New York City Regional Pokémon Bouffalant Coming To Pokémon GO

Niantic has announced a new regional Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Bouffalant, a Pokémon that looks like the love child of Generation One icon Tauros and a buffalo will only be available in New York City and "surrounding areas." Here's everything we know about Bouffalant so far and how you can add this golden-ringed, horned hitter to your Pokédex.

Bouffalant is the new New York City regional Pokémon. Credit: and the Pokémon Company
Bouffalant is the new New York City regional Pokémon. Credit: and the Pokémon Company

Bouffalant will be released tomorrow as part of the Ultra Unlock: Unova Week event. It is unclear what "surrounding areas" that Bouffalant will appear in, so New Jersey, Long Island, and upstate New York is left to wait for the event to start tomorrow at 4PM Eastern with bated breath. If it truly is just New York City that Bouffalant will appear in, this will make it one of the most limited regionals in Pokémon GO history.

There has been some criticism over Niantic's decision to release a new regional Pokémon during the COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn't seem an entirely fair take on the situation. Niantic has adjusted Pokémon GO in major ways to make the game work for players quarantining themselves during the lockdown, but they also have to invest in the longterm viability of the game. At some point, travel will become a part of our lives again… and Pokémon GO and their regional Pokémon, Bouffalant included, will still be there. Of course, trainers will be eager to add this fluffy boy to their Dexes now, but also keep in mind that Niantic has made regional Pokémon widely available before in limited events. Bouffalant might not be a Pokémon that can be acquired immediately for many trainers, but neither are the already existing regional Pokémon. The day will come, just like other Pokémon once limited like Zangoose and Seviper, that non-New Yorkers will be able to acquire Bouffalant.

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