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Logitech G Reveals New Pro Racing Wheel & Pedals
During their presentation last week, Logitech G revealed a new Pro Racing Wheel and Pedals for the enhanced racing experience The two items have been given a complete overhaul from their predecessor, adding in a number of features fans were asking for and changes that can be made on the fly For example, the shell[...]
Logitech G Reveals The New Astro A30 Wireless Gaming Headset
Logitech G revealed multiple new products last week, including a new addition from Astro Gaming with the A30 Wireless Gaming Headset The look and feel of this model is basically an upgrade from the previous sets as they have taken what makes Astro stand out over the years and capitalized on it with newer features[...]
Logitech G Reveals FITS True Wireless Gaming Earbuds
Last week, Logitech G had a number of new reveals, chief among them being the FITS True Wireless Gaming Earbuds Working with and taking a cue from the Ultimate Ears line of personal earbuds, this is a sophisticated set that will conform to your ears the first time you take them out Using brand new[...]
Logitech G Reveals The New G CLOUD Gaming Handheld
Logitech G revealed a brand new device for cloud gaming today as players can soon get their hands on the G Cloud Gaming Handheld This new device will give players the opportunity to do cloud gaming on the go with whatever services they like to use The device is clearly designed to give players an[...]
Logitech G Reveals Logitech Chorus for Meta Quest 2
Logitech G has unveiled a brand new item for the Meta Quest 2 as players can get their hands on the Logitech Chorus This is a brand new integrated audio solution designed for the VR headset that is designed to give you a better overall audio experience Those who have a Meta Quest 2 know[...]
Logitech G Unveils Its Brand New Aurora Collection
Logitech G has unveiled its brand new collection of gaming gear designs and colors as they showed off the Aurora Collection The team put together this new set based of designs and accessories based on a specific aesthetic and through research, with the goal of being gender inclusive, not gender exclusive The look and feel[...]
Opera GX Has Integrated Logitech G Lightsync RGB Into The Browser
Opera announced this past week they've formed a new partnership with Logitech G to bring something cool to their browser The Opera GX browser was already designed to be gamer-friendly, and now with a new addition, it's getting a little more colorful The browser has now integrated Logitech G's Lightsync RGB into its system to[...]
Logitech G Reveals Latest Mouse & Light Kit For Streamers
We have more info on both products below as the Litra Glos is going for $60 and the M650 for $40. Credit: Logitech G Logitech Litra Glow Purpose-built for streamers and content creators, Litra Glow with TrueSoft technology is the fastest way to bring a premium lighting experience to any desktop With TrueSoft and an innovative frameless diffuser,[...]
Logitech G & Partners Create New Adaptive Esports Competition
Logitech G along with several partners launched a brand new Adaptive Esports competition over the weekend looking to have regular events The company has partnered up with The AbleGamers Charity, Adaptive Action Sports, Beyond Entertainment, Challonge, and the Mount Sinai Health System, Department of Rehabilitation and Human Performance in New York City to bring about[...]
Logitech G Announces Partnership With Bubba Wallace
Logitech G announced this week that they have formed a new partnership with NASCAR driver and avid fan, Bubba Wallace As you might suspect from a deal like this, it's pretty much two-fold as Wallace himself will be donning the company's logo on his gear (as you can see in the image here) as well[...]
Logitech G Reveals New In-Ear G333 Gaming Earphones
Logitech G has debuted a brand new set of audio devices today with the release of the G333 Gaming Earphones This model is designed to be your go-to gaming option if you want something smaller to work with rather than a set of headphones, or if you need something for portable devices like your phone[...]
Logitech G Unveils The Pro X Superlight Wireless Gaming Mouse
Logitech G unveiled a brand new wireless gaming mouse this week as they now have the Pro X Superlight in their roster This is essentially one of the best simplified gaming mice they have developed in a while, as it doesn't come with all the insane features some of their other brands do Also, something[...]
Logitech G Releases The G923 Racing Wheel & Pedals
This morning, Logitech G unveiled the G923 Racing Wheel and Pedals, giving you a new racing experience from your own home The company has made two versions, one for the Xbox One and one for the PS4, both of which will give you as realistic of a feeling for those who are obsessed with driving[...]
Logitech G Reveals Personalized Spatial Audio Partnership With Embody
Logitech G announced this week they're looking to bring you closer to in-game audio with a brand new partnership with Embody The company has set up over a dozen of their gaming headsets to be paired with the personalized spatial audio that Embody provides They're offering a two-week trial to test it out with subscriptions[...]
Logitech G Reveals Adaptive Gaming Kit For Xbox Adaptive Controller
Logitech G unveiled a brand new set of accessories for the Xbox Adaptive Controller, as they are now providing the Adaptive Gaming Kit The company released a full blog this week showing it off, including a video we have for you here to show it in action The kit includes three small and three large[...]
LogitechG Reveals The G604 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse
You can check out the full specs here, as the mouse is officially on sale now for $100. Credit: Logitech "If you're into games such as Fortnite and WoW Classic, then this just might be the mouse you're looking for," said Ujesh Desai, vice president and general manager of Logitech Gaming "The G604 Lightspeed was designed to[...]
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You can read about both of them below as the G915 will be going for $250 and the G815 will be going for $200 on both their website and with retailers. credit//Logitech Logitech G915 Lightspeed Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard  This premium keyboard features Logitech G's award-winning Lightspeed Wireless technology for a lightning fast, pro-grade 1ms report rate and[...]