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Nintendo Announces New Direct Video & Treehouse For E3 2021
Nintendo revealed their plans for E3 2021 this morning, and while exciting, it's pretty much what we expected them to do Every single year before E3 kicks off, the company will host a Nintendo Direct livestream before the event even opens its doors on the first day While that will be the case again this[...]
Miitopia & HelloFresh Partner Up For A Special Sweepstakes
Nintendo's latest game Miitopia has partnered up with HelloFresh for a new sweepstakes giving you a chance to win a Switch. The Fresh Adventures Sweepstakes kicked off yesterday as it will give players a chance to win a Nintendo Switch prize pack, which will come with a console as well as a download code for Miitopia![...]
Nintendo To Release Legend Of Zelda Amiibo With Skyward Sword HD
This week, Nintendo revealed they'll be launching a new Zelda amiibo alongside The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD The new design inspired by the game will give you a couple of small abilities when you use them on the Switch's right joy-con Or if you're not into cheats, at least you now have a[...]
Nintendo Switch Online Surpasses 100 Titles With Latest Additions
Nintendo revealed five new games coming to Nintendo Switch Online tonight, bringing the total of NSO retro titles to over 100 This month is a bit SNES heavy as we've got four games for that console and only one addition for the NES The give games we're getting will be Caveman Ninja (Joe & Mac), Magical[...]
Nintendo Drops A New Trailer For Mario Golf: Super Rush
This morning, Nintendo dropped a brand new trailer for Mario Golf: Super Rush, showing off more of the game's features and challenges The video is over five minutes long and gives players a rundown of what's changed since the last time Mario and the crew threw on a pair of slacks and picked up a[...]
Nintendo Lets You Make Video Games With Game Builder Garage
Nintendo dropped a new video game announcement out of the blue today with the reveal of Game Builder Garage Designed to be more for kids than to be actual teachable software, this new building game allows you to create whatever video games you would like and program them using whatever button combinations you have in[...]
Kirby Manga Mania: Viz Media to Publish First English Edition of Manga
You must know Kirby, right? That cute pink blob from Planet Popstar who basically eats everything while staying cute all the way in his own video game series from Nintendo? Currently, there are more than 38 million copies of Kirby's games sold worldwide At last, Viz Media will be publishing the English translation of his[...]
Nintendo Collector Recreates Company's Original Office For Collection
There are Nintendo fans of many levels and types, but recently one came to light that will freak you out with what he did A Nintendo collector based in France named Fabrice Heilig decided he was going to go above and beyond with his personal collection of items Heilig ran into the same issue a[...]
Auto Draft
Nintendo announced this morning that they have officially launched a free demo for Miitopia on Nintendo Switch you can play right now The game itself won't be out until May 21st, but it looks like the company decided to give everyone a glimpse of what's on the horizon before they decide to buy it The[...]
Super Mario Party Receives A Major Multiplayer Upgrade
This morning, Nintendo added a new major update to Super Mario Party, expanding the options for your multiplayer fun According to Nintendo, they have added in Partner Party and the classic Mario Party board-game mode to be played online with friends through Nintendo Switch Online What's more, they have also added in a "supercharged online[...]
Nintendo Shows Off Parts Of New Pokémon Snap Before Launch
Nintendo has launched a new website today related to New Pokémon Snap as you get to check out a region of the game The website is called "Explore the Lental Region" and is designed to offer details about the Lental region and its wild Pokémon that you'll be able to snap pictures of[...]
Mario Kart Tour
Nintendo has announced a brand new tour event is coming to Mario Kart Tour as the game will be headed to Sydney Starting today and running all the way through May 4th, 20201, you'll be able to explore the land Down Under in the form of Nintendo's track courses As it is with all races,[...]
Road 96 & Oxenfree 2 Highlight Nintendo's Indie World Showcase
Nintendo had a lot of original indie games to reveal today during the Indie World Showcase, as the Switch is stepping up its selection Multiple studios had something awesome to show off as this particular showcase was more about the strange and unusual than just straight-up indie platforming and shooters The big standouts being at[...]
Nintendo Announces Indie World Showcase For August 19th
Nintendo announced today that they will be bringing their next Indie World Showcase to the masses on April 14th If you're not already familiar with the concept, this is essentially like their Nintendo Direct feeds, only this one is squarely focused on indie game and developer content coming to the Switch The show is expected[...]
Nintendo Unveils New Blue Switch Lite System
Nintendo revealed a brand new version of the Nintendo Switch Lite as we're getting a fresh new color to the series: Blue The company has been doing its best to get new versions of the console back out onto the market as they have basically been selling out of them since the pandemic hit And[...]