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PUBG: Battlegrounds Releases New Update With 1v1 Arena
We have some of the more important notes below, but you can find a complete rundown here. Did you know there's a B.Duck collab happening in PUBG: Battlegrounds? We didn't until now! Courtesy of Krafton Inc. 1v1 Arena in Training Mode: The 1v1 Arena has finished construction and is now available in Training Mode to welcome all[...]
The NieR Series Makes Its Way Into New State Mobile
You can read more about the collaboration down below as the event goes live on Friday. Credit: Krafton Inc. Dress Like NieR Series Characters: The collaboration includes costumes of NieR:Automata's signature characters 2B and 9S, and NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139…'s Protagonist and Kaine for players to try and obtain Additional items such as an emote, armor, weapon and[...]
New State Mobile Announces Major Crossover With Among Us
We have the details of what you'll experience for the next month below as we look forward to seeing players get even more paranoid than before. Credit: Krafton Inc. Experience The Sting of Betrayal of Among Us on Troi's Starting Island: Based on the core mechanics of Among Us, players will be able to participate in a[...]
PUBG: Battlegrounds Brings Sanhok Map To Roots In Latest Update
You can read a rundown below and you can check out the full set of updates here. Credit: Krafton Inc. Sanhok Returns to its Original Form: As previously mentioned in the 2022 Dev Plan, Sanhok is returning to its original appearance with Bootcamp's lobster-shaped building, Docks, Ruins, Quarry and the original jungle theme all coming back to[...]
PUBG: Battlegrounds Devs Reveal The Rest Of 2022 Plans
You can read the entire plan here, but if you want to know what's coming in the short future, check out the info below. Credit: Krafton Inc. PUBG: Battlegrounds Quarter 2 (APRIL – JUNE) SANHOK ROLLBACK Sanhok is one of the areas you've been pretty vocal about We've attempted a few changes in an effort to modernize Sanhok, but[...]
PUBG New State Launches Massive March Update
You can check out the highlights of the update below, or you can read the full patch notes here, as the update is now live. Credit: Krafton Inc. New State Mobile Survivor Pass Vol 5: The March Update introduces a new Survivor Pass with Cynthia Strong from Project Justice coming to New State Mobile Players can earn[...]
PUBG Mobile Launches New Crossover Event With Warframe
Krafton Inc., Tencent Games, and Digital Extremes have come together for a new PUBG Mobile crossover event with Warframe These two franchises will collide with each other starting tomorrow, March 10th, and running for over a month as the Erangel map will serve as the setting for this unique event During this time, players will[...]
PUBG: Battlegrounds Loads 16,.2 Update To Test Servers
You can read more about what you'll see on the test servers below. Credit: Krafton Inc. Survivor Pass – Punk Wave: It's finally here The first new Survivor Pass since PUBG: Battlegrounds transitioned to F2P launches with Update 16.2 This pass features a "punk" theme and will allow players to earn a variety of rewards and items[...]
New State Mobile Announces Open Amateur Tournament Series
We have more info on the tournament below, and if you wish to join it, you can sign up through ESL Gaming here. Credit: Krafton Inc. Eligible players will have multiple opportunities through New State Mobile Mashup to compete to earn cash prizes and qualify for the Grand Final in April. Influencer-Hosted Tournaments – March 10, 17, 24 Each[...]
PUBG: New State Reveals February Update With Round Deathmatch
But the main focus is Round Deathmatch, which we have details for below. Credit: Krafton Inc. New Mode: Round Deathmatch The two teams will battle it out in the Arena, Round Deathmatch's first map!Round Deathmatch is a new 4v4 deathmatch mode where the first team to win 4 out of 7 rounds wins the match. The Playzone will be[...]