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MapleStory M Gets The Dual Blade Class In Latest Update
Nexon has released a brand new update into MapleStory M as players now have access to the new Dual Blade character class and other additions The character class belongs to a guild of rogue thieves who work in the shadows and bring furious attacks to their opponents So you're getting someone who can generate a[...]
MapleStory Launches Neo: Light’s Wrath, Part Two
This past week, Nexon released the latest addition to MapleStory as players can finally experience Neo: Light's Wrath, Part Two This new chapter of the game throws you head first into a new desert area called Hotel Arcus, which comes with a bevy of new quests available to players level 270 and above The update[...]
MapleStory Is Celebrating Its Sixteenth Anniversary
Nexon revealed this week that they will be throwing a celebration with a few different events for the 16th Anniversary of MapleStory Right now, you can jump into the Hotel Maple VIP Membership and participate in special anniversary events for a limited time This includes new missions and mini-games with the ability to link up[...]
GIveaway: "MapleStory" Themed DXRacer Gaming Chair
Would you like to win a MapleStory themed DXRacer gaming chair? All you need is a Twitter account and you could score this cool chair DXRacer has provided us a chance to give away a version of the chair you see below, in all of its pink, purple, and white glory What do you need[...]
"MapleStory" Receives The Pathfinder Squadron Update Today
Nexon America has released a brand new addition to MapleStory this week as players will now get to experience the Pathfinder: Squadron of Heroes update We have a trailer and some of the details for you here as this brings in a ton of new content for players at multiple levels, and a chance to[...]
Nexon Announces a New Pathfinder Update For MapleStory
Today, Nexon released details for the new Pathfinder update coming to MapleStory, which adds the Pathfinder class to the game for players to try out The class will officially be added tot he game on June 26th, and you can read more about them here But the update comes with more than just an extra[...]
MapleStory M Adds the Marksman and Buccaneer Explorer Classes
Nexon has released a major update for mobile MMORPG MapleStory M that kicks off with the introduction of two new explorer classes, the Buccaneer and Marksman The update also includes the new Expedition Boss, Corrupted Empress Cygnus, plus updates to Link Skills and Secondary Weapons. The Buccaneer Explorer allows players to engage in thrilling close combat with[...]
MapleStory adds the Explorer Bowman Pathfinder Class
During MapleStory Fest this weekend in LA, I got to sit down with developers for MapleStory and ask about the upcoming summer updates for the MMO Notably, MapleStory is just starting to move on from its fourteen-year  campaign against the Black Mage, who was finally earlier this year. Fans have wanted to know what was coming after the defeat[...]
MapleStory adds the Explorer Bowman Pathfinder Class
This summer will see plenty of updates to MapleStory as the game implements a new hero, new summer events, new gameplay improvements, and plenty of new content The game will also see the return of Legends and a revamped Legion system. The Pathfinder is an explorer bowman class, and the Pathfinder's story includes a focus on the[...]
MapleStory 2’s Expansive Awakening Update will Hit May 30th
The massively expansive MapleStory 2: Awakening update will hit on May 30, 2019 The update details and release date were announced at MapleStory Fest 2019 in LA today The big items for the update are a new class of fighter: the martial arts expert Striker, 9 new dungeons, 4 new raids, and the titular Awakening mechanic. The[...]
We’re Live Reporting from MapleStory Fest 2019
Fans of Nexon's MapleStory series have taken over Exchange LA today for MapleStory Fest The fan event is celebrating the franchise's 14th anniversary with an assortment of brick-building activities, raffles, plushies, a content showcase, and cosplay contest So, you know, typical fan fest events. If you were unable to make it out to LA or pick up a[...]
We're Still Giving Away those MapleStory M Codes, Come Get 'Em
Credit// Nexon We've still got a ton of MapleStory M codes to give away for fans of the mobile MMORPG. The codes contain $12 worth of in-game content, including: 5 Mysterious Weapon Whetstone (Unique) 15 Mysterious Armor Whetstone (Unique) 2 Enhanced Meso Discount (500K) A Crystal Bonus coupon (20%) To enter the contest, follow the official BleedingCool Games twitter acount, and send us a message[...]
We're Giving Away 330 Codes for MapleStory M
Credit// Nexon MapleStory M is a side-scrolling mobile MMORPG set in the same universe as MapleStory, and it received a major free update this morning So, we're partnering up with Nexon America to give away a literal ton  of codes (330 total) for MapleStory M. The codes contain $12 worth of in-game content, including: 5 Mysterious Weapon Whetstone (Unique) 15 Mysterious Armor[...]