RetroSouls & Sik Release Three New SEGA Genesis Cartridges

Some cool news for those of you still holding onto a SEGA Genesis as three new games have been given a cartridge release by RetroSouls and Sik. This has been an ongoing thing with a couple of different publishers who like adding new titles to old-school consoles they grew up with. Not really doing it for sales, but more for the nostalgia and fun of it, as well as for any collector who wants to get in on the action. The three games that just got the retro treatment are Yazzie, GLUF, and Arkagis Revolution. All of the games come with multi-region support, so it doesn't matter if you use the Genesis or the Mega Drive, or if it's from the U.S., Europe, or Japan. All three games will work in whatever version of the console you own. They each come in proper cases with high-quality printed physical manuals. So they feel about as retro as you can get. You can buy all three games right now, each one will run you $50, which is pretty cheap considering all the work that has to go into making them retro. You can read up on all three games below.

Yazzie, GLUF, and Arkagis Revolution all make their way to the SEGA Genesis, courtesy of Mega Cat Studios.
Yazzie, GLUF, and Arkagis Revolution all make their way to the SEGA Genesis, courtesy of Mega Cat Studios.
Yazzie is a platformer about a gold digger who finds himself deep in a mansion full of treasure- and danger.
GLUF is a puzzle platformer about a Tesla frog- a unique electrical creature that must power up sections of each level in order to proceed while staying charged himself.
Arkagis Revolution is an arcade-style top-down shooter for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive with mode 7 style rotation! Hop into the ship and save Arkagis with the 68000 heart on fire! Speedrunners rejoice, we have a unique challenge for you!

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