Godzilla Vs. Kong Event Has Launched In PUBG Mobile

Krafton and Tencent Games have launched a new event into PUBG Mobile today as we see Godzilla Vs. Kong takes over the island. In yet another movie tie-in from the franchise, the two monsters (and some of their rivals) will make their way into the game, creating a new set of hazards you'll need to dodge and complicated weather problems that will make life a little more hectic as you try to survive. The first Titan, Godzilla will be released into the game today in Erangel, with Kong entering Sanhok on May 15th and Mechagodzilla in Livik on May 20th. All of this comes as part of the Version 1.4 update that adds in a few new fixes and takes care of some balancing and maintenance issues. You can read more about it below.

PUBG Mobile will never be the same after they arrive. Courtesy of Tencent Games.
PUBG Mobile will never be the same after they arrive. Courtesy of Tencent Games.

Mysterious Titans have begun to appear across the Erangel, Sanhok and Livik maps. Players can select the Titan Strikes mode at the beginning of each match. As the battle begins, these colossal creatures will move randomly across the map. While they are usually passive towards players, having too many players around can make them angry and hostile. Apex Cybernetics and Monster Settlements are two new elements that have been added to the game, both of which Titans will set out to destroy. Apex Cybernetics contain beneficial supplies that can be looted once destroyed by a Titan. Monster Settlements also have beneficial loot; however, players will have to defeat hostile monsters in order to acquire it.

  • Titan Strikes – Godzilla, Kong and Mechagodzilla join the Battle Royale as non-hostile characters that may bring Titan Crystals, destroy Apex Cybernetics and Monster Settlements and drop enhancement items in the Erangel, Sanhok and Livik maps respectively.
  • New Arena Map: Hangar – A new PUBG Mobile map, set in the hangar of a giant unknown ship, will be playable beginning on June 1st. It will support three modes of Team Deathmatch, Arena Training and Team Gun Game. The map includes tight corners, cover, and will feature fast-paced firefights.
  • Microcosm Gameplay – On June 9th players will be able to shrink themselves down to the size of an insect, teleporting and battling across the Erangel map.
  • Over The Shoulder (OTS) aiming mode – This new mode slows movement speed and increases shooting accuracy, giving players more options during long-range gunfights.
  • New Vehicle: CoupeRB – A two-seater sports car, the CoupeRB, is now available on Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Livik with a top speed of more than 150km/h

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