Nintendo Surprises Everyone With Pac-Man 99 Announcement
Nintendo decided to surprise everyone this evening with a new online game as they'll be releasing Pac-Man 99 on April 7th In partnership with Bandai Namco, the game will operate much like Tetris 99 does and Mario 35 did, as players will be competing on their own maze filled with pellets, fruit, and the familiar[...]
Fortnite Gets A Visual Boost On Nintendo Switch & More
The Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite will be getting a couple of special additions that will help make the game distinct from the rest According to the devs, starting today there will be a new update that will allow for improved visual performance and a consistent framerate on Nintendo Switch For those of you who[...]
Sanrio Is Coming To Visit Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
Nintendo revealed a special surprise today for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp as the characters from Sanrio will be visiting If you're not familiar with the name, they are basically a lifestyle brand best known for several different pop icons such as Hello Kitty, Aggretsuko, and Keroppi This means yes, you're finally getting Hello Kitty in[...]
The Next Nintendo Switch Will Come With A Nvidia Upgrade
Whenever Nintendo finally releases this new version of the Nintendo Switch, it's apparently coming with a big upgrade According to a new report from Bloomberg this morning, the company is apparently planning to upgrade some of their chips with better Nvidia ones that will upgrade the processing power as well as the graphics The outlet[...]
Nintendo & Niantic Will Partner To Make New Mobile Apps
It looks like Nintendo has decided to work with a new developer for mobile games as they've announced a new partnership with Niantic The company didn't really go into a lot of details about it as this was literally announced this evening What we do know is that they have apparently partnered up for several[...]
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Will Get An Anniversary Update
Nintendo will be celebrating the one-year anniversary of Animal Crossing: New Horizons with a special update this week To think, it was one year ago we had just entered the lockdown phase of the pandemic and people were worried about how they'd pass the time, and then along came this game as a relief to[...]
Nintendo Is Releasing Fortnite-Themed Joy-Cons In June
Nintendo revealed this morning that they will be releasing a new set of joy-cons for the Nintendo Switch with a Fortnite theme It's not the first time Nintendo has gone out of their way to make a set of controllers for their current console to represent a game, but the vast majority of them have[...]
Pyra/Mythra Have Now Joined Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Nintendo officially added Pyra/Mythra to Super Smash Bros Ultimate this afternoon, and with the addition comes a big update The characters themselves are now on sale in the eShop for $6 or part of the second Fighter Pass for $30, but the update to the game is free as it adds in a bunch of[...]
It Looks Like That Bigger Nintendo Switch Is Coming This Year
According to new reports, it appears we'll be getting a new version of the Nintendo Switch in time for the holiday season This really isn't new news, per se, the rumor of a new version of the Switch has been around for over two years as people naturally assumed the company would make a better[...]
Super Mario 3D World Becomes The Next Tetris 99 Maximus Cup
As usual with these cups, you'll have the weekend to battle against everyone else on Nintendo Switch Online to be one of the top 99 players during a specific period in time If you manage to get into the top rankings for it, you'll get event points and unlock a theme and other additions for[...]
Toadette Was Apparently Cut From Super Mario 3D World
The game was recently released with Bowser's Fury for the Nintendo Switch as a package deal, which has had a lot of people checking the game out for the first time who may have slept on it, as well as others who remember it fondly and are revisiting it to get everything in the game[...]
Splatoon 3 & Pyra/Mythra In Smash Bros. Top Nintendo Direct's News
Nintendo dropped a lot of news in their Nintendo Direct livestream today, but while most was unexpected, it was missing a lot of what people wanted You can read all about every announcement below and watch the video, but here's the shorthand from our perspective The major announcements included Splatoon 3 (unexpected), Pyra/Mythra from Xenoblade[...]