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Nintendo Announces Nintendo Switch OLED To Launch In October
Ever since the Nintendo Switch was released, one of the biggest demands from players has been the inclusion of Bluetooth Well, we finally got it last night as the company released Update onto the console, with the biggest addition being Bluetooth support For the record, we tried it out last night on a pair[...]
LEGO Honors Super Mario 64 With Special ? Block Building Set
LEGO is back with another spectacular addition to their Nintendo collaboration series with a new Super Mario Bros set Return to your childhood as Super Mario 64 is back with a brand new 2,064 piece set where fans can build, display, and play with a Mystery Block This set is more than just a ?[...]
The Next Tetris 99 Maximus Cup Will Be Taken Over By Wario
Nintendo revealed tonight that the next Tetris 99 Maximus Cup will happen this week, featuring everyone's favorite trickster villain Wario As you might suspect, and as it is usual when it comes to Maximus Cup events, the entire plan is centered around the latest game release from the company which is WarioWare: Get It Together![...]
Nintendo Releases New Japanese Trailer For Metroid Dread
Nintendo released a brand new overview video this morning for Metroid Dread, revealing a little more about the gameplay The nearly five-minute video gives you a bit of a refresher course of how exactly Metroid games are played, but it's not done to insult your intelligence or refresh your memory It's done so to prepare[...]
Big Brain Academy Brain Vs. Brain
Nintendo announced that they will be releasing Big Brain Academy: Brain Vs Brain for the Nintendo Switch this coming December This will be one of those games that will put your cognitive skills to the test as you're challenged in multiple visual quizzes that will keep you active and thinking, while also being a fun[...]
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Is Bringing Back Amiibo Cards
Nintendo is working with Target to bring back amiibo cards for Animal Crossing: New Horizons so that you can get some new residents New card packs will be sold through the retailer, highlighting new residents you can bring to your island, just in case you're tired of having Sheela as a neighbor and want someone[...]
Dragon Warrior For NES Up On The Auction Block At ComicConnect
ComicConnect, a premier collectibles marketplace and online auction house based in New York, NY, has put a rare, WATA 8.0 A+ graded copy of Dragon Warrior for the Nintendo Entertainment System up for auction! This vintage NES game is one of the first of its genre, boasting an impressive story and (at the time) extremely[...]
Auto Draft
Nintendo released some new information this morning about Metroid Dread along with a brand new trailer showing off a bit more of the game The company released a brand new report going over some of Samus' new abilities within the game, as you're going to be doing a LOT more than blasting and rolling around[...]
Nintendo Releases A New Trailer For WarioWare: Get It Together!
As part of Gamescom 2021 today, Nintendo has released a new trailer for their upcoming game WarioWare: Get It Together! The company released the latest look at the game this morning along with a charming little introduction from Wario himself, which you can read here It's a clever way to promote it as Wario the[...]
Pokémon TCG Japanese Misprinted Ancient Mew Auctioning At Heritage
Heritage Auctions, an auction house based in Dallas, Texas that deals primarily with auctions pertaining to comics, video games, trading cards, and other such collectible items, has put a rare, Japanese promotional copy of Ancient Mew; from the Pokémon Trading Card Game up for auction! Unlike with copies of Ancient Mew that Wizards of the[...]
Nintendo's Latest Indie World Showcase Highlights 2021-2022 Plans
Nintendo held their latest Indie World Showcase livestream this morning, showing off what's to come for the rest of the year and more Some of the major highlights from the stream are the fact that Tetris Effect is on the way, Boyfriend Dungeon is being released today, Necrobarista is coming to Switch, Axiom Verge 2[...]
Nintendo Releases New Japanese Trailer For Metroid Dread
Nintendo has released a new trailer in Japan for Metroid Dread this week, but this one comes with a bit of a reveal for the story arc There's really no words being spoken, it's a lot of images that show off a very specific piece of a missing puzzle, but it is the beginning to[...]
Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD headlines Tetris 99 Maximus Cup
Nintendo revealed plans for their next Tetris 99 Maximus Cup as it will be headed to Hyrule for a Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD theme The company has been ramping them up more frequently in 2021 as we just had one a few weeks ago for Mario Golf: Super Rush, but it looks like[...]
New Pokémon Snap Will Be Updated For Free In August
The update will be released at 6pm PT on August 3rd for the Nintendo Switch and will include a few new beautiful areas to visit, as well as 20 additional Pokémon to discover While they're not telling us all of the new creatures to find, you can read more from the team about the areas[...]
Three SNES Adventure Titles Are Coming To Nintendo Switch Online
Nintendo revealed the next set of retro games coming to Nintendo Switch Online, and it marks a shift in content going forward For this set, we're only getting three games, and all of them are SNES titles They are the animal putty game Claymates, the European-only release Jelly Boy, which is a puzzle-platformer that will now[...]