Opera GX Launches The First Metaverse Graveyard For Gamers

Opera GX has launched their own special universe as they have created an online cemetery for gamers they are calling Gamer Graveyard. The concept of it all is kind of entertaining as this is a virtual resting place for your gaming pals who had to stop gaming because real life got in the way. It's a pretty interesting concept which you can do right now, all you have to do is go to the link above to create a virtual tombstone in the metaverse as you'll choose a theme, write a short eulogy, and pay respects by pressing the "F" button. You can also share the tombstone with your friend on social media and find them and others by searching their gamertag. We have more info below, but we highly suggest going off and having fun with it if there's someone you digitally miss.

Opera GX Launches The First Metaverse Graveyard For Gamers
Credit: Opera GX

Marital duties, renovating a flat or a 9-to-5 job. Anyone who has ever been a part of the gaming community can relate to life commitments getting in the way of gaming. This is why Opera GX has launched a Gamer Graveyard, an online service where gamers can create digital tombstones to roast their fellow gamers or just commemorate their avatars. The Gamer Graveyard is built in 2D 8-bit style. It encompasses a tombstone creator with which people can choose a stone skin, write their friend's gaming nickname, a eulogy and indicate the date they were last seen online. The tombstone is then placed in the graveyard and can be shared on social platforms — or directly sent to the missed friend. 

"Fortunately, if you die in the metaverse, you don't actually die in real life. But, the reality is, people do miss you. The online graveyard is a subtle tool for people to tell their friends who went missing on Discord or in a game that they miss them," said Maciej Kocemba, Head of Opera GX. "Your virtual identity is a part of the metaverse: it's an extension of your physical life. When your gaming lifestyle suffers, it needs a place to be buried and a virtual graveyard just might be the best place to do it."

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