PUBG Mobile Version 1.2 Has Officially Been Released

Krafton Inc. and Tencent Games revealed a brand new version of PUBG Mobile has been released as fans can download Version 1.2 now. The new update to the game brings about Runic Power, which as you can see from the artwork below, has transformed the map in ways you can't even comprehend. The Erangel map has received special runes from another world that bestow players with a special power they can activate during matches. You can also use the new FAMAS variable-fire assault rifle, which has a special 5.56mm ammo with reduced recoil. You can read more details on the update below.

I don't think we're in Erangel anymore, Toto. Courtesy of Tencent Games.
I don't think we're in Erangel anymore, Toto. Courtesy of Tencent Games.

In the new Runic Power Theme Gameplay for PUBG Mobile, players can queue for a unique version of Erangel, where they will have the choice between one of three rune energies. After selecting their rune, each player will be granted a summon and a boost skill, which both can be consumed to provide strategic advantages on the battlefield. All rune skills can be reobtained by looting Erangel's vast terrain. Similarly, runes can be experienced in PUBG Mobile's Cheer Park, where players can complete daily rune missions to earn fresh rewards.

  • Flame Rune – Players can summon a wheel of flame that rolls slowly forwards, dealing burn damage to afflicted players. An additional boost skill adds a burning enhancement to ammo for a brief period.
  • Arctic Rune – In addition to the boost skill that adds a freezing enhancement to ammo, reducing healing effectiveness, players with this skill can summon a 3×3 grid of ice wall for mid-battle protection.
  • Wind Rune – This skill summons a semi-transparent shield of wind that reduces bullet damage from weapons shot outside of it. The boost skill increases player movement speed and reduces reload time for a short time.

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