The Valkyrie Class Comes to Tera on PS4 and Xbox One

The Valkyrie Class Comes to Tera on PS4 and Xbox One
credit// En Masse Entertainment

En Masse Entertainment has released a new update for Tera on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in order to bring the fast and furious Valkyrie class into the game. As you could guess from the name, Valkyrie is a hard-hitting, fast-moving, big damage heroine that stands at the front of the battle.

Definitely the antithesis of a stealth class, the Valkyrie uses a sturdy runeglaive and ancient Castanic fighting traditions to attack. Her glaive leaves a runemark behind that can be triggered late ron to unleash devastating damage to her opponents, so be careful of where exactly you hit those big ass monsters.

As part of the Valkyrie launch campaign, players will be able to take part in a Valkyrie level-up event with some in-game items as rewards along with double EXP. The level-up event is running for the first week of the Valkyrie's launch, and you can find more information on it here.

Additionally, all players who log into Tera before Friday, January 29th will receive a free Character Slot so they can have room for their Valkyrie character save.

You can check out the Valkyrie highlight trailer below.

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