Phase 10: World Tour Celebrates 40th Anniversary With New Event

Mattel163 revealed they are going to be celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Phase 10 in their mobile game, Phase 10: World Tour. The team behind the game has been seeing it rise since it was launched onto both iOS and Android, as it gives players a chance to play the game with a wider audience and some different challenges. Now they're looking to have some extra fun with the game as they will be introducing new phases, special action cards, and monthly events to the mix.

Right now, you can join the "Birthday Tour" event that kicks off today and will be running all the way through June 21st. The event will come with its own set of twists and turns as part of a limited-time new update. You'll be able to will travel around the world by car, playing to collect vehicle upgrades as you go, as well as special postcards that unlock rewards. There will also be special Lucky Draw cards that help you earn prizes, as they give you a chance to meet other global players and make new friends as you travel together.

Phase 10: World Tour Celebrates 40th Anniversary With New Event
Credit: Mattel163

"Fans can expect the game to keep evolving as we continue to develop new modes of play for Phase 10: World Tour," said Phase 10 creator Ken Johnson. "We've collected feedback from fans over the years, and have used that knowledge to develop new ways of playing the Phase 10 game, and I hope its popularity will continue to grow for both the physical game and the mobile app."

"Phase 10 has remained a beloved source of entertainment and fun across generations, and the 40th anniversary celebration is one of the biggest events of the year for Mattel163," said Amy Huang, CEO of Mattel163. "We're very excited to be part of the journey and Phase 10 Mobile will evolve to provide more personalized and localized in-game experience in countries across the world, allowing global players to enjoy the fun and love of making a phase."

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