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Wata 9.4 Graded Pokémon Box: Ruby & Sapphire On Auction Now
At that point in time, the Nintendo Gamecube was a major player in the early days of the "console wars." The Pokémon Company knew that their player base was primarily comprised of enfranchised Nintendo fans Still, as many of those players were in it solely for the handheld games on the Game Boy Advance and[...]
A sealed copy of Resident Evil 2 for GameCube is up for auction at Heritage Auctions now.
Though Resident Evil 2 is typically synonymous with the PlayStation, it was also released on additional platforms, including the GameCube It follows Raccoon Police Department's Leon Kennedy as he finds himself living through the worst first day on the job yet, with zombies having overrun town Luckily, he'll meet up with Claire Redfield along the[...]
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players to get an authentic GameCube controller on a Nintendo Switch continues this week While companies have made versions of the GameCube controller to use on the Switch, and even designed joy-con controllers that look like a GameCube version, the reality is they're not authentic GameCube controllers At least, not to hardcore fans Regular fans[...]
Someone Made A GameCube Version Joy-Con For The Nintendo Switch
SADES has designed this GameCube style set of joy-cons, complete with the same kind of thumbstick in the upper-left while mimicking the style of the button scheme on the right On top of that, the sides and the bottom have been designed to feel like you're holding an old-school version of the original, so in[...]
Square Enix Announces "Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles" Remastered Edition
This is the first time in over fifteen years the game will see a new console ever since being released on the Nintendo GameCube back in March 2004 You can read more about the game's release and new additions to it below. Credit: Square Enix The cooperative action RPG Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicleshas been completely remastered, with[...]
Fans Are Trying To Get "Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door" Remastered
The 2004 GameCube RPG by Intelligent Systems has been a critically acclaimed fan favorite of the console for the past 15 years, and one of the few people still talk about today Sometimes even more so than the N64 predecessor in the series But like a lot of Nintendo games from that era, there really[...]
Review: ‘Resident Evil’ HD Remastered Solid Port for Nintendo Switch
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] It's hard to believe the original remake of Capcom's Resident Evil started on the Nintendo Gamecube and now its superior HD version has made its way to the Switch. credit//Capcom The 2002 remake was part of an exclusivity deal Capcom made with Nintendo that saw the game mostly reworked The puzzles remained the same, but the[...]
Panda Global is Making an Esports GameCube Deck for the Switch
Ultimate came out, there would be people in the esports community who wanted a GameCube controller And while there are licensed options around, apparently some people are so desperate to work with the original GameCube controllers they've owned for years To the point where esports team Panda Global is going out of their way to make[...]
A Japanese Auction Features a Wii Remote Prototype for GameCube
A prototype remote for the Wii made for the GameCube The remote itself is weird for a couple of reasons, aside from the fact that it's for a system that has not yet been created The remote is not wireless, it's wired with a port for the GameCube, and it comes with an Ethernet port on[...]
Hori is Making Three GameCube Controllers for the Nintendo Switch
So the company is making a line of GameCube controllers for those Melee fans who are so used to it that they can't play with anything else All three controllers will be specially designed for the Mario, Link, or Pikachu lover in each of you. credit//Hori All three will be released in Japan first in October for roughly $30[...]
Nintendo Applies for New Japanese Trademarks on the GameCube
If a new trademark Nintendo filed this week is any kind of evidence, you'll probably be seeing a GameCube Classic later this year According to Japanese Nintendo, the company filed for brand-new trademarks on the 2001 console, which you can read in full on their website if you like reading documents in kanji The company[...]
Someone Already Made a GameCube Classic Mini Console
Why wait for Nintendo to do something when you can do it on your own? That's been the thinking among homebrew tech designers who have made their own versions of the NES and SNES consoles, but now someone has made their own Gamecube If you're not familiar with Nintendrew, he's a YouTube Nintendo enthusiast who collects Nintendo[...]
Not Even Nintendo Knew About The Gamecube Controller Support On The Switch
Nintendo's latest update to the Nintendo Switch which enabled GameCube controller support appears to have been a simple accident, rather than a clue to anything more So as much as you may have been sitting there in your tinfoil hat thinking of all the ways the GameCube gamepad support might have had a secret meaning,[...]
License To Kill It: Licensed Games That Do It Right
 Games that would never to be held up as a critical darling, only existing to be pointed to and laughed at.  I said it in that article and I'll say it again, everyone who's played a game can point to some awful licensed title.  Games like Maximum Carnage, Dragon Ball Z, Superman, hell anyone remember the Aquaman game for GameCube and Xbox?  But I[...]
Lego Marvel Superheroes – Lego A Little Piece of My Heart
By Jared Cornelius I have never known a child to grow up without Legos, oh sure they might have had Mega Blocks, or Playmobil, but Legos were always king, and every savvy child knew it.  It's been almost 20 years since I've played with Legos and after playing Lego Marvel Super Heroes I'm not sure what[...]