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Girls Und Panzer Has Returned To World Of Tanks

Girls Und Panzer have returned to World Of Tanks in an all-new crossover event that we haven't seen in the game for years.

Article Summary

  • Girls Und Panzer returns to World Of Tanks in an exciting crossover event running from May 16-31.
  • Take command of tanks from renowned sensha-dō high schools and customize your vehicles with unique 2D items.
  • The Tiger II and BT-42 tanks bring the firepower and tactics of Girls Und Panzer to the game's battles.
  • Original voice actresses enhance gameplay with custom voiceovers for your favorite Girls Und Panzer characters.

Wargaming announced a new crossover event that should give World Of Tanks players a few throwback vibes as Girls Und Panzer has returned. From May 16-31, you'll be able to play as tank commanders from the Oarai Girls' High School, Kuromorimine Girls' High School, and Jatkosota High School. in armed combat in your own customized tanks. Similar to the ones in the crossover they did years ago, but not as anime as before. Along with a number of 2D items inside the game you can buy and earn, depending on what route you want to go. We have the finer details below before the update drops on Thursday.

Girls und Panzer in World of Tanks
Credit: Wargaming

Girls Und Panzer x World Of Tanks

The Tiger II Kuromorimine, taking pride of place in Kuromorimine Girls' High School's sensha-dō arsenal, its fearsome gun, capable of dealing devastating damage, as well as its robust armor, make it perfectly suited to the Nishizumi's tanking approach to tankery that Kuromorimine excels at—with an emphasis on precise attack and impenetrable defense. The Tiger II was integral to Kuromorimine's the National Sensha-dō High School Tournament and, under the command of Erika Itsumi, also played a valiant role in Kuromorimine's subsequent defeat to Oarai in the 63rd tournament's finals.

The compact BT-42 Jatkosota HS, accommodates a three-woman crew: Commander Mika, Loader Aki, and Driver Mikko in Jatkosota High School's sensha-dō team. Most effective when fighting to the rousing kantele melody of Säkkijärven Polkka, the BT-42 excels in close combat, where its high-caliber howitzer can really shine. The BT-42's moment of glory came during the Battle for Oarai, when its Christie suspension allowed it to keep running even without its tracks and heroically take out a platoon of M26 Pershings from Hand-Picked University Team.

Girls und Panzer characters bring their spirited personalities to the battlefield, with custom voiceovers provided by the original voice actresses. This includes the entire Team-Ankou from Oarai Girls' High School (Miho Nishizumi, Saori Takebe, Hana Isuzu, Yukari Akiyama, Mako Reizei), Erika Itsumi from Kuromorimine Girls' High School, and the Jatkosota High School Team (Mika, Aki, Mikko). So, players can align themselves with their favorite sensha-dō team leader, complete missions, and recruit their preferred character to command their vehicles.

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