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PUBG Mobile Has Officially Launched Aftermath Mode
We have notes for you below from the developers, as well as a brand new video showing off some of what you can do with the new mode. Credit: Krafton Inc. "Get ready for a new and improved Aftermath in PUBG Mobile! This revision of the iconic mode includes an upgrade to armor which introduces a vest[...]
New State Mobile Receives Major Update For November
We got the notes fo the latest update for you below as it is currently live in the game. Credit: Krafton Inc. Changes To Battle Royale "Initial Phase" Rules: As of this update, if a player is eliminated within the second phase of the Blue Zone during a battle royale match, they can return to the match[...]
PUBG Moblie Will Receive A Massive Update This Month
We have more info and the announcement video below. Credit: Krafton Inc. "Kicking off these exciting updates, Erangel will see a number of changes as part of the Version 2.3 Update and PUBG Mobile Global Chicken Cup! Celebrating a season of sport, a new football-themed park with football fields to explore and themed activities to complete will be[...]
PUBG Global Championship 2022 Brings Back Pick'Em Challenge
We have the details from the team below as to what you can expect. Credit: Krafton Inc. PGC 2022 ITEMS FOR SALE IN PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS PGC 2022-themed in-game items will be available to purchase for PC and console players from Oct 26 – Dec 7 Thirty percent of the net sales will be contributed to the overall prize[...]
New State Mobile Launches Dead By Daylight Crossover Event
You can read more about the collaboration below as it kicks off this Wednesday. Credit: Krafton Inc. The collaboration's theme, Fright for Survival, emphasizes the Halloween spirit while focusing on each game's core survival themes The video thrillingly portrays the special hide and seek game mode, which takes place in Paradiso on the new Akinta map[...]
PUBG: Battleground Releases New Details To 20.1 Update
We have all the notes from the team down below as well as the introduction video to the update, as it will go into effect on October 11th. Credit: Krafton Inc. PUBG: Battleground Gunplay Updates Weapon Attachments: Due to the Vertical Foregrip dominating the battlegrounds as the choice grip slot attachment, Update 20.1 will deliver changes to the[...]
Dead By Daylight Comes To PUBG Battlegrounds & New State Mobile
We have the full rundown of what they have planned below for the next few weeks. Credit: Krafton Inc. PUBG: Battlegrounds x Dead By Daylight Dress For The Hunt: From Oct 19-December 7 on PC and October 20-December 8 on consoles, the Dead By Daylight collaboration will offer PUBG: Battlegrounds players the chance to acquire themed cosmetic rewards,[...]
Krafton Reveals New Visual Assets For The Bird That Drinks Tears Game
Enjoy the trailer below as we now patiently wait for the team to come around and tell us what the game will be called at some point. Credit: Krafton Inc. In addition to the untitled game project, the visualization project is positioned to guide the aesthetic and tonal directions of various multimedia projects based on The Bird[...]
New State Mobile Launches New Akinta Map Today
You can read more about the update below. Credit: Krafton Inc.  Experience the future in Akinta: Following its success and well-received feedback in New State Labs, Akinta is officially live in New State Mobile! Akinta is designed as a 4x4km map and set in a near-future, folksy African landscape Up to 64 players can drop into Akinta[...]
PUBG Mobile Unveils new Anti-Cheat System Called "Fog Of War"
We have more info on the new system below as we wait to see how effective it is. Credit: Krafton Inc. The first mobile game to implement this advanced anti-cheat technology, Fog of War has already been working to reduce cheating in battle royale matches, with over a 50% decrease during its testing phase As the system[...]
Details Emerge For The PUBG Global Championship 2022
They will also be bringing back the Pick'em Challenge, in which you can predict who wins and earn prizes in the process, with 30% of the proceeds will go toward the prize pool, increasing the amount the teams could take away. Credit: Krafton Inc. PGC 2022 will run from Nov 1-20 as teams from the Americas, Europe,[...]
McLaren Will Add Multiple Cars To PUBG Battlegrounds In New Crossover
You can read everything coming to that update below. Credit: Krafton Inc. Drive in Style With McLaren Automotive: During PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS' collaboration with McLaren Automotive, players will have the opportunity to obtain a "McLaren GT Standard – Onyx Black" vehicle skin, costume, gear, emote and more via in-game McLaren Loot Caches Players can also outfit the Coupe[...]
PUBG Mobile Announces New Crossover With Dragon Ball
Here's everything the company released about this new event on the way. Credit: Krafton Inc. The Red Ribbon Army was once destroyed by Son Goku Individuals, who carry on its spirit, have created the ultimate Androids, Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 These two Androids call themselves "Super Heroes" They start attacking Piccolo and Gohan… What is the[...]
Krafton Developing New Game Based On The Bird That Drinks Tears
Here's more info from the team on the work being done on this game. Image courtesy of Krafton Inc. The Bird That Drinks Tears is a novel series that was created and written by Yeong-do Lee, who is widely acknowledged as the pioneer of the Korean fantasy genre As one of the best-selling fantasy authors in Korea[...]
PUBG: Battlegrounds Reveals Details To Update 19.1
You can read the full patch notes here, as we have the more prominent details below. Credit: Krafton Inc. Abstergo Industries Invades Haven! As part of the ongoing collaboration between PUBG: Battlegrounds and Assassin's Creed, players will be able to discover a variety of themed resources and props on the Haven map, now available again for the first[...]
Assassin's Creed Is Coming To PUBG: Battlegrounds & New State Mobile
We have more info on both of these events below. Credit: Krafton Inc. PUBG: Battlegrounds x Assassin's Creed (Aug 17-Sept 22) Dress For The Job: Throughout the Assassin's Creed collaboration, PUBG: Battlegrounds players will have the chance to earn themed cosmetic rewards, including: Costumes (x2 sets) Bag Skins (x2 sets) Parachute Skin Emote Gun Charm Spray Item (x2 sets) Abstergo Industries Infiltrate Haven: For a[...]
New State Mobile Adds New Exhibit Hall Map In Latest Patch
We have the overview below along with a trailer showing off all the new stuff, but you can read the full patch notes here. Credit: Krafton Inc. Exhibit Hall Team Deathmatch Map: Built after the Exhibit Hall area from the Troi map, this new battleground has been designed specifically for Team Deathmatch mode Team Deathmatch players fight[...]
PUBG: Battlegrounds Reveals New Skin-Creation Workshop
We have more notes below, and you can read the full set of patch notes here. Credit: Krafton Inc. PUBG: Battlegrounds – Workshop To use the Workshop, a Hunter's Chest and/or an Archivist's Chest is required. You can obtain Imprints, Vouchers, Credits, and/or Artisan Tokens from these Chests. Purchase a Hunter's Chest and/or an Archivist's Chest from the Store. The materials' probabilities are[...]
Blackpink Set To Perform An Online Concert In PUBG Mobile
You can read more about both down below. Credit: Krafton Inc. Fans will live the true Blackpink experience, not only by coming to the concert, but also by obtaining the custom-made performance suits the group will be wearing during their performance The outfits will be available for players to obtain beginning July 23rd through August 31st, the eye-catching[...]
Smash Legends Receives New Hero In Latest Update
You can read up more about her as well as the other additions to the game that came with this update below. Credit: Krafton Inc. Maya, The Small but Strong Thumbelina: Smash Legends' latest update introduces the 28th Legend to join Smash Legends' talented roster Maya is a Vanguard Legend that utilizes a giant robot to charge[...]
PUBG Battlegrounds To Release Dest
You can read more about it below, but we have the finer patch notes here. Credit: Krafton Inc. New PUBG: Battlegrounds Map: Deston The wait and teasing for PUBG: Battlegrounds' newest 8×8 map is finally over as the near-future and ravaged world of Deston arrives for players to explore Deston presents players the opportunity to engage in and[...]
PUBG: Battlegrounds Launches Massive Cityscape Map Deston
We have the full rundown from the developers below, as well as a special livestreram that showed off more of what it has to offer down at the bottom. Credit: Krafton Inc. Several elements and feedback from Haven were taken into consideration when designing the 8×8 map to ensure the look, feel and mechanics are PUBG: Battlegrounds-worthy[...]
New State Mobile Launches New Update With Line Friends Collaboration
We have the finer details below along with the trailer as the update is live right now. Credit: Krafton Inc. Line Friends Collaboration: To celebrate the launch of the June Update, the Line Friends collaboration has arrived on New State Mobile and is live until July 21 Players can jump into the game and start earning various[...]
Krafton Announces New Details For The PUBG Nations Cup 2022
We have the rundown below of how everything is set to play out less than two weeks from now, with your chance to root for your home team via Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. Credit: Krafton Inc. PUBG Nations Cup 2022 Schedule PNC 2022 returns after a two-year hiatus and runs from June 16 through June 19 in Bangkok,[...]
PUBG Battlegrounds Reveals Patch Notes For 18.1 Update
We got the cliff notes below, but you can read the full patch notes here. Credit: Krafton Inc. Ranked – Season 18: Ranked Season 17 is entering its home stretch and players should remember to grab their rewards based on their final tier of Season 17 because Update 18.1 brings a new ranked season for players to[...]