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Ikonei Island Receives New Multiplayer Update
Snowcastle Games and Jagex have revealed a new update is now available for Ikonei Island as you can now jump into a multiplayer mode Much like other farming games, the team started out by making it a single-player adventure of you starting a farm on an island as you manage resources and find mysteries all[...]
Old School RuneScape Launches Expansion For Mahjarret Storyline
Jagex has released a new expansion in Old School RuneScape for the iconic Mahjarret Storyline, as players can play Secrets Of The North As you know, OSR goes back in time and takes players back to when things were a little simpler in the game, revisiting some of the classic additions that you once thought[...]
RuneScape Reveals 2023 Roadmap Content During Winter Summit
Jagex held a special Winter Summer 2022 livestream today as they revealed their content plans for RuneScape over 2023 A couple of members of the team went over what they have in store for players, which includes a brand new Grandmaster quest, as we're getting a sequel to the 17-year quest Desert Treasure in the[...]
Jagex Announces New Three Game Publishing Deal
RuneScape publisher Jagex has announced that they have a brand new three-game publishing deal with independent studio Snowcastle Games The two companies agreed to work together on three titles in the 90s-inspired RPG adventure series, Earthlock, with the first of them being the self-titled game which launched into Early Access on Steam in August of this year[...]
RuneScape & Old-School RuneScape Launch Fresh Start Worlds
Jagex has officially launched a new aspect to RuneScape and Old School RuneScape as Fresh New Worlds has begun in the game For the next four months, you can create a new character in this special World where everyone begins on a level playing field, working with a new economy, Grand Exchange, Hi-Scores, and an[...]
Old School RuneScape Announces Huge Customizable Raid
Jagex revealed there's a new major addition coming to Old School RuneScape as they will be launching a new customizable raid The new raid is called Tombs of Amascut, which will allow you to choose from multiple modifiers, with the rewards for this raid being the best in-slot weapons and armor We have more info[...]
RuneScape & Old-School RuneScape Launch Fresh Start Worlds
Jagex has launched something new for both RuneScape and Old-School RuneScape, as players can experience Fresh Start Worlds This is an in-game event celebrating the game surpassing 300 million accounts, as they are starting people at square one Fresh Start Worlds allows players to make new characters in a special World where everyone starts on[...]
RuneScape Gives An Infamous PvP Area A Makeover
Jagex revealed today they will be giving one of their more infamous PvP RuneScape maps a complete makeover this year The team has taken The Wilderness and given it a whole new life, as you can see from the images and the trailer below, as the world will play very differently than before and give[...]
RuneScape Devs Explain New Enrage System & Unlimited Difficulty
Jagex has revealed a few new details to their upcoming Legacy of Zamorak storyline in RuneScape, including many of the mechanics and systems First off, they've released a new video you can watch down at the bottom which details the next six months of the game as they introduce three big content beats in the[...]
Jagex has revealed more info about the latest quest to be added to RuneScape as players will be able to venture into Twilight Of The Gods The focus of this particular quest is to that bridge a gap in the story between the Elder God Wars and the upcoming Zamorak Boss Battle that will be[...]
Action-Adventure RPG Arto Receives First Gameplay Trailer
Steamforged Games and Jagex revealed that they'll be launching a Kickstarter at the end of May for RuneScape Kingdoms: Shadow Of Elvarg The crowdfunding effort will kick off on May 31st, but before that happens, they revealed all of the tiers for pledges that will be active once it starts We have the info and[...]
RuneScape Adds Updates To Fletching & Firemaking Skills
Jagex has sent out a new update to RuneScape this month as they have added new upgrades to both the fletching and firemaking skills The update itself is pretty big, but we wouldn't call it a massive overhaul It primarily introduces several high-level training methods in which you'll be able to apply and produce the[...]
Jagex & SteamforgedReveal More Info About RuneScape Board Game
Jagex and Steamforged Games dropped new information today about their upcoming release of the RuneScape board game We now know that the official name of it will be called RuneScape Kingdoms: Shadow of Elvarg, and that it will include the first-ever official tabletop gaming miniatures The first three miniatures that were revealed, as you can[...]
RuneScape’s Elder God Wars: Extinction Last Quest Launches Today
Jagex has released the latest update into RuneScape's Elder God Wars: Extinction update, as the last quest has launched today This is, at least for the time being, one of the defining moments in the game as the endgame story will decide the fate of the world of Gielinor Elder God Wars: Extinction has been[...]
RuneScape Releases New Abyssal Slayer Creatures Update
Jagex has released a new update into RuneScape this week as players will have to deal with the new Abyssal Slayer Creatures The shorthand to the new content is that is it here to provide you a series of systems and pathways to help train your Slayer skill to 120, earning items, abilities, and a[...]
Jagex Partners With Outliner Games To Publish This Means Warp
Jagex revealed this past week they've signed a new deal with Outliner Games to publish their upcoming game, This Means Warp This is a fun sci-fi co-op title designed to encourage players to cooperate on a much more tactical level as they will be fighting real-time space battles and trying to guide their ship through[...]
RuneScape Will Be Getting Made Into A Tabletop RP
During the London Toy Fair, Jagex revealed they have partnered with Steamfoged Games to create a TTRPG for RuneScape According to the announcement, the company will create both a board game and a TTRPG core book, both inspired by the video game They'll be doing crowdfunding for it on Kickstarter with plans to release both[...]
Old School RuneScape
Jagex has added a brand new update to Old School RuneScape as players will get the next expansion featuring Nex: The Fifth General This is the conclusion to the massive and epic God Wars Dungeon as they have brought back the return of monstrous group boss, which was originally released in January 2011 Eleven years[...]
RuneScape’s Duel Arena Has Been Destroyed In Latest Event
Jagex has changed things up in RuneScape this week as a new event had completely destroyed the Duel Arena for something entirely different The company are basically saying goodbye, for who knows how long, to the PvP mode as a massive earthquake has hit the lands and collapsed the arena where fighters used to get[...]
RuneScape Brings Back The Party Hat For 20th Anniversary
Jagex has decided to bring back a special item for the 20th Anniversary of RuneScape as players can get the Party Hat Once a fabled rare item, then obtained and sought after, it hasn't been in the game for a very long time as something you could actually acquire through conventional means You'd have to[...]
Runescape Is Getting A Retrospect Book From Dark Horse Comics
Jagex has partnered with Dark Horse Comics to release a brand new book about RuneScape called RuneScape: The First 20 Years This is basically a comprehensive book detailing the history of the franchise from its early days, through several expansions, the impact in the real world, and everything in-between This hardbound book is basically every[...]
Old School RuneScape Launches Group Ironman Into The Game
Jagex released a brand new mode into Old School RuneScape this past week as players can jump into Group Ironman and become legendary If you haven't seen the previews of this one yet, this is a brand new co-op mode for both desktop and mobile where they have added team-based mechanics to the classic Ironman[...]
An Ultimate PvP Tournament Returns To Old School RuneScape
Jagex has revealed that a new Ultimate PvP Tournament will be coming back to Old School RuneScape for people to win cash prizes The tournament marks the introduction of Deadman: Reborn, a new addition to the game that will serve as the setting for this tournament as the competitive survival mode has returned This particular[...]
RuneScape Launches Elder God Wars: The Nodon Front
Jagex has released the latest RuneScape update as the Elder God Wars expansion heads into a new chapter with The Nodon Front The latest installment of this arc will bring those who chose to go to war right onto the frotnlines as you'll experience battles and chaos like you haven't seen in the game in[...]
Auto Draft
Jagex has launched the first RuneScape quest for both desktop and mobile devices with Elder God Wars: City Of Senntisten The game was launched onto iOS and Android last week, and to help bring players on both those areas into the fold, this new quest will allow everyone to have the same epic experience at[...]
Clan Support Has Been Added To Old School RuneScape
A fun new addition has been added to Old School RuneScape this past week, as Jagex devs have installed Clan Support into the game This has been one of the most requested and anticipated updates for the game's fanbase as the new content adds in several features and official support to the old-school way the[...]
RuneScape Launches The Once Upon A Time: Flashback Quest
Jagex has launched a new event in RuneScape as players can now experience the Once Upon A Time: Flashback quest If you're well-versed in the history of the game, then this will give you a few throwback feelings of nostalgia as they are taking you back to campaigns long gone As you might suspect, you're[...]
Old School RuneScape Will Launch On Steam In February
Developer and publisher Jagex revealed this week that Old School RuneScape will be coming to Steam next month Following the main version of RuneScape successfully launching Steam, which to date has scored over 90% positive reviews, the company is bringing in the retro version for players who loved the way the game used to play[...]
RuneScape Publisher Jagex Has Been Acquired By The Carlyle Group
Some interesting news this morning at Jagex, publisher of the game RuneScape, revealed they have been acquired by The Carlyle Group Absolutely no details were released as to what the company was sold for or any of the logistics behind the deal So the fate of all of the company's employees and the game moving[...]
RuneScape Announces Plans For Their 20th Anniversary
Jagex released new details today about their upcoming plans to help celebrate the 20th Anniversary of RuneScape The game launched on January 4th, 2001, and it seems only fitting coming back from the holidays that the first announcement for their plans this year come on the anniversary date We have a full list of planned[...]