traditional radio or TV, and not feel like it's being processed through any number of programs[...]
EPOS Expands Their Partnership With BLAST Premier
EPOS revealed this week they have officially extended their partnership with esports tournament organizer BLAST Premier The finer details of the deal were not released about how long it would be and if any money was exchanged, but we do know some of the superficial stuff you'll see moving forward The expanded partnership will see[...]
EPOS Reveals The GTW 270 Hybrid Wireless Gaming Earbuds
This week, EPOS revealed they were releasing a new pair of wireless gaming earbuds with the new GTW 270 Hybrid line This new pair of earbuds is crafted to bring you the best gaming audio possible while also being completely mobile All within a small charging case that's easy to store in your pocket or[...]
OverActive & EPOS Sign New Multi-Year Esports Deal
This morning OverActive Media and EPOS revealed they have signed a global partnership deal that will last multiple years The finer details of the deal weren't revealed, nor do we know for how much What we are aware of are the broad strokes in which OverActive will see commercial sponsorship of all its teams, including[...]
EPOS Unveils Esports Masterclasses Bundle For January 2021
EPOS is offering a special deal for those looking to get into esports with the exclusive Esports Masterclasses Bundle The company has unveiled a new series coming in January for videogame enthusiasts who want to know what it's like playing professional gaming and how exactly they live and possibly could get into it Four unique[...]
Cloud9 Announces EPOS As Their New Official Audio Partner
This week, Cloud9 announced that they have partnered up with EPOS as they join up with them as their official audio partner Both parties have been involved with esports partnerships before and have seen success, but this is the first time both of them will be working together As you might suspect, like a lot[...]
EPOS Announces New External Gaming Sound Card With The GSX 300
EPOS revealed their latest gaming hardware device this week as they introduced the external sound card in the GSX 300 The whole design of this is made in a minimalist fashion, with a small casing that has a dedicated volume dial, which is synchronized with Windows 10's own sound controls As well as a Smart[...]
EPOS partners with BLAST Premier
This morning,  BLAST Premier announced that they will be partnering with audio company EPOS for their CS:GO events going forward The two will apparently be working together to improve audio and communication plays in esports However, neither company really went into detail as to what that meant We're guessing based on what EPOS does, specifically[...]