Logitech G Unveils The Pro X Superlight Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech G unveiled a brand new wireless gaming mouse this week as they now have the Pro X Superlight in their roster. This is essentially one of the best simplified gaming mice they have developed in a while, as it doesn't come with all the insane features some of their other brands do. Also, something to take note of is that it doesn't fall into the usual G# classifications. This was designed to be both the lightest and fastest mouse they have on the market, which is saying something about their other brands that are already doing well. This particular model will be available in both black and white, to be released sometime in December 2020 for $150. You can read up on it more as we have info from the announcement for you here.

Logitech G Unveils The Pro X Superlight Wireless Gaming Mouse
Credit: Logitech G

Get insanely precise, fast, and consistent control with HERO Sensor. Take first faster with zero-additive PTFE feet that deliver a dramatically smoother glide. Pro X Superlight weighs less than 63 g without the need for ridiculous holes. Developed in collaboration with a large group of the world's best esports pros, Pro X Superlight features hyper-minimal design, but is packed with our latest technologies and advancements. Pro X Superlight is available in black and white.

  • Designed With Pros, Engineered to Win: Designed with the world's leading pros to engineer the world's best competitive gaming mouse.
  • Lightwright: With hyper-minimal redesign, Pro X Superlight is our lightest and fastest PRO mouse ever weighing in at under 63 grams. Almost 25% lighter than standard PRO Wireless mouse.
  • Lightspeed Wireless: Lightspeed is next-gen, pro-grade wireless technology with even more responsive and reliable connectivity.
  • HERO Sensor: HERO Sensor, engineered by Logitech G, is incredibly precise, fast, and consistent for ultra-fine control.
  • Zero-Additive PTFE Feet: Zero-additive PTFE mouse feet deliver a smooth glide for an incredibly smooth connection to your game.

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