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New State Mobile Is Reinventing Bounty Royale For Next Update
You can read more about it below along with details on a map refresh and more. Credit: Krafton Inc. "Bounty Royale first appeared in August 2022 as a limited-time option for the "AKINTA" map inside NEW STATE Labs The newly remade Bounty Royale supports up to 32 human players in squads, with no AI-controlled bots on the[...]
PUBG Mobile Launches New Dinosaur-Themed Update In Latest Update
As well as updates in map editing and game mode design, a new motorcycle partnership on the way, and a few other fun additions. We got details and a series of videos for you to enjoy below, as the full patch notes can be found on their website. Credit: Krafton Inc. "Primal Zone areas will also randomly appear[...]
Angus Cloud & Rockstar Energy Are Coming To PUBG Mobile
We got a few quotes about the new additions below. Credit: Krafton Inc. "I grew up playing video games with my friends and always thought it'd be cool to be in one, so it's beyond crazy to me that Rockstar Energy and PUBG Mobile actually made that dream come true," said Angus Cloud, Rockstar Energy Drink brand partner[...]
PUBG Mobile Launches Golden Moon Event & World Invitational Dates
We have details of both for you to check out below. Credit: Krafton Inc. "Under the dappled glow of the Golden Moon, a new story unfolds involving a family divided, who reunite to fight against a sudden attack from an enemy In addition to a whole new story, Golden Moon: The Tides brings a new Golden Moon[...]
PUBG: Battlegrounds Releases New Survivor Pass & Mode Extension
We have more notes and a trailer showing it off below, as the detailed patch notes can be found on the game's website. Credit: Krafton Inc. PUBG: Battlegrounds Survivor Pass The Big Score: No more painful goodbyes to your previous passes! We're making changes to the Pass XP system to help you fully enjoy everything The Big Score has[...]
New State Mobile Reveals New KA-BOOM Mode In Latest Update
We also have a new video from the team going over all of the new additions down at the bottom. Credit: Krafton Inc. KA-BOOM Mode KA-BOOM Mode is a Round Deathmatch experience for the ARENA map featuring grenade launchers and throwables, with friendly fire disabled for grenade damage The mode introduces the powerful "Red Zone Launcher" (which is[...]
PUBG: Battlegrounds
We have more about this update below, as you can get the details for the roadmap on their website. Credit: Krafton Inc. Keeping Normal Chill: Normal Mode is meant to be PUBG's fun zone, a place where our Survivors can go to get away from the focused tactical intensity of Ranked matches To support our vision of Normal[...]
PUBG Mobile Announces New Collaboration With Bugatti
We got more info and the trailer for this crossover below. Credit: Krafton Inc. "The Veyron supercar series catapulted Bugatti into the modern landscape of automotive fame, and the latest model in the range, the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse, is one of the fastest and most powerful production roadsters in the world, with a name that[...]
The Callisto Protocol Releases Contagion Bundle With New Content
You can see more below as the bundle is available now. Credit: Krafton Inc. "Death is only the beginning with Contagion Mode, which we view as the game's ultimate survival horror experience When playing this mode, you'll have to fight tactically and use your ammo wisely as you experience a custom balance of stronger enemies, limited resources,[...]
PUBG Mobile Reveals Plans For Fifth Anniversary Celebrations
We have some of the dev notes for you below of what to expect, and you can visit their website for a more detailed account of what's to come. Credit: Krafton Inc. "Today PUBG Mobile is pleased to announce World of Wonder, a free build mode equipped with endless possibilities to give players' a brand new way[...]
Auto Draft
We got more details and a trailer below, as the full patch notes can be found on their website. Credit: Krafton Inc. "To kick off the festivities, we're announcing an in-game collaboration with celebrated toy designer and street art muralist Tristan Eaton, who dreamed up a beautiful set of commemorative in-game billboards that you'll want to watch[...]
Krafton Announces Publishing Deal For Nirvanana's Project Zeta
The current knowledge about the game is that it will be a controller-friendly third-person action title, as they are aiming to capture "the exciting depth and tension of real-time strategic gameplay, infusing it with a character-centric focus." We got more info on the deal from he press release sent out yesterday, as well as a[...]
New State Mobile
We got the dev notes for you below and a new video highlighting the changes and additions. Credit: Krafton Inc. Welcome to Lagna A Sniper's Paradise: Unpredictable is the name of the game, with Lagna's 16 square kilometers of desert set to shake up New State Mobile's battle royale game, as rocky ridges peppered throughout the wide-open landscape[...]
Bears Have Been Spotted In The Latest PUBG: Battlegrounds Update
We have the primary developer notes below for you to read, along with a video showing off all of the new content, as you can get more detailed patch notes via the latest blog. Credit: Krafton Inc. PUBG: Battlegrounds – Season Of Vikendi Bears – Bears have moved onto Vikendi's icy battlegrounds, but they're sheltering from the blizzard[...]
Krafton Reveals Eight Partnered Teams For 2023 PUBG Esports Season
And this is really only the first announcement as they set up the rest of the year, but for now, we have the details on all of these teams and the process they went through, as well as what they have planned when everything starts kicking off in March. Credit: Krafton Inc. The 2023 PUBG Esports Global[...]
PUBG: Battlegrounds Releases Update 21.2 This Week
The update primarily brings in new updates to two different maps as players will see changes in Vikendi and Sanhok, as well as some new content for the training portion of the game. We got the dev notes below and you can read more about the full patch notes on the game's website. Credit: Krafton Inc. Vikendi World[...]
New State Mobile Launches January Update To Change Up The Meta
We got the footnotes of what's been changed below, and you can find the full patch notes on their website. Credit: Krafton Inc. Shifting the Meta: Following player feedback, balancing changes have been made to weapons and vehicles in order to offer players a more dynamic experience First, long-range damage for SMGs, ARs and LMGs has been[...]
PUBG Mobile Announces All-New Partnership With Polaris
We got more details and a trailer showing it off below, along with a couple of quotes from both parties on the new event. Credit: Krafton Inc. "Starting today, players will have access to the Polaris RZR Pro R 4, the industry's most advanced and high-performing side-by-side (SxS), providing drivers with revolutionary power and exceptional handling[...]
PUBG Mobile Announces Changes To Esports Plans For 2023
Proto provided courtesy of Krafton Inc. "The PMPL will play host to the PMPL Qualifier which will be the gateway for semi-pro and amateur teams to the PMPL in 2024 Teams will gain access to the PMPL Qualifier by competing in the PUBG Mobile National Championship, PUBG Mobile Club Open or 3rd party tournaments[...]
PUBG Mobile Launches Its Own Music Label "Beat Drop"
We got more info on the label from the announcement below. Credit: Krafton Inc. "Beat Drop is set to keep the adrenaline pumping, providing music and music-related content to motivate PUBG Mobile's player base in its fast-paced battlegrounds The new PUBG Mobile music label aims to shine a spotlight on amazing up-and-coming artists across the world, produce[...]
New State Mobile Receives "Siege Mode In Latest Update
We got the notes below from the devs and the video showing it off. Credit: Krafton Inc. Protect the Blue Zone inhibitor against Androids in Siege Mode: The first PvE mode for New State Mobile, Siege Mode, is now available in New State Labs Up to four players will have to strategically fight waves of AI Androids to[...]
Smash Legends Adds Two New Characters In December Update
We got the dev notes below and the latest trailer showing off the characters. Credit: Krafton Inc. Loren & Vex, the Unstoppable Duo – Smash Legends introduces the 31st Legend to join Smash Legends' diverse roster Loren & Vex is a unique Legend joining Smash Legends as Loren & Vex team up to deal attacks from Loren's[...]
PUBG: Battlegrounds Will be Launching On The Epic Games Store
But in any case, those of you who have been dying to play the game on the EGS will be able to do so starting on December 7th at 4pm PT when it launches. Credit: Krafton Inc. "Land on strategic locations, loot weapons and supplies and survive to become the last team standing across various, diverse Battlegrounds[...]