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Logitech Launches New "Together We Create" Campaign For Creators
Logitech has launched a brand new platform aimed directly at creators as the company has launched the "Together We Create" campaign The company has launched this brand new global brand platform with the goal of collaborating with creators to help shape the future of creating together They will be working with a number of content[...]
Logitech G Reveals Latest Mouse & Light Kit For Streamers
Logitech revealed a new pair of products recently aimed at better work and streaming content with the Litra Glow and the Signature M650 The first of the two is a small lighting kit that attaches to the top of your monitor providing a better source of bright white light to better present yourself on camera[...]
Logitech G Reveals New In-Ear G333 Gaming Earphones
Logitech G has debuted a brand new set of audio devices today with the release of the G333 Gaming Earphones This model is designed to be your go-to gaming option if you want something smaller to work with rather than a set of headphones, or if you need something for portable devices like your phone[...]
Logitech G Unveils The Pro X Superlight Wireless Gaming Mouse
Logitech G unveiled a brand new wireless gaming mouse this week as they now have the Pro X Superlight in their roster This is essentially one of the best simplified gaming mice they have developed in a while, as it doesn't come with all the insane features some of their other brands do Also, something[...]
Logitech G Releases The G923 Racing Wheel & Pedals
This morning, Logitech G unveiled the G923 Racing Wheel and Pedals, giving you a new racing experience from your own home The company has made two versions, one for the Xbox One and one for the PS4, both of which will give you as realistic of a feeling for those who are obsessed with driving[...]
Logietch G203 Lightsync
This week, Logitech G revealed a brand new gaming mouse for the public to get their hands on with the G203 Lightsync This one is a pretty cool setup as it connects to the G HUB to control all your settings, an adjustable 8,000 DPI sensor that comes with five presets and has some marvelous[...]
Logitech Combo Touch 2
Logitech had three new product reveals this week as the company showed off a few new products related to the iPad The three items are the Combo Touch, the Slim Folio Pro, and the Pebble Mouse i345 The Combo Touch is a keyboard case with an integrated trackpad for iPad (7th generation), iPad Air (3rd[...]
Logitech Forms A New Gamer Furniture Partnership With Herman Miller
Logitech has announced this morning that they've formed a new partnership with Herman Miller to create a new line of furniture for gamers The two companies will be releasing a line of gamer-influenced chairs, desks, and other household items specific to those in gaming culture and esports The idea is to provide a comfortable, practical,[...]
Logitech Reveals The Logitech StreamCam For Streamers
Logitech revealed a brand new webcam model this week as they have released the Logitech StreamCam, specifically designed for streamers The camera itself features 1080p/60 fps video, USB-C connectivity, and flexible mounting options Along with better integration with Logitech Capture for those using their software for your videos and livestreams The idea behind it appears[...]
LogitechG Reveals The G604 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse
Logitech introduced a new product this morning as they unveiled the new G604 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse to the public The big promotion behind this is that it's a fully functional gaming mouse that was also designed to be used in other aspects beyond just gaming It's an everyday kind of mouse that can also[...]
Auto Draft
This week, Logitech introduced players to two new gaming keyboards from their Lightech G line, with the G915 and the G815 Both of these were designed to be the top of their game for the series so far with wireless technology, new high-performance logistics, and low-profile GL Switches You can read about both of them[...]
We Check Out Everything Logitech Brought To E3 2019
During E3 this year, one of the first appointments we had was running over to Logitech's meeting room to see what new Logitech G gear was being made The main stuff they had on display for people to check out in the room was their brand new gaming mice with fresh designs on the G403,[...]
Charging Like a Boss: We Review the Logitech Powered for iPhone
One of those people was Logitech, who created the simply titled "Powered" device to wirelessly charge your phone But how well does it actually work? credit//Logitech So let's get to the basics This is a single dock-like unit with a three-foot power cord Beyond the cord, there are only two parts to this device that are connected[...]
Does Slimmer Work Better? We Review Logitech's G512 Carbon Keyboard
A few months ago we tried out the G513 from Logitech This time around, we get a slimmed down version in the G512 Carbon The numbering system may be confusing for some, but basically, this is a slimmed down version of the G513 You may be curious as to why someone might want a system[...]
G512 Backlit Logitech E3
During our frequent runs between the South Hall and West Hall of E3, we got to have a little time with Logitech to see what they were up to This time around we got a look at a brand-new mechanical gaming keyboard in the form of the G512 This is actually what you would call[...]