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Animal Crossing & Ring Fit Adventure In High Demand In Japan

While many of us have been at home playing different video games in self-quarantine, chances are a lot of gamers have been indulging in Animal Crossing. Nintendo, not just by creating a game people wanted for years, but out of the luck of the world's current state of health, ended up with one of the […]

Nintendo Levi's Clothing

The Coronavirus Delays The Nintendo & Levi's Collaboration Line

Something that was in the works a lot of people didn't know was happening is that Levi's is collaborating with Nintendo for a new line of clothing. It's true! Announced on Mario Day (Mar. 10), the company revealed they would be producing a new line of clothing with a Super Mario theme to it. As […]


The "Super Mario" Remasters Will Likely Debut in One Package

Reports indicate there may be a series of remastered Mario games on their way to the Nintendo Switch, if the rumors swirling around happen to be true. Nintendo is said to be bringing games like Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy to the Nintendo Switch as a series of remastered titles. […]


New "Paper Mario" For Switch Reportedly Takes Inspiration From N64

There may be a new Paper Mario game on the way, according to a series of recent rumors, and it could take inspiration from the Nintendo 64 original. There hasn't been any official announcement from Nintendo that a new Paper Mario is currently in development, but a number of reports taken from a variety of […]

Animal Crossing New Horizons Review-5

We Review "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" On Nintendo Switch

One of the biggest games that people have been demanding from Nintendo since the Switch came out is another Animal Crossing game. It took a while, but you got one. The last official game that wasn't a spinoff was Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS, released back in 2012. And shy of all of […]

Dr. Mario Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Nintendo Makes A Huge Donation To Help Aid In Coronavirus Fight

In the midst of Washington state being one of the hardest0hit areas for the coronavirus, Nintendo made a huge donation to help battle it. According to the state's official website, North Bend, a Nintendo representative by the name of Jerry Danson contacted Eastside Fire & Rescue to donate over 9,500 N95 Particulate Respirator masks on […]


"Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" Next Fighter Will Hail From "ARMS"

Have you been ruminating over who the next possible Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter may be? Wonder no more – at least, in terms of the game represented. During the latest Nintendo Direct Mini, Nintendo confirmed that the next character that would be coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would be from the game ARMS. Unfortunately, […]

Tommy Wiseau Animal Crossing

Tommy Wiseau Has A Portrait In "Animal Crossing: New Horizons"

Stop what you're doing right now and please just take a look at this. Tommy Wiseau, best known for The Room, is in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Usually, when a celebrity of any sort plays a video game, there's the occasional buzz about it along with people asking for their profile to play. But fans […]

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition Art

Nintendo Releases A Surprise Nintendo Direct Mini

Out of the blue without any warning from the company, Nintendo released a surprise Direct Mini on the public today with a ton of announcements. We have the full list of what they talked about below, but here are some of the major highlights. Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition will be out on May 29th, several […]

The Nintendo Switch Has Outsold The Wii In Japan

The Nintendo Switch as a console has passed a new milestone as the console has officially outsold the Nintendo Wii in Japan. You can thank the coronavirus for the new numbers on the console as it has forced people indoors, and one of the ways people have dealt with it has been through playing video […]

"Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" DLC Could Be the Latest Coronavirus Casualty

"Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" DLC Could Be Latest Coronavirus Casualty

If you were hoping to get your hands on the new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighter Pass soon, you might end up a bit disappointed. Masahiro Sakurai had previously noted that the new Fighter Pass had been scheduled to debut later in 2020. However, with the global pandemic that is the Coronavirus outbreak, there could […]

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Guardians of the Galaxy Costumes

Guardians Of The Galaxy Get New Outfits In "Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3"

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order has got a new update coming this week for the Guardians Of The Galaxy with new costumes. Over the weekend, Nintendo and Team Ninja showed off this image of a set of new costumes coming to the game. All of them special alternative costumes for every well-known member […]

What Nintendo Revealed On The March 2020 Indie World Direct Stream

What Nintendo Revealed On The March 2020 Indie World Direct Stream

This morning, Nintendo held its Indie World Direct Showcase for March 2020 with a number of cool announcements. Here's a rundown of what we got. The big takeaways from this stream are that we got to see the world premiere of Blue Fire from Graffiti Games, set to come out this summer. Baldo is a […]

Oddly Enough, There's Now a "Ring Fit Adventure" Shortage

Oddly Enough, There's Now a "Ring Fit Adventure" Shortage

It's more than just toilet paper that people are having trouble tracking down. Nintendo's exercise-focused Ring Fit Adventure is now difficult to find, and scalpers are charging outrageous prices for the game. Coronavirus may be causing massive issues across the world, but it's also causing Ring Fit Adventure to be much more scarce than usual. […]

Nintendo Announces Indie World Showcase For August 19th

Nintendo Will Host A New Indie World Direct On March 17th

Out of the blue this morning, Nintendo announced they would be holding a new Nintendo Direct, this one being Indie World themed. The event will take place on YouTube and Twitch tomorrow, March 17th at 10am PDT. According to the brief amount of info they released, it will contain "roughly 20 minutes of information on […]

Nintendo New York Cuts Back Hours Due To Coronavirus

Nintendo New York Cuts Back Hours Due To Coronavirus

Nintendo is already feeling the effects of having one of their own staff test positive for the coronavirus, and with it come other precautions. Yesterday evening, the company posted a notice to all patrons of Nintendo New York that they would be cutting back hours on the shop while the coronavirus is active. You can […]

Nintendo Reveals What They're Bringing To SDCC 2019

Nintendo Of America Tells Staff To Self-Quarantine Due To Coronavirus

After an employee at Nintendo Of America tested positive for the coronavirus this week, the company told their staff to self-quarantine. The news broke on The Hollywood Reporter, who said the company was working with public health authorities after one of their employees came back with a positive result for the virus. "We have determined […]

LEGO "Super Mario" Set May Revolutionize Tabletop Gaming

LEGO "Super Mario" Set May Revolutionize Tabletop Gaming

In a world where sickness has taken center stage and isolationism has risen to an all-time high, video games have become the main source of escape for gamers looking for their fix of fun. However, on the opposite end of this spectrum, tabletop gaming is undergoing what I'd like to call a silent revolution, through […]

LEGO Is Leveling up as They Tease Super Mario Project

LEGO Is Leveling up as They Tease Super Mario Project

It has been some time since two big empires have crossed paths. Well this time, it looks like LEGO is about to level up as they tease Super Mario! That is right, on Twitter today we were greeted with a simple video of an interesting Mario LEGO mini figure. While we do not get the […]

Nintendo & LEGO Are Partnering Up For Something New

Nintendo & LEGO Are Partnering Up For Something New

Some weird news to wake up to this morning as it appears LEGO and Nintendo have formed a new partnership for something cool. The brief bit of news came down on the official LEGO Twitter account, playing a short seven-second video. The video is a LEGO version of Mario from Super Mario Bros. with a […]