Former Blizzard President Starts New Game Developer Dreamhaven

Former Blizzard president Mike Morhaime revealed a new game development company this week called Dreamhaven. The company is a combination of former Blizzard devs as well as other well-known creators in the gaming industry, both on the video game side and tabletop side of things. The main company appears to be based in Irviine, while it has two development studios that work under it in the form of Moonshot Games and Secret Door, which will each focus specifically on those areas. This is some pretty awesome news, especially in an era where styudios have been crunching down and reducing their workforce, as it opens a new door for people to possibly go work in the industry with people who know what they're doing. In fact, they're still hiring artists and engineers as we speak.

The new logo for Dreamhaven.
The new logo for Dreamhaven.

No word on any projects at the moment, which is expected since its brand new and we know for a fact some of the people were only hired a couple weeks ago. So at best, probably not going to see much of anything until maybe 2022. For now, here's part of their mission statement from the website.

We are a group of friends with a passion for games. Together, we have launched numerous large scale games and projects. We have felt our hearts lifted by the communities that have formed around our games, and have also huddled to come up with solutions when things went wrong. And together, we have come to understand it is about the journey and not the destination. This is just the beginning. We believe the strongest teams not only have aligned values and trust, but also have diverse backgrounds and experiences. We are seeking more friends and colleagues who have seen the world through different lenses and will bring additional perspectives. Our company and the games we make will be better for it.

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