Rollers Of The Realm: Reunion Announced For PC In 2022

Phantom Compass revealed this week that they will be releasing the game Rollers Of The Realm: Reunion sometime in 2022 on PC. A sequel to the original, this will be an RPG pinball game where you're essentially doing two tasks at once. Each table will present its own challenge as you will choose fighters who turn into balls and then roll them around the tablet defeat enemies, unlock areas, and find treasure. You can check out the details below along with the debut trailer for the game.

Rollers Of The Realm: Reunion Announced For PC In 2022
Credit: Phantom Compass

In Rollers Of The Realm: Reunion, players are reunited with the Rogue, Knight, Mage, and Healer who will need to leap back into the fray after some nasty goblins make a shocking appearance in town. They'll have to "roll" up their sleeves and get back to what they do best: saving the realm!

It wouldn't be an RPG without a cast of endearing characters with special skills that open up a variety of different approaches to completing a level. In the case of Rollers, where the balls are the characters, each spherical personality brings something different to the table. The Knight, for example, is a heavy, large ball that's really good at smashing things and the Rogue does extra damage when attacking from behind. In classic RPG form, you'll need to use each character's unique abilities in tandem to win the day and emerge victorious! Defeating enemies and completing quests rewards the player with XP, which can be used to increase individual stats and make your characters more powerful than ever!

Of course, every RPG needs sweet new items and weapons, spells, and a currency with which to purchase them, and the world of Rollers is filled with nifty loot and shiny gold for purchasing said nifty loot. A new helmet, for example, might make your Knight that much stronger and capable of blasting through foes, and a fancy new set of boots will make your Rogue "roll" a little faster. Equipping your party with the right items is paramount to success, and Rollers has plenty of sweet gear to discover as you roll and smash your way through a delightful fantasy land filled with an archetypical cast of gruff soldiers, enigmatic mystics, and clueless nobles.

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