Hotline Miami Co-Creator Has Teased A New Project

In case you're waiting to see if a Miami Hotline 3 is in the works, you might wanna pump the breaks as there's something else happening. Jonatan Söderström, who co-created the game with Dennis Wedin as the two-man team behind Dennaton Games, made a small announcement before the new year came in. For about a year now, people have been wondering if and when we'll be getting another sequel to the indie franchise that too people by storm in the first half of the decade. There were some rumors that a proper release to make it a trilogy was in the works after Miami Hotline went live on Stadia back in September.

Of course, we want a trilogy! This was an awesome series! Courtesy of Devolver Digital.
Of course, we want a trilogy! This was an awesome series! Courtesy of Devolver Digital.

Well, it turns out there's something else in the works as Söderström took to Twitter back on Thursday and revealed that the next game to come from the company will be more of a passion project than a sequel. He didn't go into the details of what we might be able to expect, but it sounds like he's pretty stoked to start work on it.

After the first two games, it doesn't seem like the studio could do any wrong branching out and trying something new. That probably isn't great news for Miami Hotline fans, but at the same time, it's not like they said they weren't going to be working on a third game after this one. Even if they don't, the two we have are still pretty awesome on their own and don't really NEED a third to be great. In any case, we're looking forward to seeing what the studio has in mind for the next game, which we're guessing if they're starting now we won't see anything until maybe early 2022.

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