Shiny Roggenrola Arrives In Pokémon GO For Ultra Unlock: Unova Week

As Niantic rolls out the final part of their Ultra Unlock event in Pokémon GO today with the start of Unova Week, a new Shiny Pokémon will be available in-game: Shiny Roggenrola. This also adds the Shinies of the entire Roggenrola family, including the middle stage of Boldore and the final evolution of Gigalith. Not only does the Shiny Roggenrola line look terrific, Gigalith is also an incredibly useful Rock-type Pokémon that functions as a dominant counter in raids. Here's where you can hunt Shiny Roggenrola to secure your own during Unova Week.

Shiny Roggenrola family arrives for Unova Week in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Shiny Roggenrola family arrives for Unova Week in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

It is unconfirmed as if yet if Roggenrola will be in the wild during Unova Week. Currently, Niantic's announcement suggests that they can be acquired in Raids. There are three possible ways that this could go down:

  • The Deino Way: No one wants this, but Deino is a wild spawn that is always rare in the wild and remained rare during its Shiny Release. It generally only available in Eggs, and even then… very difficult to find. If Niantic limits Roggenrola to Raids while keeping it as an excessively rare wild spawn, this will be a very unpopular choice.
  • The Staryu Way: Staryu was readily available in both the wild and raids during its Shiny release, but it had the full Shiny odds of 1 in 450.
  • The Unown Way: Unown wasn't in the wild at all during its Shiny release for the letters ULTRA, but it was in raids with a boosted rate. If Roggenrola is completely removed from the wild in favor of becoming a raid/egg only Pokémon like Timburr and Klink, one consolation is that it would receive a boosted rate.

Reports will be coming in today on the full details of Ultra Unlock: Unova Week, so stay tuned for our write-ups of the Raid Rotation as well as our full breakdown of the event, coming soon. We're all going to want that glowing blue Gigalith, and to do so, we must catch a Shiny Roggenrola… so stay tuned. We're following closely.

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