TERA's Summer Festival Event Officially Kicks Off Next Week

En Masse Entertainment has announced the official plans for their upcoming Summer Festival event in TERA, which will kick off on July 17th. The event will run all the way to August 7th, giving you plenty of time to jump into the fun and snag all the rewards you can and get some random enjoyment from the minigames they have planned. Here are the details below as the TERA servers will kick the event off at 9 a.m. PDT.

TERA's Summer Festival Event Officially Kicks Off Next Week
credit//En Masse Entertainment

The Beach Bash

The Castanica Beach Bash is located on Dragonturtle Beach and Kerozen Isle, along the coast of Ostgarath just north of Castanica. Talk to mini-game coordinators to play these exciting mini-games:

  • Splash Cannon Mini-Game
    • Shoot water at the demons out in the surf for points: Red sea monsters give you points, blue sea monsters cost you points.
  • Watermelon Mini-Game
    • Tie on a blindfold and get to smashing watermelons. Don't hit the barrels, though—they waste your time, and aren't worth any points.
  • Sandcastles
    • Collect sand from around the beach and build as many sandcastles as you can. Build enough, and you can get magic items that let you build sandcastles anywhere.

*Notice: The mini-games and sandcastles are available to all levels, but the Beach Bash quests are only available to characters level 48 and higher

The Festival of the Sun

Head to the Temple of the Sun in Balder's Refuge and talk to the Consos Clan priests, who need help with their annual summer cleaning:

  • Fight off the Monsters
    • Fight your way through the temple's rooms and courtyards, clearing out all the vermin that have moved in since last year's cleaning.
  • Temple Cleanup
    • Once the monsters are mopped up, it's time to clean up all the mess. All those droppings, garbage, and graffiti have to go!
  • Ice Treats
    • When you return, reward yourself with a sweet iced dessert—after you assemble all the ingredients.
    • Of course, the daily quests are randomized, so you won't know what you're in for on any given day until you log in. Check in every day to see all the quests while the festival is still here!

Each event that you complete at the Festival of the Sun rewards you with Temple Medallions. Each event that you complete at the Beach Bash or the Banquet of Blood (accessible from the Festival of the Sun) rewards you with Claret Medallions. These medallions can be redeemed for various accessories, enchanting materials—or even Slaughter gear!

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