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Alchemy Stars Launches New Valley Oasis Event
Level Infinite and Tencent Games have launched a new Alchemy Stars event they're calling The Valley Oasis: Glittering Butterflies & Midsummer Vows This is basically one giant event to add some new activities to the game, as well as give it an overall update to improve a number of things We got the rundown of[...]
We Got To Preview Part Of Arena Breakout On Mobile
Mobile publisher Tencent Games and developer MoreFun Studios are bragging about the pre-registrations for Arena Breakout today The team is celebrating the fact that they have had over 10 Million players register for the game ahead of time, one of the biggest amounts they have had for a mobile game on a global level As[...]
PUBG Mobile Reveals New Collaboration With Karol G
and Tencent Games revealed they have a new collaboration coming to PUBG Mobile, as they've teamed with international Latin Pop sensation Karol G Starting right now and running all the way through June 21st, players will be able to recreate the superstar's iconic style as they have added two specially designed outfit sets Both of[...]
PUBG Mobile Partners With Italian Motorcycle Brand Ducati
and Tencent Games have revealed a new partnership for PUBG Mobile as they are working with the Italian motorcycle company Ducati As you can probably already surmise, for the next several weeks, you'll be able to ride around the map on one of these Specifically, the Panigale V4 S, which you can see in action[...]
PUBG Mobile Launches New Dinosaur-Themed Update In Latest Update
and Tencent Games released a new update for PUBG Mobile this week as they take things back to the stone age to a degree Version 2.6 has come out with dinosaurs, adding a new sense of danger and transportation to the fold As well as updates in map editing and game mode design, a new[...]
Several New Updates Arrive In Arena Breakout This Week
Tencent Games and MoreFun Studios revealed several new updates have been loaded into Arena Breakout, as they push forward with the new phase of testing The teams have launched the Global Closed Beta today on Android and iOS mobile devices, which will take place across ten countries, adding Thailand and Türkiye as new regions to[...]
PUBG Mobile Launches Golden Moon Event & World Invitational Dates
and Tencent Games have released info on two new things happening with PUBG Mobile, as a new event drops and an esports event is announced First off, the company has launched the new Golden Moon event, as they celebrate the holy month of Ramadan Meanwhile, the company will be taking part in Gamers8 in Saudi[...]
PUBG Mobile Reveals Plans For Fifth Anniversary Celebrations
and Tencent Games revealed their plans for the next update to PUBG Mobile, which will celebrate the game's fifth anniversary The team will be releasing the 2.5 Update on March 18th, and with it will come a multi-map makeover with celebratory decorations everywhere, a ton of special supplies loaded in, four new items to party[...]
Arena Breakout To Launch Global iOS CBT Next Week
MoreFun Studios Group, a subsidiary of Tencent Games, confirmed they would be launching a Global iOS CBT for Arena Breakout next week This will be the first official Global iOS Closed Beta Test (CBT) for the hardcore first-person extraction shooter, as the team is looking to test out everything the possibly can across multiple regions[...]
Arena Breakout Will Launch Global Closed Beta Next Week
Tencent Games and MoreFun Studios announced that they will be holding a new Closed Beta for Arena Breakout next week The companies will be testing out a ton of new additions and mechanics being added to the hardcore tactical first-person extraction shooter, more so than previous tests, as they'll be giving you as close to[...]
PUBG Mobile Announces Changes To Esports Plans For 2023
and Tencent Games have revealed plans for what they will be bringing to the esports side of PUBG Mobile in 2023 The announcement came down this week during a press conference in which James Yang, the Director of PUBG Mobile's Global Esports division, chatted about what people can expect to see in the coming year[...]
PUBG Mobile Global Championships Kicks Off January 6th
and Tencent Games will be holding the PUBG Mobile Glocal Championship Grand Finals for 2022 starting this Friday The event will be taking place live for an in-person event in Jakarta, Indonesia, from January 6th-8th, with live broadcasts happening on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook Sixteen of the best teams from around the globe have made[...]
Bruce Lee Is Going To Be Added To PUBG Mobile
Krafton and Tencent Games have an interesting update for PUBG Mobile coming this month, as Bruce Lee will be added to the game The company is partnering up with The Bruce lee Family Company to bring the likeness of the international actor and mixed martial artist to the game as a playable character He will[...]
PUBG Mobile Launches Its Own Music Label "Beat Drop"
and Tencent Games announced recently that they're launching a new music label for PUBG Mobile called Beat Drop In what feels like an odd bit of crossover between gaming and music, the two companies are launching a label tied to the game, but it isn't an in-game thing, as the music they produce will basically[...]
Call Of Duty: Mobile – Season 11 Launches December 14th
Activision and Tencent Games have revealed the new details of Call Of Duty: Mobile – Season 11, which will be launched next week The season is being called Ultimate Frontier, and will take players through the holidays with a lot of gifts and goodies to cause mayhem and bring your enemies down All with a[...]
PUBG Mobile Has Officially Launched Aftermath Mode
and Tencent Games have officially launched the all-new Aftermath Mode into PUBG Mobile this week The team basically sat down and gave the move a complete overhaul, which was needed since the mode had been having issues but was still a fan-favorite choice among players The mode had been changed up to come with a[...]
Call Of Duty: Mobile - Season 10: World Class Launches November 9th
Activision and Tencent Games revealed Season 10 for Call Of Duty: Mobile is on the way as it will officially launch on November 9th One of the more interesting seasons with weird additions as they have included three soccer players to the mix with  Neymar Jr., Leo Messi, and Paul Pogba as playable characters Along[...]
Zombies Have Returned To Call Of Duty: Mobile
Activision and Tencent Games have launched a brand new season for Call Of Duty: Mobile, as the latest incarnations has brought back Zombies Dusting off this 'ol chestnut in time for Halloween, the game will be plagued with the undead for several weeks as they have added two new modes for you to explore As[...]
PUBG Mobile Unveils new Anti-Cheat System Called "Fog Of War"
and Tencent Games revealed a brand new anti-cheat system for PUBG Mobile they're calling Fog Of War If it hasn't become clear over the past few years, the devs behind this game are obsessed with busting cheaters Mostly because PUBG Mobile has such a high rate of players across the globe, especially in the APAC[...]
PUBG Mobile Releases Version 2.2 With New Map & More
and Tencent Games have revealed Version 2.2 of PUBG Mobile this week, adding a new map and several other options The new map is going by the name Nusa, which has been designed to be a tropical paradise aimed at quick gameplay and frantic rounds You'll also be getting Gear Front Mode, Erangel will be[...]
Call Of Duty: Mobile Reveals Plans For Season 8
Activision and Tencent Games revealed their plans for Season 8 coming to Call Of Duty: Mobile, as players get on their spy game and board a new train The season is being called "Train To Nowhere" and will feature a number of new additions to take advantage of both free and via the new battle[...]
Auto Draft
Activision and Tencent Games have posted the rundown for the Stage 4 Regionals for the Call Of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2022 The events will kick off on August 13th as five regions will have 40 teams competing throughout the rest of August They will whittle down the competition to eight teams based on how[...]
Call Of Duty: Mobile Starts Season 7 With New Launch Trailer
Activision and Tencent Games launched Season 7 for Call Of Duty: Mobile this week as they enter New Vision City with a new trailer It's going to be an interesting one as the team has already kicked off the season with a crossover between them and Ghost In The Shell, specifically from the Stand Alone[...]
Tencent Games Reveals Over 40 Products During Annual Conference
Tencent Games recently held their annual Spark 2022 conference as they highlighted 44 projects to be released for the Chinese market and beyond The company gave updates on 26 games, including titles such as League of Legends Esports Manager (which will beta test in China this month), Return to Empire, and Code: to Jin Yong They[...]
PUBG Mobile Reveals Details To The 2022 World Invitational Tournament
and Tencent Games dropped new info this morning about the upcoming 2022 PUBG Mobile World Invitational tournament The PMWI will see 16 of the best teams from around the globe compete against each other for a $3M prize pool starting on August 11th For those of you looking to try and attend it, it will[...]
Call Of Duty: Mobile – Season 6: To The Skies Launches June 29th
Activision and Tencent Games have revealed that Season Six for Call Of Duty: Mobile will officially launch next Wednesday The season is being called To The Skies and will focus on some new aerial combat additions, as well as a new map in Favela, and a new themed event There's also a new battle pass[...]
The Boys Will Be Making A Crossover Into PUBG Mobile
Tencent Games and Krafton Inc announced today that Amazon Prime's The Boys will be making a crossover into PUBG Mobile this month In what is clearly a cross-promotional event to hype up the show's Season 3 premiere on June 3rd, this event will give you the chance to snag some exclusive items including super suits[...]
Call Of Duty: Mobile – Season 5 Welcomes Players To The Jungle
Activision and Tencent Games have revealed new details to Call Of Duty: Mobile – Season 5 as you'll be headed into the lawless jungle Starting on June 1st, the season called "Tropical Vision" will launch at 5pm PT, bringing you a ton of new content to the mobile title This includes the new addition of[...]