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MapleStory Releases First Of Two-Part Summer Update

Nexon has the first of a two-part update out now for MapleStory, as they are giving players a Summer of content with several additions.

Article Summary

  • Angelic Buster revamp brings new skills and a fresh storyline to MapleStory.
  • Hyper Burning event returns, enabling rapid leveling up to level 260.
  • New Epic Dungeon offers intense challenges and rich rewards for high-level players.
  • Legion Artifact and Dreaming Lachelein events introduce new growth systems and daily rewards.

Nexon has released the first of its two-part summer update for MapleStory, as players will Go West in the side-scrolling 2D MMORPG. The biggest addition to the content is the return of Angelic Buster, who makes her return in a powerful way with some new tricks in a total revamp of the character. You'll also have some Summer events to take part in across a few different areas as they build to part two this July. We have more details below as the content is now live.

Credit: Nexon

Angelic Buster Returns To MapleStory

Angelic Buster, MapleStory's Battleground Idol, is on her comeback tour and has returned with an all-new, cuter than ever makeover. It's not just her looks that have been revamped, she also has new skills, animations, storyline, and more. Angelic Buster is moving on from her Soul Recharge system for powering up her best skills, and with her new talents, she can tap into MP to power them instead, helping her dazzle the crowd easier than ever. Angelic Buster now has an arsenal of abilities to make her fans cheer as she blasts away her foes.

In addition, the attack range of "Celestial Roar" the 4th Job main hunting skill, has increased which improves usability. "Superstar Spotlight", which was used for hunting and bosses, has been improved and players can now receive a buff effect regardless of the lighting's location. In addition, the action delay of a considerable number of skills has been reduced, improving gameplay. Meanwhile, "Soul Seeker", which accounts for a large part of hunting, will be generated better than before when using "Celestial Roar".

Players can also create a new Angelic Buster character and dive into the Comeback! Battleground Idol Event where they can earn a wealth of special rewards as they explore her symphony of new powers and experience her brand-new story content.

Prepare For Some More Hyper Burning

Hyper Burning is back, allowing a single character to gain two bonus levels each time they level up until they reach level 260. The super-fast leveling continues with an all-new map for Hyper Burning called Tera Blink. This new feature allows players to enter a world inside Spiegelmann's Hat at level 10 and stay until level 200 for accelerated leveling. Using Hyper Burning in conjunction with Tera Blink will allow an experienced player to reach level 200 a lot faster than they normally would be able to.

Summer Activities & Rewards

  • Epic Dungeon: High Mountain is MapleStory's first epic dungeon for characters level 260 and above. Players engage in the story of the awakened sun god Mitra who has returned to the High Mountain after a long slumber. They must defeat numerous enemies and the boss Tynus to receive plenty of EXP, Sol Erda, and Sol Erda Fragment rewards.
  • Legion Artifact is a new growth system where players can complete missions through various gameplay and obtain stats that can be applied to all characters. Players will complete Artifact Missions to gain Artifact EXP and points and use those rewards to enhance their Artifact Crystals to gain various stats like Increases Boss Damage, Increase Critical Damage, Increases Item Drop Rate and more.
  • In Dreaming Lachelein, Lucid invites players to a fascinating party hosted in Lachelein, the Dreaming City. Players can receive rewards just by logging in every day and will get additional benefits by completing weekly missions. They can also get rare outfit items by participating in mini-games and get loads of EXP using event special skills for rapid leveling.

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