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DreamHack Announces First Round Of Events For DreamHack Anaheim
We have the full rundown of what they have planned right now including links for you to sign up in case you plan to attend. Credit: Dreamhack DreamHack Anaheim 2022: Esports ESL Challenger CS:GO — $100,000 prize pool Top-tier Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is coming back to LAN after an era of online competition With a DreamHack ticket, attendees can watch[...]
MissHarvey To Host A Special Valorant Charity Tournament
Its pretty cool to see they'll have this tournament running over the weekend as Thanksgiving and Black Friday are not celebrated to shared by everyone around the world, so people looking for something to check out in the realm of esports will have an option Here's a quick quite from MissHarvey about the tournament before[...]
Blizzard Reveals Details For Hearthstone Masters Tour Undercity
Despite skilled plays with Garrote Rogue and Anacondra Druid by DragonMan, XiaoT's OTK Demon Hunter, Quest Warlock, and Quest Warrior seized the day and a 3-0 victory. Hearthstone Esports returns on December 18-19 for the 2021 World Championship! Eight players, the top six from Hearthstone Grandmasters and two from China Gold Series, will compete for the[...]
Complete Set Of Winners From The 2021 Esports Awards
The 2021 Esports Awards took place last night, and along with a celebration of the genre still thriving during the pandemic, they handed out awards In case you didn't have time last night to check out the entire ceremony, we have the full set of winners for you below. Credit: Esports Awards/DJ Muldowney ESPORTS APPAREL OF THE[...]
Koei Tecmo Announces Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX
Koei Tecmo will be throwing a special esports tournament for Monster Rancher 1 & 2 DX Its a bit of an oddity considering this is a remastered edition of a game and there's nothing set up for this to become a regular thing, but hey, if the company wants to throw a one-off event to[...]
Opinion: Nintendo Should Support "Smash Bros." Esports, But Won't
Those who have been begging Nintendo to do anything esports with Super Smash Bros will kinda get their wish next year The company announced today it will be working with Panda Global to produce a series of tournaments focused on both Melee and Ultimate, making this the first-ever officially licensed championship circuit in North America[...]
Pick’em Challenge Launched For PUBG Global Championship 2021
The coupons can be used to predict the winners of PGC 2021 matches, and if you happen to do so successfully, you'll be awarded Esports Points (EP) to be redeemed for exclusive in-game items And if you like supporting the game's esports system, you should know that 30% of Pick'em Challenge net sales will be[...]