Someone Already Made a GameCube Classic Mini Console

Why wait for Nintendo to do something when you can do it on your own? That's been the thinking among homebrew tech designers who have made their own versions of the NES and SNES consoles, but now someone has made their own Gamecube. If you're not familiar with Nintendrew, he's a YouTube Nintendo enthusiast who collects Nintendo gear and talks about the history of the company, while showing off various things on his channel both past and present. His most recent video shows off a home-made Gamecube that he designed using current on-the-market products that you can buy and put together.

Rather than waiting another two years for Nintendo to do an N64 version and then getting to the purple box, he put it together using an Up Squared board and USB ports for modern third-party controllers. The system runs on Windows 10, which he found ran better than Linux and other software he loaded up, and threw on a number of emulated games from the era and made it work. If you want to build your own, the board itself costs between $280-320 depending on the model, and that's not including the costs to make the shape of the console itself. But the option is out there for people who can't wait for Nintendo to make their own.

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