Old School RuneScape Launches Group Ironman Into The Game

Jagex released a brand new mode into Old School RuneScape this past week as players can jump into Group Ironman and become legendary. If you haven't seen the previews of this one yet, this is a brand new co-op mode for both desktop and mobile where they have added team-based mechanics to the classic Ironman game mode. Now instead of doing it all by yourself, you can raid as a party against all odds and come out victorious as a group rather than just a sole survivor. You can play the new mode as we speak as we have more info about it below.

Old School RuneScape Launches Group Ironman Into The Game
Credit: Jagex

Group Ironman sees players team up to become Old School legends. Teams of two to five players compete together in a fierce contest of wills and skills where they must devise strategies to set new records and rise to the top of the leaderboards. What's more, unlike typical Ironman, there are no restrictions between team members, allowing them to trade their resources, enjoy shared storage of equipment and even visit each other's Player-Owned Houses. This unique way to experience Old School is the ultimate social way to play. Every piece of content that goes into Old School RuneScape is voted on by the players in polls and requires a 75% majority vote to pass. The Group Ironman poll saw more than 140,000 players cast their vote – making it the most player-voted poll in the game's eight-year history – and achieved a very successful 80% approval rating.

"Following the success of Hardcore Ironman in 2016, which received an overwhelmingly positive response from the community and saw players diving into its brutal challenges, we're excited to bring a whole new adventurous twist on the Old School experience with Group Ironman," said Kieren Charles, Lead Content Developer Old School RuneScape. Players can now bring together their most trusted companions to take on the challenge together. It's about earning everything with blood, sweat and tears, through gathering, crafting, and fighting. It's a real challenge, pushing players to their limits while allowing them to share in the glory with their comrades. We're confident that both our community and new players alike will find their time in Group Ironman an exhilarating one".

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